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My Private Global War, Part Seventeen

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.


The Last of Your Kind

Several years ago, Diana was going from committee to committee looking for funding. In one committee, she met the senior senator from Kentucky Nate Boone. He had told her to call him Nate. The meeting was abrupt, as was his sudden departure. Boone said he investigated her work to see if it could either become a weapon or something that could be built in Kentucky. Part of his research was his appropriation of her prototype from Akron. That answered the question of what happened to that. He had twenty of the best MIT researchers finish her model as well as look for ways to weaponize it.

One of his researchers was a man named David Cocks. He was the first to see the aliens ten years ago. He traced the movement of something as it entered the atmosphere. It broke up and separated into large and small spheres and boxes. One of the boxes was brought to Boone. He told her how the box talked to him, promising him the world if he helped them. He said they were on a quest to save planets from themselves. To help civilizations develop away from barbarism. He told her how they promised to cleanse the earth of the unclean and rebuild a new civilization in his image. He also said to her that she was to be his Eve until he found out she was Jewish. He told her she was his prophet for bringing him this device and showing him the future.

He finally said, ‘While I can’t save your people, I can make you comfortable and safe in the knowledge that you will be the last of your kind.”


David Cocks

While this was happening, they tossed me into another cell with two beds and a man nearly beaten near to death. He told me his name was David Cocks, and he was locked up for trying to warn the world about Boone and his nightmarish plans. Cocks had learned the boxes were talking to Boone, and together they were making plans. The boxes told Boone about the cloning process and their way of destroying worlds with their fauna. Using this information, Boone made plans, including the fortifications and the extensive weapons his new army would need. He also built a cult around the boxes and himself. Cocks said how paid soldiers might question orders to kill civilians, while the devoutly religious will kill without hesitation. Using his connections just before the first wave struck, Boone made sure the nation’s military wasn’t prepared to defend itself in time.

Cocks was locked up because he knew too much. The men took turns beating him because they thought he was a traitor and a heretic. He also told me how one of the boxes had said how the whole thing was a lie to get a human to turn traitor making their invasion easier. Boone’s mad dream of him as a new God was just a smokescreen to cover an invasion that would most likely finish what they started about a month ago. Cocks was in and out of it talking, then silent, then talking again as if he never stopped. The guy was about my age, but he looked years older, thin to frail with deep bruises and more than a few infected wounds. I don’t think he could have survived to try to escape or even being moved. I got into a bed after I don’t know how long on a hard floor and fell asleep.


Head Meat

I awoke when something jostled me. I was in the back of an open-bed truck. Next to me was the body of David Cocks and a shovel. A man was up near the cab. He was dressed in all-white. Although he never said I’m sure this was Sagan Anand, but at the time, I didn’t know that name. He was sitting on buckets of lye and charcoal. We rode out to near the palisade wall on the west side. From there, I was instructed at gunpoint to dig a David Cocks size hole. About halfway into the digging, I was told to make it big enough for two. It’s funny how my life seems to come around and back around to digging a hole big enough for myself. As it turned out, I needed a hole big enough for four.

I got down about six feet when the guy in white or Sagan Anand told me to stop. I looked up just as he tossed Cocks' body into the hole.

He said, “Don’t worry, your Jew whore will burn tonight as we celebrate our victory while burning the witch.”

Anand’s head jumped at a strange angle, and something red shot out. That was parts of his skull, brains, and blood. He fell into the hole just as a report came downrange. Three more shots rang out. I looked out and saw the two men from the cab on the ground missing some head meat. A small drone flew overhead and dropped a radio.

A voice said, “I’m Captain Matt Gray with Army special forces. The General asked if we could trace back those missiles. We saw you and thought you could use some help.”

I told him who I was and about our mission. He said, “let’s go get your girl.”


My New America

In his attempts to destroy Wright Patterson, Boone had saved us from the geese. I’m sure that wasn’t his plan. The General had dispatched several units to track down the missiles and look for any survivors. Gray had picked up on our tracks and followed us to that town whose name I can’t remember. As Diana was pampered and I was emptied, he and his unit made their way into the base. He gave me what had to be the best-tasting cereal bar I had ever eaten, and an M4 one of the men had in the truck. I checked it and was ready to go. Gray wanted to wait until it was darker to help us sneak in.

Boone told Diana he was going to have a bonfire in her honor that night. He didn’t tell her she would be in the middle of that fire being burned alive. Part of his new religion would call her a witch, and they burned witches. He told her a part of his new world would be a return to the status quo as in men on top and women as servants. No women leaders, no women soldiers, and no women talking out of turn. Boone foresaw a misogynistic utopia where he would rule as a God-King, and his progeny would rule forever. To do this, he had ten wives ranging in ages from twenty-three to fourteen. Boone was sixty-four. He told her any woman that would speak out of turn was either whipped or had her tongue cut out.

He said, “my new America will be a paradise, a city upon a hill for all to admire.”

© 2019 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron