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Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon That Never Was, Part 5!

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


It’s no secret life is full of different unexpected shifts. This story consists of several “twists and turns,” the beginning of this story starts after Patricia is admitted to the emergency room for the removal of a bullet from her chest. She learns the unexpected news, she’s three and a half months pregnant. Patricia is devastated and she does not desire to be a mother. She is very selfish, thinking more about her body.

Moreover, Patricia did notice she picked up a few extra pounds, but she figured it came from overeating after she was rescued from being held hostage and deprived of food.

She did not know she was expecting a child nor does she want to gain the weight that coming with carrying a baby for nine months. Furthermore, she does not want to lose her nice small waistline.

Furthermore, Patricia doesn't want the ugly stretch marks the added weight gives the body and she is afraid after a growing baby bump it will be very hard to get her small frame of a body back. Also, she doesn't want to experience the “insecure” feeling that comes with being huge of gaining twenty pounds or more.

Patricia is a seven foot seven, one hundred- and forty-five-pounds woman who is slender with long legs, beautiful long black hair, she has a beautiful skin complexion, hazel eyes, small waistline, curves, and stay elegant dress at all times.

An hour after Patricia was placed in a room to recover, Pasty receives the news, Patricia is stabled enough to receive a visitor. Pasty dresses in a hurry to get to the hospital. She quickly gets John off to school and immediately on her way to the hospital.

Upon arrival, Pasty walks over to the nurse’s station and asks which room Patricia Terry in. After receiving which room, she can’t wait to meet and visit Patricia. Pasty walks into the room with so much hope, she will learn answers, she has been searching for many years.

Two minutes after Pasty walks in the room Patricia monitor begin to go off really loud. The noise scares Pasty, she runs to get a nurse to learn what’s wrong. They rush into the room and asks Pasty to please wait outside.

Almost two hours later, a nurse comes to the waiting room and talk to Pasty. She asks her if she's family. Pasty tells the nurse, she the sister in law. The nurse share with Pasty that Patricia somehow receives an overdose of pills in her system and her body went into shock.


The doctor pumped the pills out of Patricia's stomach. He hopes to have to pump her stomach or the pills don’t take a major toll on the baby. Meanwhile, Patricia is under suicide watch and Pasty has to wait to visit her.

The next day Pasty was able to visit Patricia. She couldn’t wait to speak with her. She seems so distant, space out and unresponsive at first, but Pasty came in, introduced herself and ask Patricia how’s she is doing?

All Patricia could talk about is not wanting to be a mother. Pasty did everything she could to comfort Patricia. She even told her she would take the baby and raise it as her own child. Patricia shared with Pasty the baby stands a big risk of being a special need child. Pasty shared with her it okay, she would love and care for him or her the same and John would be exciting as he always wanted a brother or sister.

Finally, after fifteen minutes into the conversation, Pasty was eventually able to ask Patricia several questions about Henry. She told Pasty seventy-five percent of Her brother’s body was burned and he does not look the same.

Also, Patricia told Pasty that Henry lost a lot of weight because he went through a depression stage of not knowing who he is and he told her, he felt he was missing the love of his life and he was disturbed as he could not remember and how to go home to his loved one. Plus, he had a skin graph to his body and skin lift where his appearance is so very different.

Pasty asks Patricia if he still remembers his name as Henry. She replied, he doesn’t remember his life, he has been brainwashed to believe his name is a name similar to Henry and seems to have a different personality.

Patricia told Pasty, he couldn’t remember his name, and she didn’t remember the name he was told is his name, but she thinks Henry answers to Denny, Pasty knew from the reply the guy she met at the hospital that introduces himself to her as Lenny was Henry.

Pasty understood the attraction she felt for the guy, she felt was a stranger and she has waited way too long for the day for Henry to meet his son, John. And John has dreamed of the day when he comes face to face with his dad and now It’s possible for this fancy to be a reality.


As Patricia shares with Pasty her baby daddy is a married airplane pilot that was the worst of news to Pasty as she knew that mean Larry the baby daddy. She feared what this news may bring to Larry and Janet relationship as they are working on salvaging their relationship and becoming a family again.

Larry and Janet are in marriage counseling, the children are trying to deal with the issues Larry affair and hurt cause the family. Now for a baby to be in the picture may really bring about hurt and issue that hard to bounce back from.

After Patricia was found all charges against Larry was dropped and the upcoming trial date is to put her kidnappers behind bars. So, Larry is trying hard to work things out with Janet and hope, He can be with her and his two children as a happy family again.

Pasty asks Patricia to please allow her to share the news with Larry, in the hope she can assist to make the news least complicated as possible and try to help the family to cope with such recognition.

Pasty immediately call the number Lenny gave her as his contact number, she receives a recording that said, “I am away sailing and will be usable for a few weeks, I do not have the best of phone service, but I will contact you back at my earliest convenience.” She leaves Lenny a message to call her and can’t wait to hear back from him.

Pasty had the paperwork legally drawn up from an attorney to take guardianship upon the birth of the baby. Patricia sign with no issue whatsoever. She begins making arrangement to be a mother again.

It seems as if the months and time move forward like a flash of lightning. Before Pasty knew it, she receives a call from the hospital Patricia was in labor. She got up, got dressed, and John up and dressed and they immediately went to the hospital to support Patricia and be prepared to see the baby.


This baby was determined to be born, she survives stomach pump removal of pills, removal of a bullet from the mother being shot, not properly cared for as Patricia didn’t want a baby. She only agreed to give birth to present guardianship to Pasty.

Now that Pasty and John is waiting on the arrival of the baby, time seems as if it was at a standstill, it was almost three hours later before the nurse came to the waiting room to share with Pasty the baby had arrived, it's a beautiful baby girl.

She weighs seven pounds and three ounces, Pasty and John couldn’t wait to see her. Patricia gave the approval to do a DNA on her to see if Larry the baby daddy. An hour later, Pasty and John went to visit the baby.

She had long legs, adorable, captivating little face, tiny hands, and her wrinkle little body were so gorgeous and Pasty named her Lacressha. She names her that because it's a name that means the ability to bring to completion what one start.

Also, Patricia never wanted Lacressha, but went through to give birth to her is the main reason for her name. Four other words that Pasty will raise Lacressha to hold true from the meaning of her name is bold, independent, inquisitive and interesting.

Lacressha will grow up to be a young lady many will be inquiring about as she will be interesting and full of independent. Also, the name stands on being very persuasive and that will express her to the fullest.

Every child will want to know his or her birth mother, but Lacressha is so blessed to be given to Pasty and being raised by a woman who will love, support and a big brother who will guide and protect with all in him.

Four days later, Lacressha was dismissed to go home with Pasty. John couldn’t wait to introduce her to his girlfriend Patricia. The next day, Patricia came over to meet Lacressha, she smiles as she picked her up in her arms.

As Patricia was holding Lacressha she spits up on her blouse and she screams and passes her back to John in a rude way. John tried to talk to her to tell her that’s the beauty of babies they can’t clean up their selves or control when they can make messes.

Patricia hurt John in his heart when she said there is no beauty in being spit upon and I am getting ready to go home. She blindsides John with her comment and behavior. John thought she would be as thrilled with his sister as he was.


John made an attempt to salvage the situation, he took a picture of the two most important women in his life. He was on a cloud with joy to have Patricia over and have a new sister. She slept a lot and barely ever cried, John learns how to feed, change her pampers and rock her to sleep when she sleepy and it’s hard for her to go.

Patricia left and John looked dolefully at his sister, he could not understand how she couldn’t see how precious she is and how she can overact over her spitting up on her blouse. He fell to see Patricia was a ratchet girl, John was blindly in love with her.

John had Lacressha so spoiled and the way he laid her on his chest, place his hand on her back and rocked her to sleep was just amazing, he enjoyed watching her sleep. He even picks out the perfect la-bye music for her as she sleeps.

Most people love for their baby to listen to rock a bye baby music, but not John he chose Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star as the lullaby and at times he even sang with the music. John picked Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star because he loves the words, like a diamond in the sky, he treasures Lacressha like a female values diamond.

The love John has for his sister allowed him to finally see Patricia for the true ratchet person she is. He wanted to spend time with her and invite Patricia over to be with him when her response let him know, she’s not the person he wants to be in his life.

John loves his sister unconditionally and he was not going to allow Patricia to see her as a messy little baby that can’t control her body fluid and though he loves them both, he felt forced to let one go, so, he told Patricia they shouldn't see each other anymore. He was heartbroken, but he knew it was for the best. He was intelligent enough to realize that a relationship will not work where he loves Patricia more than she cares about him or herself.

The DNA test is back and Pasty received the call to obtain the result. What do you think she gets for the result? Will Larry be Lacressha daddy? If he is will it affect his relationship with Janet?

What will happen when Lenny calls Pasty back? How will she handle the conversation when he finally does call her? Will she tell him who is he on the phone or wait and meet him to tell him in person?

The big question is will Lenny believe Pasty or will he think she crazy or maybe even think she on medicine or need to be on some? How will he handle learning the news he has a son that is growing into an intelligent young man?

I will like to think he will be proud of the job Pasty done raising John alone. Even if Lenny believes Pasty when she tells him who he is and who she is, how will he handle the information, especially since he can’t remember his past?

Stay tuned as I reveal the answer to all the questions asks and so much more in part 6 of mystery unraveled; a honeymoon that never was.

Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon that Never Was Part 5!

Roy Orbison - She's a Mystery to Me

© 2018 Pam Morris

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