Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon That Never Was Part 2

Updated on September 27, 2018
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed; I write.


This mystery surrounds one woman who has spent seven years mourning and longing to be with the love of her life, Henry. It tells the ups and downs she endured. Furthermore, when she gives up hopes, he's alive, she finally receives information from a case she working on that is evidence that He might still be alive.

Although Pasty wants to feel grateful for the information and pray it turns out to be a reality; in a way, she can't help but feel like life is ruthless, and as if Henry is calling out to her, wanting her to search and find him. Read on.

Seven years have passed since Henry disappeared and Pasty is tired of waiting and hoping He would walk through the door. In truth, she starts to feel if the last six years had been any indication he returns, she holds on to hope and find a way to maintain her faith.

She even takes another look at the clock, but the time is winding down, and Pasty refuses to continue living her life on the edge. Nor does she wish to keep lying to her son he's away in the military. She feels its time for her to pick up the pieces of what's left of her life and start living.

Pasty refuses to continue feeling down, depressed, lonely and self-pitying herself. She already wasted too much of her time. She needs something to do; she starts job searching and shortly after she accepted a job as a journalist.

Pasty begins writing ads in the Mystery home Journal assisting people in need of mystery clues, uncovering evidence. She enjoyed spending a lot of her time putting out facts and picking up on the signs that reveal the guilty. She was good at pointing the finger at the right criminal, and people looked to her as the next Nancy Drew.

Writings were Pasty passion, her major, and she holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology. Although, she loves writing about mystery and revealing the clues and sticking it to the criminal she wanted to help people who heart is aching.

Wanting to do more, Pasty quit her job and begin her own advice column. Pasty enjoyed giving guidance that put a smile on others face and hopes in their heart. Though now and then people would still turn to her when they needed a mystery revealed.


Moreover, Pasty dreamed of the perfect honeymoon her and Henry would of experience if he returned. Nothing she had foreseen, nothing she could have ever imagined could have brought forth the hurt and pain she experiences when Henry vanishes without a trace.

Also, trying to prevent herself from daydreaming hopeless fantasies of her and Henry she works long hours helping others.

One guy in particular contact Pasty in need of her help. Larry Neal, an airplane pilot who was married but spend a lot of time with one of the flight attendants, has placed himself in the worse position that he doesn’t want to be in. Now, Larry’s life is unraveling. His wife knows he is lying to her. His deception has torn his entire family apart. The flight attendant he has been meeting at the hotel twice a week has vanished and reported missing. Larry is the last person to see her alive, so her family thinks.

And as the police look into Patricia disappearance, suspicion points to Larry. The officers feel in a heated argument Larry killed Patricia and did away with her body. Larry is desperate to clear his name and save his marriage. He contacts Pasty to help him prove he is innocent.

The investigation reveals Patricia the (flight attendant) was blackmailing Larry to continue a relationship with her. He realizes to start sleeping with her was one of the biggest mistakes he could have ever made and He tried to end it.

Pasty so desires to help Larry and at the same time felt it might help her to move on with her life or prevail what happens to Henry. She spends endless time searching and looking for clues as to what happened to Patricia.

Patricia parent was pushing for the death sentencing for Larry and was not pleased that he was out of jail on parole, but without a body and more evidence they were unable to hold Larry.


Larry wife, Janet had a forgiving heart and felt bad for the situation Larry placed himself in. But to learn their entire marriage was based on LIES was a hard pill for her to swallow.

She let Larry know she's not the type of woman who will accept his LIES and make it easy for him to come back and pretend all is okay. He has to get himself together and show her he capable of being a father and husband.

Plus, she had to be strong for their two children, Mark and Lisa, who was going through hardship from all the bad media and the awful things their classmate was saying to them.

The trial date is set three weeks away, and Pasty wrote an article asking anyone to come forth who may have any information concerning the affair of Larry and Patricia, she called it the case in Motel 6 state of affairs where the pilot and flight attendant meet every Wednesday and Friday night that led to the vanish of the mistress. Larry even put up fifty thousand dollars hoping it would entice someone to come forth.

The same day Patsy receive calls from prankster attempting to collect the reward. And a day later, Pasty received five to seven calls from the same practical joker in search of money. Things were not looking good for Larry.

Though Pasty wasn't falling for a high-profile prank call, one number calls her and not saying anything- she knew that was the call she been waiting for so, she shares I will not only reward you with fifty thousand dollars- but thank you for saving an innocent man and getting justice for a young lady who deserves it. The caller hung up.

Days, a week pass when finally, Pasty receives a phone call from an unknown individual, it was the caller. He shared I knew Patricia and were aware of the affair and have information that will shed light on her disappearance. The info threw Pasty a loop, and it felt so close to home


She cried and couldn’t believe she spends seven long hard years wearing blinders. What was shared with her kept playing over and over in her mind as she thought how I could be so dumb as not to see this before it happens? She couldn’t help but wondered if she hadn’t been so trusting would Henry be with her and would they live the life they planned together?

Moreover, Pasty thought of the many times they amid, I love you to each other, and it was hard for her to think of continuing saying "I love you" And no, it's not for the reason you think.

Her eyes carried color bruises of pain; red and blue appeared on her skin, her eyes were becoming increasingly light sensitive from the swiping.

Pasty also, wonder since so much time have passed is it too late to find Henry and even if she did will they still feel the same love for each other? What if he moved on to someone else or worse, what if my naive cause him his life.

What are the odds of two cases having similar circumstances? She continues thinking I can't believe it, after all these years, I have finally found something (evidence) worth holding onto hope Henry might be alive.

Patsy is accepting both the joy and the pain of playback in her mind over and over the look on Henry's face when she shares the news they share a son together; she thinks of the happiness John will experience when he gets to meet his dad for the very first time.

After all, John thinks his dad is away serving in the military and look forward to meeting him someday.

From what is shared could this be the break Pasty been waiting for, for seven years? And will Larry’s misfortune and downfall reveal clues and solve two mysteries and Pasty be the person to free two heavy hearts? Stay tuned and find out these answers and many other thrilling events in part 3.

Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon that Never Was Part 2

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