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"Deaf Friend of Dark Creatures"

I love to writing fantasy and other genres stories. Its invites deaf communication and ASL (American Sign Language).

At the night, the moonlight peers through between of the snow mountain ice, frozen lakes, snow-sparking and gently falling flake-rug up with fresh snow-cover forest. The sounds of footsteps, four shadow of figures running through the forest and dodges the branches of the forest. Found themselves stop by front of the old cabin, there were looks in 1800s.

"Cabin?" The male teenager said in confused. Heard rumbles from the bushes behind them. Spins themselves around to see a few hunters steps out of the bushes with their guns has raised and point at them. "It's over, vampires." The leader sneers at three males and one female vampire teenagers who draw their weapons.

"Thomas." One of three male teenagers growled lowly. The leader smirked darkly, "Zak." The teenager gritted his teeth as he figured the leader knew his name. Zak has a wild black hair and red eyes with a pale skin, wears a full Gothic business suit and shoes as well, he's not a punk, thank you very much.

Zak raised his set twin of swords, ready to fight. As for his friends does. The hunters clicks their guns but were interrupted by a deep growl from behind the hunters. Their heads turn around to face to face a giant shadow of bear with a glow white eyes, bared his fangs. The bear are huge than any normal bears as soon as it let out angry roar at the hunters before stand up on two legs, raised one of its claws then swipe down at the hunters, sent two of eight hunters flying across the vampire teenagers who duck down to the ground, shield their heads with the arms but watching the bear attacks the hunters end up being injuries.

"Retreat!" Thomas shouts at the hunters who flees away from the bear to the forest. Thomas glared at the teenagers, "This is not over, monsters!" He said in furiously before dodged the claw swiped that aim at his head by the bear and flee to get away from the shadow bear.

The vampire teenagers stand up on their feet, eyeing at the shadow bear worriedly if the bear would attack them or not. Bear drop down on the four legs, glancing at them as soon as the bear's shadow beginning to fade away into the nothing in the air like it does not exist.

"Geez! What the blood was that?!" The blonde haired teenager raised an eyebrow and staring at the empty spot. The female teenager approached the empty spot, drop one of her kneel, raised down to the paw mark on the snow ground, "It's not a normal bear. I can sense that it was a vampire's shadow familiar. The sense...Could it be?" She looks up at them with a worried look on her face.

Zak closed his eyes, "It' was my grandfather's shadow familiar..." He knew his grandfather has been disappeared for a twenty years. No one find him anywhere and can't sense his aura. Could it be that he's alive? Zak looking up at the night sky of the full moon with several stars peers through the clouds.

In the deep forest, the young unknown male teenager sit on the branch of high tree behind the old cabin, watching the teenagers with light blue eyes. The shadow bear reappeared behind him and shifted into a small black shadow marmoset monkey with a tiny glow white eyes, climbs up onto the shoulder, nuzzles his cheek gently. The teenager blinked and smiled, raise his hand up, scratches the under of the monkey's chin gently. 'Are you alright, Aleron?' He signed in American Sign Language.

Aleron blinked up at him and signed back, 'I'm alright, little one,' He shrugs his shoulders, 'I miss the fights, Konner.' The teenager, Konner snorts at the last comment but shakes his head at Aleron's cheeky. They glances at the four teenagers curiously from the above.

Konner sighed, 'Ready to go to home, Al?' He looks at him. Aleron hums softly, 'Of course, little one. You have work tomorrow night, right?' Got a nod from Konner. Aleron shifted into an black eagle and wraps the wings around him then disappeared.

(To be continue.)

© 2017 Francine Tyson