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My Private Global War, Part Two

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.


Three Months Ago

Three months ago, I was delivering a couple of packages to a strangely shaped building out among the corn and cows. That is out in farm country where you will find corn fields planted to feed the cows, which are raised for their manure to fertilize the corn. It was early in the growing season, and with all that rain, the corn was about a month behind. It’s funny to think about how that was just so important to people back then, and that back then was only three months ago. OK, back to where I was, I usually drop off packages at people’s front door and try and stay away from business deliveries. If I could, I would go the entire day without speaking to anyone other than the usual, “have a nice day.” I say it so often I do it without thinking. I mean it when it’s nowhere close to a beautiful day. The building turned out to be a fancy telescope. What do you want? I’m a delivery driver, not a tech guy.


My Last Delivery

I dropped off the packages with someone at the door. I didn’t know Diana’s name at the time or any of them. I worked in several locations where multiple packages would be going to different places, but those packages would all have the same name, or every other name would be Jennifer. The system sorted by first name-giving me three to four pages of Jennifer or Jon Yoder. Yeah, a lot of Amish folks out in Medina, Doylestown, and Portage County. Let me say here that people are strange. No, I don’t mean the Amish…… well, I don’t just mean the Amish. You could tell there was something in her that is Diana’s eyes something was wrong. When people get their packages, they are usually happy even when they are late, but when they are with a company or an apartment building, that joy turns to annoyance. It seems like no one likes getting another person’s stuff. Diana looked a little more than disinterested. This delivery was early in the morning and still more than a little dark outside. I know now she thought I was someone else.

Backing Out

The night had been darker than usual with a new moon. The darkness cleared out the sky making the stars come to life. Well, not really, but it was easier to see them. I pulled up in my Kia Soul Delivery car. Yes, a Kia Soul. It works for me, and since I paid for my gas, it didn’t take much. Diana came running out to my car only to stop when she saw the delivery car sign on the side. I got out and said I had a package for their address. She told me I had to go now. I took the box out and scanned it using the app on my phone. I had her sign and gave her the package. The long driveway had a turnaround, but a car was blocking my way.

I either turn around in a row of corn and most likely getting stuck or back out. I had to back out when another car pulled in behind me, then another, and another. Diana told me they would be leaving soon. I had all day to deliver about two hours’ worth of stops. The people from the three cars ran into the building. Ten minutes later they came running back out and to their cars. They pulled away, and I went to leave. Diana got in her car, but it was dead. I offered to help her jump the engine, but neither of us had jumper cables. Despite it being against every company rule, I offered to take her where she needed to go. She said she was Ok and would call someone, so I was on my way.

Back of the Car

Under normal circumstances, that would have been the end of it. Another strange meeting with the public, the kind I seem to have on an almost daily basis. I went about my day delivering all my packages and heading home. I made it to the corner of Bear Swamp Road and Fixler Road when four police cars stopped me. They boxed me in. I had my gun and the ten pounds of weed I had in my glovebox……. Just joking, I didn’t own a gun, and the only weed I have is in my yard, taking the place of what should be grass. Two officers approached my car from the back on either side. The officer on the passenger side opened my door and got in while the other opened the driver's side door. An officer unbuckled my belt, and just like that, I was forced into the back of the police car. No one said a word. The officer didn’t cuff me or read me my rights. I watched as the officer got behind the wheel of my car and drove away down Fixler Road. The police car I was in turned around and went the other way.

Back to Diana

We drove in silence for what felt like ten years or maybe ten minutes. The car turned into the driveway from my first stop. A part of me got angry. She signed my phone and took possession of the package. Did she call the police? What kind of response was this? As it turned out, it had nothing to do with the package. Diana wasn’t sure what I had seen and was afraid I knew too much. Their actions could be called a massive overreach on their part. I was never more than twenty feet from my car. I never went in, nor did I read anything from any report in her car or in the building I never entered. A call came in, and it wasn’t good news. The police took my car to the group, and they dismantled it, looking for evidence. I’ll get into who the group is later. The car was in parts with broken pieces. It was Monday, and I had a full week of deliveries ahead, but now I had no car. Diana said they would pay for any damages; I think I just shook my head in disbelief. I went for my phone when one of the officers took and broke it. Diana just gasped. She pulled the officer aside, and the two talked, or she screamed, and he stood there.


My Car

Diana said she would call a cab for me. I told her I wouldn’t have enough to pay for a taxi. I don’t think what had just happened had sunk in yet. She said she would take care of all that. I said how I had to call work, but my phone had the number, but on the back of my clipboard, I had the number. One of the officers said how that wouldn’t work because they destroyed my car. It was about that time when I said, “what the heck is going on?” Everyone just stopped and looked at me. Diana said, “wow, it took you this long to ask?” I had no one to call or anyone waiting for me. It just never sunk in how much of my life was now burning in a field. Diana asked if I wanted to see what this was all about. I wondered why she was willing to tell me now. Diana replied, how I was a part of this no matter what happens now. She looked behind me, and I followed her gaze to the military vehicles pulling into the driveway as well as into the growing corn. I just wanted to run the other way.

In the Closet

Diana took me by the hand and said we should get inside now. Her emphasis on now was clear. She knew the military was not going to be happy with me there. I say military because it wasn’t just the national guard or the army; in fact, the first to arrive was the air force. She led me through the front door into an open office with computers and a sizeable high-def screen showing something significant and dark with fire all around it. We went through another door and into the main room with a telescope inside. The roof was open, but the scope was pointed down. We went to the left past the telescope and into a small room, A broom closet. She told me to stay there until she can smooth my presence over. I made the mistake of looking out a window where I saw a soldier digging a me-shaped hole.

Playing Along

There was a knock at the door. From the outside of the door, a voice said, “Doctor, if you're done playing grab-ass, we have to deal with the security issues as well as with what you found.” Diana smiled and whispered to me, “that’s it…… play along……. what’s your name?” I started to say my name when she opened her shirt then loosened her belt. She pushed me back, messing up my hair than her own. She whispered, “don’t read too much into this.” She kissed me on the lips and not just a peck. I would later see she had left lipstick on my face. I was bewildered, but a part of me didn’t care. Diana backed away, looking down. She said, “that should do it.” She opened the door leaving me with a bewildered disheveled look.

to be continued................

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