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Mysteries of The Mahabharata Part 1

Researcher and scholar of history, philosophy and religion. She believes in universal brotherhood.

Nag Kanya Ulupi


The Mahabharata: Epitome of All Hindu Knowledge and Aliens

I was perhaps nine or ten years old when I chanced upon to read our great epic The Mahabharata. We lived in a small village, in a mud house with several rooms. There were several families living in the house, my grandfather and his four brothers and their respective families. My grandfather was the eldest. The brother, next to my grandfather, was professionally a priest. There were several children in the house. As a result, we altogether played hide and seek in the whole house, whenever we found the time. Though the families were separated, the children could go anywhere they please without any fear of rebuke or admonishment. Particularly, the room of my that grandfather became a treasure trove for me for the red covered bound voluminous books of the shelf. They as if haunted me and I left no chance to enter into the room and flip the pages of those books whenever I got any chance. Of course, those were our epics, purana and a few tantra-mantra books.

The grandfather in whose room, I thus chanced upon those treasure, was a little sterner fellow and especially if he could get any sign of mine, trying to flip the pages of his books, became very much infuriated and rebuked me sternly. So I had to wait for those days when perhaps he would be absent or went to his disciple's homes to perform his priestly duties. Those were the days! Still the common Indian households were not infested with the demon, called television and mobiles and internet and google. Those things were as remote as heaven or hell. Nobody had ever heard of those, neither had any idea of what they look like. Electricity, though it was there, but having a electric bulb or maximum a fan was enough for the household. Other applications of electric were unheard of and rather thought to be fictitious. Having electric supply five to six hours a day, was thought to be enough.

Those days! Calm, beautiful and serene. After the days works have been done and after sunset, in a middle class Bengali household, the older women like my grandmother used to recite loudly our great epics like The Ramayana or The Mahabharata. As a child, we used to sit, encircling her and listen with great curiosity and wonder. We were enthralled by its sheer magnanimity. The Mahabharata is undoubtedly the best loved and most popular among critics and researchers of Hindu mythology. It is also the most mysterious book in Indian heritage and culture. For it is not a simple tale of clans, clashing in the great battle of Kurukhestra, neither it is about the treachery of the brothers and cousins, resulting in gruesome deaths, neither religion, nor ethics, nor battles, nor politics. But the fact remains that it is a great story with its thousands and thousands of branches that we can put into any pot. Little we perceived then that so much mystery was encapsulated in it!. Especially the aliens are part and parcel of this great epic and We shall learn them in the next part.

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