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Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon that Never Was Part 4


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


The alarm rang at exactly 6:00 am. Pasty stirred, yawned and looked out through the window of her newly purchased home. The sky was downcast; the rains would come soon, Pasty thought. She reluctantly got up from her bed and padded to the spot of the kitchen. Pasty loves to begin her day with a strong pot of coffee. God knows, she never knows what to expect so she needed it badly to start her day.

Pasty is trying to settle into her beautiful new home and it wasn’t easy as she has not had a chance to unpack everything yet. What she loved most was the lovely view she had from her patio, if she decides to sit on it for a breath of fresh air.

Pasty son, John, is now in the middle school and He has decided to audition for the middle school talent show. John read on the school bulletin board that the school will be holding their first Talent Show and practice will be after school.

John was excited and feels that the talent show would display his talent. He knew he had to be a part of the talent show and he felt so blessed that his mother allowed him to take up lessons playing the organ and vocal training.

For that reason, he was sure he would make it. John read the talent show rules and one of the rules was the students bring a signed permission slip to the audition with them. So John rushed to the office to get one, He immediately put it in his back backpack to receive a signature from Pasty.

The rule also stated the student routine must be at least two minutes and 30 seconds and must not exceed five minutes with no exceptions. John wants to sing and play the organ so the rules to the singer caught John’s eye because he intends to sing. The rule stated the singer’s song are subject to approval by the Talent Show Committee; unappropriated songs, words, and dancing will not be allowed.

John asks his mother to sign his permission slip and reminded her that He needed to stay after school to try out for the talent show. He was nervous, but he couldn’t wait for Patricia to hear him sing, she was his best friend except John had the biggest crush on her.


During the try out John started off by playing the organ, then he begins singing. The judges were very impressed and told John he was a talented young man and he advances to be a part of the talent show. The audition was very crowded as each student took a number and waited to tried out.

The morning of the talent show, John spent many hours in the mirror getting dressed, He wants to look extra nice for Patricia. When he made it to school, he received lots of compliments from different girls at the school. John was thrilled, but he only had eyes for Patricia.

Three girls start the show by performing the famous group the Supremes song, “Come see about me.” They did a wonderful job and the lead singer knew how to get the crowd attention as the other two did an amazing job backing her up.

The talent show was a very long one for John, it seems like it took forever for it to be his time to perform. Each student had lots of fun as others were very impatient as well.

The next contestant was a funny guy doing comedy, telling jokes. He cracks on the principal, he did see it funny as the students did, he told funny jokes about the cafeteria food and he received many laughs.

He even made ugly jokes on a few of his classmates and ended it by saying I'm out of here, but hope none of my classmates will be waiting on me after this to give me a beat down as I only said the jokes for laughs. I also hope I will be welcome to come back to school tomorrow, peace to you all.

A talented young student did a magic act that made everyone wonders was he trained by David Copperfield. One of His act involves him vanishing off the stage and returns to receive lots of applause.

Seven students acted the American Musical, 'Wicked' by Hamilton, they were awesome. It was brilliant the way they took several parts of a long Broadway musical and sum it up in five minutes, They received a standing ovation from there classmates.

Four guys song and dance to the all-time famous and Motown's greatest male group the Temptations. They sound great and many of the students stood up song and dance along with them.

Three guys tried their luck at doing the heavy metal punk rock band routine, the drums were too loud, the music was not appreciated and the other students did not respond well to them so, they stop in the middle of the performance and walked off the stage.


Then it was John time, He played the organ and song John Legend song, “All of me” and he looked directly at Patricia as he sings. The crowded when wild with screams as he sings. One girl stood up and steps in front of Patricia as an attempts to move John focus from Patricia to her, but John closed his eyes temporary only to open them staring back at Patricia.

Just before the talent show ends one girl did tricks with her trained pet, a dog she named Muffin, she was very obedient and obey her every command. They were magical together.

When the talent show was over, John hoped he win, but to be disappointed to finish in second place. The school had so many talented students that it was not easy for the judges to decide, but they did their best.

However, the three girls that song the Supremes came in first and the male group singing and dancing to the Temptation came in third. Some were shocked to hear the student who performed David Copperfield vanishing act was considered as fourth place as some felt he should have come of a higher ranking.

After school, Patricia told John she loves his beautiful singing voice. He was very excited and hope that was her way of telling him she felt about him as he did her.

The sitter was home waiting to make sure John received a good meal and do his homework. Pasty was working late and had to assist the attorney in the kidnapping case. The police are on their way to the cabin in the woods to free Patricia and Pasty are leading the way as the cabin is in an isolated area of the woods.

Pasty got a little turnaround, but she manages to find the cabin. The officer tells Pasty to move her car away from the cabin and stay clear of the area. Pasty moves her car, but parks so she can view the officers as they step onto the porch and knock on the door.

The cabin seems to be quiet and no one answered, one officer, kicked the door in and slowly walked in announcing himself. They begin searching the cabin for Patricia. She was not in any of the bedrooms. One officer heard a noise in the far part of the cabin.


He slowly walks to the back to see what the sound was, it was Patricia and she was tied up with her mouth covered. Officer Dan, untied her and removed the cover from her mouth. She was so relieved and felled up in his arms.

The officer asks the woman, her name and she confirmed it was Patricia. He asks her was anyone else in the house and she said, "No the women who kidnapped her was gone and have not returned."

He called in on his radio that the kidnapped victim was found and they were bringing her in for questioning. Patricia needs to see a doctor as well because she has not eaten a basic four food group meal since she was kidnapped.

After speaking to Patricia and she answers the question, she was taken to the hospital. Her blood pressure was up, she was dehydrated and so in need of a home cook meal.

The doctor told her since she was involved in a very stressful situation he was not going to consider putting her on blood pressure pills. He wanted to see her back in a week to check her blood pressure to see if it remains high.

As Patricia was walking out the doctor’s office a car drove past her in a hurry and shot her in the chest, she fell down in the parking lot. A man who was also walking in the parking area immediately picked her up and took her back in the building to the doctor.

The police were called as Patricia needs to go through surgery, the doctor had her transported to the closest hospital to receive surgery. The trial is only two days away and the officers believe the attempt on Patricia life was to prevent her from testifying in court.

There is a warrant out for Nancy and Rita arrest, but they have not been found yet. Who else would try to take Patricia life? Are they watching her or did they hire a hit man to take her out?


Pasty is still waiting to talk to Patricia to learn if Lenny is Henry or do she know the whereabouts of Henry. She was supposed to talk to her following her doctor appointment. However, Patricia was shot in the chest and are going through surgery.

What will happen? Will Patricia come through surgery and recover to speak with Pasty? Who made the attempt on her life? What is the purpose of someone wanting Patricia dead? Patricia is the person who holds the answers to many unanswered questions.

Patricia has a history of being with different males and some are bad news, all she wants is a guy who drives a fancy car, live in a nice house, have a 100,000 plus salary and have built a fortress of dreams and have invested in a great future and willing to spend money on her.

Have Patricia gold digging days caught up with her? Did she have other enemies that have not surfaced to the open yet? Who was the stranger that was in the parking area with her and did he see the car or the person's face that shot her?

Stay tuned as I reveal John and Patricia relationship, Pasty investigation and her world which consist of many dark turns. I will update how things going with Larry and Janet, the court outcome and so much more in part 5 of the honeymoon that never was.

Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon that Never Was Part 4!


© 2018 Pam Morris

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