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Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon that Never Was Part 6

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Pasty is awakening to loud thundering and the crying of Lacressha. Pasty concerns that the baby is awakened from her sleep by the loud disturbance of the thunderstorm. As Pasty picks the baby up to give her comfort and a feeling of security, the thunders continue with a heavier volume.

The tremble and shaking of the house from the thunder also woke up John, as he gets up to check on his sister, he sees his mother comforting her. The telephone rings. John answers it to hear it's for Pasty. He tells Pasty telephone and gets Lacressha, so she can answer it.

Pasty is thrilled to answer and hear it's Lenny returning her call. She asks him how's he doing and if he back in town? He replies, "NO" “I am still sailing, I ran into a few issues, but, I hope to be back in a few days.”

Patsy tells Lenny, she needs to talk to him the moment he sails back in town. He agreed and asks her is there anything he can do to assist her? She tells Lenny, she prefers to tell him what she needs to speak to him about in person.

As they talked Pasty heart begin pounding with excitement, but they had to end their conversation because the storm was raging so loud that the paintings rattled on the walls and the one over the fireplace fell to the floor.

The storm continued in a rage for almost thirty minutes, Lacressha cried and fused as it proceeded. Pasty and John took time comforting her, this is Lacressha first storm and it's obvious she fears it.

Lacressha has what is called astraphobia, it is fear of a thunderstorm. It's a common fear when a child hears a thunderstorm. Thunder and lightning can affect all ages, even animals, except it, more common in children as opposed to adults.

To bring calmness back to the house was delightful, and the house is now in contentment and the storm is over. John wants to ensure Lacressha crankiness was over and put a smile on her face. He wanted to do something that would make her feel like she can get through a thunderstorm and rainy day with clear-mindedness.

John thought what could he do to entertain a three-month-old baby who needs comfort after fearing of a thunderstorm. He put on Twinkle, twinkle little star, music and sings with it while bouncing her on his knees, she smiles and that was John creative way to calm his sister down.

As Pasty and John enjoy Lacressha as part of the family, Patricia is in need of money and in an attempt to get it, she contacts Pasty with a revoke consent of the adopting. She does not want the baby, but money is her desires.

One thing Patricia did not know about Pasty is she's a smart businesswoman who takes the time to stop, think and consider her preferences as to how she intends to win. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Patricia and she has bitten off more than she can chew threating Pasty with a revoke consent of the adopting.

Pasty gave Patricia enough room to hang herself and then she takes control. Patricia overlooked the power of choices regarding her priorities and its cause her dearly. Pasty understands decisions must be in line with the priorities of her life, and that’s how she makes most of her decisions.

I'm sure most will agree with me in saying that we win or lose each day by the choices we make; the course of living and our priorities are connected with each other. We don't just wake up and decided that we will spend the day with misplaced priorities, know that life achievement, and the end result is concluded by choices.

Positive guidance and discipline are crucial in life, we have to centers our life around decisions and discipline, our everyday life comes with making choices and evolving. Although they both are significant each is very different.

Patricia lack discipline, it's was a primary step for her to win without it was why she lost. We all deal with loss differently, Patricia didn't handle it well. It pushed her into making one of the worst decisions.

Patricia teamed up with a hardened criminal who breaks into Pasty’s house and kidnaps Lacressha for ransom. Patricia is unaware she's over her head in this kidnapping and she's will be very sorry she ever partnered with a person who insensitive about another, but serious about the ransom money.

John rushes home from school, he can't wait to see his sister. He goes into her room to check on her to discover she's not there. He runs to ask Pasty if he can take his sister and gives her a hug because He misses her.

Pasty did not have Lacressha and runs into the room to look for her in the crib. She was not there, she rushes to get the phone when it rang, it was the kidnapper asking for 100,000 dollars for Lacressha safe return.

After the kidnapper told Pasty they have Lacressha, they issue her a warning, do not go to the police, if she does, they will kill Lacressha. She is required to meet the kidnapper in three days with 100,000 dollars.

Pasty is not the one to sit home and feel helpless. She needed to do something, just the thought of how afraid Lacressha must be in the hand of thoughtless strangers made Pasty nervous as she prays she's alright.

She did what she could to not feel helpless as she waits on the kidnapper to call to tell her where to meet. The phone rings, it's Lenny. He asks Pasty where she wants to meet to talk. Henry came when Pasty need him the most.

Pasty agreed to meet Henry fifteen minutes away from her house at a restaurant, Piccadilly, she couldn’t wait to see Him. She took a look at herself to decide what she wants to change. Pasty immediately retouches her hair, improved her makeup and change clothes to ensure she looks elegant and out the door, she went to see the man of her dreams.

She makes it there first, she sits and waits at the table for him. While waiting she daydreamed of the past pleasant experience they shared. Pasty couldn't wait for the moment that John meets his dad for the very first time.

Twenty-five minutes past and still NO Henry, Pasty are now worried and wondering what happen? She hears the loud commotion outside and decided to get up and go outside to see what was wrong when she saw a bad car accident.

Pasty witness, a crowd surrounding a very severely damaged car. A man is being cut out of it. The witness said a black Chevy Silverado double bed truck ran the red light and smashes into a silver Chevrolet Equinox head-on. The male is being strapped to the transport and trauma stretcher to be placed in the paramedic truck.

As they roll the transporter pass Pasty, she looks at the male face to see it was Henry, she’s devastated. She was in disbelief and Her heart stopped temporarily as she rushed to her car to follow the paramedic truck to the hospital.

One can't help but wonder what will happen next? Things don’t look good, for Henry. The roof of the car crash into his skull and his neck and back is broke, he's in a coma and will require surgery. All Pasty can think is how can this be happening? The driver of the black Chevy Silverado was driving under the influence, drunk. He will be charged with reckless driving, DUI and if Henry dies, murder in the first degree.

Pasty knows what it feels like when people say when it rains it's pouring. She has not heard from the kidnappers, she worried about Lacressha and now Henry involved in a serious car accident.

Will Lacressha be rescued to come home safe from greedy criminals? Will Henry come out of a coma? Will he get to meet his son? Will Pasty get the opportunity to tell him who he is and who she is? Lastly, how much more can one person take, find out additional details as I reveal in part 7 of Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon that Never Was.

Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon that Never Was Part 6!

K-391 - Mystery (feat. Wyclef Jean)

© 2018 Pam Morris

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