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Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon That Never Was Part 3

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


It is 3:30 in the morning pasty are lying awake, unable to sleep when the phone rang, she answers to hear sobbing on the phone.

It was Janet; she is crying uncontrollably; Pasty could barely understand her for the sobbing.

'It's Larry; He shot himself. I heard a shot fired off a little earlier; I jumped out of bed to find Larry lying on the bathroom floor with a gun behind him. "I dial 911, and he was rushed to the hospital, I am here waiting to hear how he is doing", said Janet.

Pasty couldn’t believe what she was hearings. The news Larry attempt suicide was the last words Pasty would have expected to hear.

She thought the information the caller gave her would be enough for Larry to have hope he would be cleared of all charges.

Though possibly the stress and fear of going to jail became too much for Larry. Perhaps, with the trial being five days away Larry probably panic and decided to attempt to take his life.

Just a few days earlier, things seemed so reserved of promise for Larry and Janet. They were working on salvaging their married and Larry had just started back working as a pilot.

And now Larry is lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life, what could have gone so wrong in such a short time?

Janet says she thought her husband's dreams for the future included her and the children. "And she knew he would have been a great husband and father, and they were planning a getaway that would've been lots of fun as a family."

They hadn't made it to the point where they both were sharing the same bed and bedroom. Although it was headed in that direction, Janet needed a little more time to make sure Larry was ready to be the honest man she once married.

Janet and Larry talked for hours, and she was preparing for bed, Larry asks her to wait and look through the family photo album, and she agreed, and they shared laughs at the best of their experiences from the best of times.

The more Janet thought of the way the night ended; she felt Larry was thinking of killing himself and last night was his way of saying goodbye, and she nor the children pick up on his cry for help.

Janet goes back over in her mind what Larry said to Mark; He told him to take care of your mother for me. But Janet thought he meant he wants Mark to look out for her when his job requires him to travel out of town.

And he told Lisa to make sure she listens to her older brother as he will be taking his place when he's not around.

Larry hugged me like he didn't want to let go, it brought about a feeling I had felt in a while. The hug felt very passion, so I thought he was attempting to get back in the bedroom.

Larry's family was hoping to start over and begin doing many families related things again. Now, Janet and the children find themselves overwhelmed with grief and frantic to learn the answers, as to what pushed Larry to attempt suicide.

Janet asks Patsy to help her find answers. Pasty agreed and told Janet to hang in there she will be at the hospital as soon as she can.

Pasty arrived at the hospital thirty minutes later and as she waits with Janet at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, GA, she meets a male who seems like someone she met before. For what reason?

Pasty doesn't know why he seems so familiar and as if she had an intimate gesture with him before. The intense feeling of connection made her feel she sure, she met him somewhere before.

The way he looked at Pasty brought back feeling she hadn't felt since the last time she made love with Henry before he left on a trip to Mauritius.


As Pasty continue to speak to the stranger, the tenser things grew. After a more detailed conversation, Pasty asks the mysterious man his name. He replied, Lenny. Then Lenny shared with Pasty he was visiting a friend who almost drowns as they were scuba diving.

Lenny must have enjoyed the conversation or felt an attraction as well because He asks Pasty for her phone number. But her head was too high floating in the cloud that she couldn't remember it, so He took her phone and entered his name and number into her contacts.

Moreover, Pasty heart was race very fast, and as she started back to her seat, she almost trips Lenny catches her fall and tells her to be careful.

Although Lenny's face doesn't look familiar to Pasty, she has a prevailing feeling she knows him or their path has crossed in some way before.

Pasty wasn't sure what to do with the familiar sensation that made her feel so alive more than she in a long time. Is it possible that what patsy feeling is love for Lenny?

She knows Her heart belongs to Henry, and she is hesitating to give it away to a stranger. Although Lenny seems so close, and she feels so drawn to him, Pasty was afraid to venture a connection that she doubts could find a love like what she shares with Henry.

Dr. Hardy finally comes to the waiting room to speak with Janet; the wait was long and nerve wrecking. Dr. Hardy shares with Janet and Pasty the surgery was successful, but if he recovers effectively is up to Larry.

The doctor shared it is okay for Larry to have visitors, but one at a time and do not stay too long he needs his rest.


Janet goes in first to visit Larry as Pasty wait in the waiting room. As she is waiting to see Larry, it seems in some strange way she couldn't get Lenny off her mind.

Pasty plays back the conversation she shared with Lenny in her mind, and thought of the familiar with his voice, and how it hits home.

The familiar with Lenny's voice continued with Pasty. It seems as if she couldn't let it go. Could it be that she desperately wanted the life she was excluded from and was willing to attempt to share it with a stranger? Maybe it more to the stranger than Pasty knows.

Janet returned to the waiting room and said to Pasty; "He didn't have much of anything to say to me and that blank stare he had concern me." "Maybe you can try, but I couldn't get through to him."

Pasty left to visit Larry; she walks into the room, and he turns his face toward the wall. Pasty felt it was hard for him to look at her. Did I do something to you unaware asked Pasty?

Larry did not answer Pasty. Maybe you did something I am unaware of, and it's okay, we can talk about it and get through whatever it is.


Tears begin to flow down Larry's cheeks. Pasty reached over and swiped his cheeks and said it's okay. I am here to help you.

What is weighing so heavy on your mind that you had to attempt to take your life? Let me help you; I can only do that if you talk to me, said Pasty.

You have a son am I right said, Larry. Yes, replied Pasty, he's seven years old. His daddy went missing to vanish off the face of the earth.

Pasty, well, yes and how do you know about this? I mean it went nationwide as so many were searching for him, Henry was his name, but no one knows what happen to him.

He never got to see his son. John, that his name He has been waiting for the day he gets to meet his daddy. Is there's something you need to tell me, asked Pasty?

Well, there was a guy I didn't know was Henry, resident in Mauritius up until a year ago, I am not sure where He is now as he left. I figured it out yesterday and felt so overwhelmed and sorry as it's my fault for taking a man away from his future wife and son.

I feared I was getting ready to go to jail and after meeting you such a beautiful woman who was giving up everything to attempt to help me.

I couldn't control my emotion, and I thought of the hurt I brought to my wife and two children. So much was playing over and over in my head as I thought of all the pain I cause until all I could think is everybody would be better off of I was dead.

I went and got my gun from the top of the closet, and the last thing I remember is asking God to forgive me and praying someday my wife and kids will. The next thing I woke up here in so much pain.

Larry it okay, you have another chance to get it all right. Janet love you and want to build another relationship with you. Your kids need you, and I forgive you.

I hope you continue to feel that way when I tell you what happen, why I lost it and wanted to end my life.

Try to understand I didn't mean to take Henry away for you and yr son but my plane went down unexpectedly, and I and some of the passengers were blessed to escape with our lives.


Unfortunately, after it fell short after, the plane went up in flames before everyone was able to get off. The strong after a force from the blast was so compelling that it damages Henry boat. He was severely burned, I went to visit him in the hospital to learn around seventy-five percent of his body was burned.

I kept in touch, visiting off and go as the young man stayed in the hospital a little over seven months in the burn unit, He did not remember his name when he woke up, but he kept saying I need to get home to her.

I asked him who is her, and he said I don't remember her name but I love her and she's waiting for me at home.

Pasty told Larry 'NO' it's not your fault; you did not crash the plane, engine trouble made it crash. As much as she ached inside, she told Larry to get some rest, and she will be back to see him tomorrow.

The trial is only days away, and you need to be ready. She shared with Larry the lead she was working on and how the case is falling in place.

Pasty needed to follow through on the lead that was given to her, so she put John to bed and call the sitter to sit with him until she returned.

She drove to the house and waited, it was twenty minutes before the door open, and a woman walked out.
She was talking on her cell phone, she got into her car and started the engine. Pasty followers her, she was not close enough to hear what was being said, but from her reaction, she was taking orders from someone from the phone.

She stops at this little log cabin in the woods, in a dark and spooky area. Pasty drove up behind her slowly with her headlights off. She could barely see, but she maintained and were able to stay out of slight to keep the woman from seeing her.

Pasty waited until she went inside before she opens her door to get out. She holds her purse close to her with her finger on the trigger of her gun.

Her legs were shaking as she slowly walks toward the cabin to look through the window. A lady tied to a chair with her mouth cover look liked the picture she saw of Patricia.

Pasty heel sinks into the mud and seems stuck when she pulls to go back to her car. Pulling to free her feet Pasty makes a noise that made the woman look to see what or who was there.

Pasty leans to the side to prevent her from seeing her. Pasty knew without any hesitation that she had to get out of there to dial 911 for Patricia and turn over to Larry attorney the information needed to free him of all charges.

Pasty, put the car in reverse and let it roll down the hill before she started it. Then she speeds off in a hurry, wondering what the heck is going on. The woman she followed looked a lot like Henry's Ex. Could it be her?

Of course, she weighs more, aged, but it’s a mature version of Nancy. Nancy accused Pasty of stealing Henry from her.

But the truth is Henry dump Nancy because he was sick of her evil ways and shortly after he fell in love with Pasty.

The second lady inside looks like the girl who pretends to be Pasty best friend all through high school. Pasty shared everything with her. She was supposed to be Pasty Maid of honor at the wedding.

Pasty felt like a complete fool to learn the information the caller gave her was right. She gave Nancy control and everything she used to take Henry away from her.

Now it looks like Nancy is up to her old tricks, except this time she brought Rita along for the wild, wicked ride.

Rita kept Nancy posted of Henry and Pasty plan and shared with her Henry plan to sail forth to Mauritius to prepare for their dream honeymoon trip.

When Henry arrived, Nancy asks Him to a drink where she drugged him and held him hostage.

The day Henry was able to escape to freedom while Nancy was away. He was sailing on his way back to Pasty when a plane felled and explodes where he receives seventy-five percent burns to his body.

Nancy receives the news Henry was severely burned and had no idea as to who he is. When he was able to have visitors, she visits and tells him they are engaged.

Except, Henry NEVER married Nancy he told her he wanted to wait until he receives his memory before they get married.

Patricia, Henry half-sister, was friend with Nancy. She stumbled upon information while browsing through Nancy papers and put the clues together Nancy was deceiving Her brother.

She was planning to tell Henry the truth when Nancy and Rita kidnapped her. In a desperate attempt to keep her from telling Henry, He was never engaged to Nancy.

Nancy has been successful keeping Henry from Pasty for seven years. Pasty feels it is her fault for being so naive and trustworthy of Rita.

What should Pasty do, should she forgive herself for assuming Rita was her best friend and giving her and Nancy the ammunition they need to keep the love of her life from her.

Or should she try to find Henry and move forward to make up for past mistakes?

Pasty has so many unanswered questions as it's a small world and one will be surprised who knows who. Could Nancy have told Henry his name is Lenny as he didn't know his name?

Or could it be that Lenny is the guy that fate brought Pasty way through Larry? Will Lenny turn out to be Henry the reason Pasty felt such a strong connection to him?

Does Lenny feel the same attraction to Pasty? After all, when two peoples love one another, and they are meant to be together, they will find their way back to each other even with a surgical change face.

Will Larry attorney get the information from Pasty in time to clear Larry of all charges? Will the cop get to the cabin in time to free Patricia and arrest Nancy and Rita?

Did Pasty think to take a picture of Patricia tied up with her cell phone as proof she saw her in the woods in a cabin held hostage?

After all Pasty was afraid, and it was dark and spooky in the woods, and all she could think of is getting out of there.

Last of all. Who is the stranger who calls in and gave Pasty the information she been waiting for, for seven years? How could he know this information to share and is he involved in any way?

Learn the answer to all these thrilling mysteries on Part 4 of how all these mysteries will unravel and so many more secrets to be revealed.

Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon that Never Was Part 3

Anita Baker - Mystery

© 2018 Pam Morris

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