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Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon That Never Was Part 7

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


This story surrounds one woman, Pasty, she is a woman who searched for nine years for a man named Henry that she was destined to marry. The two were planning a wedding and a honeymoon when the expected groom decided to go ahead in search of the best vacationist location possible on the beautiful island of Mauritius. All except for while searching, Henry vanishes in what seems to be thin air with no clue as to where.

Longing to reconnect with the love of her life, Pasty search and prayed for the day to come that she reconnects with her loved one so she may have a suitable life. Now that she found him Pasty believes they share a love that will last for a lifetime. She often thinks back to the very first time they met, in high school.

She was leaving the lunchroom and he was entering; their eyes met, but they didn't get an opportunity to talk. Henry was the captain of the football team, Pasty was the head cheerleader, they came back in contact with each other three days later during a game. Again, they looked at each other, but didn't take the time to talk and because Henry had a lot on his plate the relationship developed slowly.

Henry had Football practice, He was the editor of the school newspapers and he donated his time to several foundations as he loved helping the less fortunate. With limited time on his hand left little time for a relationship, therefore the two didn't really get to truly know each other until a year later.

In fact, the two almost went their separate ways, Pasty start dating another guy, instead of approaching Pasty, Henry withdrew and threw himself more into his work. Although six months after the relationship starts it begins to unravel unexpectedly, Pasty called it off because a feeling in the pit of her stomach told her that her heart belongs to Henry.

He felt a deep love for Pasty, but not knowing how to express it to her they both almost lost out on a love that was the beginning of infectious happiness that other desired and some even found. During their sophomore year in high school, Henry finally lightens his workload and took the time to develop a relationship with Pasty and from that day their love evolved and the two were inseparable.

After Henry steps up and approaches Pasty, it was as if faith brought them together. When they were presented with a chance to talk, after the first three spoken words, they both knew they shared a lot in common. Their relationship was long overdue, and from that, it was love at first sight. These high school sweethearts connected and moved forward to get engaged five years later, destined to share a life together.

She has spent her life in a holding pattern for more than seven years after Henry vanishes. Nonetheless, after making the decision to start back living and relocating to a new location, she found a job working as a journalist and then starting her own business which is where Pasty found herself impelled to maintain a rewarding life. And that was the road that leads to her departing loved one.

Back to the Future

Pasty is a woman who normally looks glamorous, well dressed, and carries herself with confidence, but the last three days have been a big challenge and she looks the opposite of her usual appearance. She has not been able to balance the many trials in her life and the car accident caught her off guard and with the love of her life, having to go through surgery, fighting for his life and her daughter in the hands of greedy thieves really has taken a toll on Pasty.

As Pasty sit at the hospital and wait for news on Henry, she tells herself if they had the chance to meet as planned, they would have seized the opportunity, and they would be conveyed by their rediscovered love. She remembered Henry's face and thought, how things would have been if he still looked the same, she wondered, would he be an enhanced version of his original amazing self, the man she remembered full of wisdom and compassion?

Pasty thought, when I first meet the man who called himself, Lenny, I felt something that I hadn't felt since Henry left and although I saw a man with a different face, I still liked how his presence made me feel. As quickly as we said 'Hello, my heart raced and I felt a connection I couldn't explain. And the day we plan to meet I was prepared to take full advantage of a second chance together, I knew it would have been an absolute miracle for both of us.

Her mind wondered as to think what if there's a dark side to a rekindled love, that end in my heart being broken. Although that can't happen to me or could it? It couldn’t happen because of the fact that most high school relationships often don’t last past the prom or continue beyond graduation. Our love endured and the unconditional love that Henry and I share consisted of the depths of that early bond.


Many believe what a woman wears and her overall appearance can reveal more than she ever intended about her being. Moreover, a female who gets stuck in a style rut, it tends to reveal that her life consists of several typical problems, so apply to Pasty. She's a woman who usually well dressed, but her appearance is not what anyone would expect of a woman of her status. Her hair looks lifeless and skin looks pale, the clothes she wears has dirt stains on it and her energy level is so very low.

The last three days have been a big challenge and she has not been able to balance the many trials in her life successfully as she regularly does. The car accident her lost love was in is making her feel like the saying, “Happiness without meaning really doesn't lead to a great life.”

Pasty has endured many trials during the last nine years, yet, she stood strong up until now, for the first time in her life, she feels weak, tired and unready to stand up to life’s challenges and although God is waiting and wants to offer her strength, she does not have the words nor does she know how to ask him for help.

She desires to pray for strength, God loves Pasty and is eager to listen to what she has to say, waiting to help, but she unsure of what to articulate in a conversation with Him. Pasty is worried about Lacressha being in the hands of thieves, and now the man she spends over nine years of her life waiting to find, Henry is in the emergency room going through surgery fighting for his life.

It took a while for the words to come out of Pasty's mouth, but when it did, she prayed with authority. She begins by saying, "When I first started walking with you, Lord, I felt like my life had been ruined. I thought I had lost the love of my life. I can remember thinking he vanishes into thin air, and as far as my life ever amounting to anything without him, how can that happen?"

"Despite the long wait, and all the pain I had to endure, I last and after finding him, and longing to start a life with him, I fear to lose him all over again." "And although the past nine years have been a challenge. I stood strong, and I never quit fighting." "Now that I have found the love of my life, how can I maintain if I lose him?" "At this moment, I feel as if my life has been broken into a million of tiny pieces that can never be put back together again."

"Lord, I’m very tired, my spirit is weary, and my faith is wavering fast." "In fact, I am so in need of you." "I am in desperate need of your strength and your increased ability to continue living life." "Your Word says you'll a never leave me nor forsake me, and for that reason, I am asking you to help me replace all the tired parts of me, starting with my mind to rebuild my body and please uplift my soul."

"In life sometimes the pressures of life have a way of attempting to defeat even the strongest person, trying to make them feel out of control, rendering them helpless to need assistance to move forward, and that's me at this moment." "I am truly in need of your help to get back my strength, so I can stand strong and say no when I'm leaning toward quitting to my trials."

"I am being pulled in various directions and it seems as if a voice is in my head screaming hello, I'm here to defeat you and I feel constrained to give in to allow it, as I do not know where to turn." "God, I need your help not to quit, to keep fighting and running the race faithfully, and I need you to lift up my heavy weight and make me strong again."

"Lord, I have never been the one to allow life to defeat me, and I’m grateful for all the times that you’ve given me hope, peace, and strength to maintain." "I am asking you to continue assisting me to sustain." "Lord. It's my desire that you overflow me with your divine power to overcome the many obstacles that are attempting to defeat me." "I need your divine attention when I am paralyzed with limitations, preserve me when I am wrestling with doubts and I find myself questioning if you are available to hear me."

Just as Pasty is getting ready to finish her prayer a clergyman walk into the room. He scared her and they begin to talk. As Pasty was sharing with him the fear, she has of losing the love of her life and the kidnapping of her daughter, he shared with her, in our lives, we go through several changing seasons.

We go through a season where we enjoy life and feel happy and so very close to the Lord, those are the times where it’s so easy to find our way and take comfort in knowing God is our protector and so near.

Although the season when the many trials hit us, it weakens our faith to grieve and it feels as if God is distant. Our belief decreases when it seems as if everything is crumbling around us, but regardless of what season, we're going through, when we pray to God. He hears us and he will help us take back control of our life. God will be with us if we let him in every season, whether it's good or bad.

Bear in mind, we are striving on a daily to survive in a temporary place called earth, it's not our home, but while we are here attempting to maintain, it comes with many different challenges where it places our mind in a position to go of foolish thoughts unfolding.

It's a foolish thought when we allow our mind to think God not here for us. We have to place our trust and confidence in him, He's the ultimate leader, a healer who can deliver and through him, we are in control, and he will go to any lengths to ensure the safety of his children.

As Pasty was talking to the clergyman her phone rung, it is the kidnappers telling her where to meet them to pay the ransom. The clergyman overheard Pasty speaking with the kidnappers and offer to assist her in returning her daughter home safe. He even volunteered in assisting her in getting the ransom money she needed to ensure Lacressha safe return home.

The Clergyman desired to help Pasty by providing her with a strategy and attempt to secure a safe way for the baby to return home. He told Pasty he has experience negotiating with kidnappers. Pasty was thrilled as this is her first ransom.

He shared with Pasty when dealing with a kidnapper never allow them to pick up fear, it is the one weapon they use most vigorously when they hold your loved one captive. The kidnapper is asking you for a ransom of 250,000 dollars and that a lot of money. Also, bears in mind only one person will hold full power and the other will maintain nothing.

Then he told Pasty you want to be the person who “Can” hold the power. It is necessary to comprehend, an individual's ability to comprehend will influence their ability to be prepared. When dealing with deceit and wrongdoers you have to show the ability to bring your loved one to freedom.

You’ll be the person with whom the kidnappers will be putting a demand upon and you can administer with the hostage to ensure a safe release of your baby, and I will be there with you to comfort and make sure it happens.

You need to know and understand the different types of logical reasoning such as deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, abductive reasoning, backward induction, critical thinking, counterfactual thinking, and intuition. Negotiating can be intimidating, therefore, you need to make sure your negotiating skills aren't weak, but strong, which will give you a valid chance to succeed with your winning ability.

The clergyman asks Pasty when she’s scheduled to meet the kidnappers? She shared with him the time and location. He talks to her and they put their head together and put in place a plan to bring Lacressha home safe.

It's been over an hour and still no news on Henry surgery and whether it was a success or not. Pasty felt so much better after talking with the clergyman, and it was as if he was heaven sent to assist her during her weakest moments.

Finally, the doctor comes and talks to Pasty about the result of Henry surgery. The surgery was a success, but he still in a coma. We will be monitoring him for the next 48 hours for improvement. If he stands a chance at making it, we need to see some kind of improvement within the next 48 hours.

The sitter picks John up from school and brings him to the hospital to be with his mother, she did not tell him why Pasty at the hospital she left that decision to Pasty.

John runs and hugs his mother with fear Pasty at the hospital with his sister. His heart is beating really fast, he misses her so very much and wants her back home safe with the family.

Pasty sits him beside her and calm him down, no Lacressha is not here then she explains to him her reason for being at the hospital. John long to hear the news and waited for the day and the moment he can meet his dad in person.

Is the day really here and will John get the opportunity to meet his dad, the one person he desires to be a part of his life? The question is how will Lenny take the news when he hears his name is not Lenny but Henry. Lenny knew there was a lot missing from his life and a love of his life out there, but he couldn't put that part of his life into perspective.

John meets the clergyman and felt a peaceful spirit of his present. He introduced himself as Bishop James, shared with John he been working for God for over twenty years and he can't see himself doing anything else.

Pasty is getting ready to leave to meet the kidnappers, Bishop James will be watching her back, most likely the kidnapping will have a firearm and the plan is Pasty reunited with her daughter without it's being used.

Pasty concern how things been and what happens to the mind of a child after being placed in such a traumatic situation. Will this affect her ability to grow into a healthy adult and is full recovery even possible, and if so, how does she achieve it?

More puzzling, the week the baby been with the kidnappers, did they feed her and change her properly? Will she need medical attention after being imprisoned, what will Pasty do if being put in harms ways and it’s hard to escape. Worse, the person in charge realizes he or she powerless and have no idea what to do next.

When opportunities present itself can Pasty take charge and take the necessary step to free her daughter from greedy money hungry thieves. Will the truth come out that Patricia plans the kidnappers with two criminals she's known to get money?

Stay tuned to receive the answer to all questions, the approach Pasty will take to free her daughter, what method Bishop James will take to ensure Lacressha is safe, how he is a heaven send and the key to Lacressha safe return to part 8 of the mystery unraveled; A honeymoon that never was.

Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon that Never Was Part 7!

Roy Orbison - She's a Mystery to Me

© 2019 Pam Morris

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