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My Private Global War, Part Seven

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.


Sun Glasses at Night

If I remember right and this part of my story is just like that an “I think it went this way” kind of memory, Diana needed to do some coding, and watching someone type is less than thrilling. I was also a distraction to her. Goody wanted a distraction after losing contact with his most current wife, and that was what he called her his current wife, so he found one of those four-wheel Jeep replicas, and we took a tour of the fence. I should mention he only needed his coke-bottle glasses to read, but the glasses took away from that whole Marty Feldman thing in his face. He knew this, so he wore those Ray-Ban sunglasses to keep people from staring. We passed a couple of men digging a hole near the fence. Just outside to the south, a team of men was planting what Goody called Smart Mines. A type of mine that can be operated by remote and shielded so they can’t chain react when one goes off unless they detect a reason. They would plant the mines then active them when they were done.

The Gate

We went to the western gate to find it open and unmanned. Inside the guardhouse, we found a guard that looked like he was mauled by something small. The strange thing was it looked like he just sat there as whatever it was, killed him. Goody hit the gate alert as I turned the key and closed the gate. Within two minutes, we were surrounded by armed, angry men. The first officer on the scene ordered a search of the surrounding area for the missing men. Three Humvees went outside of the gate and separated. As we stood there waiting for the General, the two men digging that hole showed up shovels in hand. The officer asked them what they were doing when they struck him with their shovels. Before they could be stopped, they had beaten the officer to death. I didn’t know his name or rank, and I feel bad. I never took the time to learn anything about him. Goody ordered the two men sent to his lab. As they were taken away, the General showed up, and we were ordered off the crime scene.

Goody and I took the long way going around the fence going north on the east side. As we drove, we saw a kid on a dirt bike, and he seemed to be following us. He had a rifle in one of those saddle scabbard holster things on the bike as well as a backpack. Behind him were a herd of deer. The kid's name was James, but most people, including me, called him Jimmy. He had something he found on the road that would change everything, and the deer wanted it back. At the time, we didn’t know any of that; all we knew was this kid was in trouble and heading for a freshly planted minefield. The alarm went off, and the sound spooked the deer, or that is it spooked most of the deer. Some of the deer ran away while the more robotic deer sped up. The mines were turned off as a group of soldiers opened fire on the deer while letting Jimmy inside.



A soldier clotheslined Jimmy off his bike. The bike kept going for about twenty feet until it fell over. Jimmy hit the thing in the bag on the back of his head and was knocked out. Goody said to the soldier, “good job, dumbass.” A guard searched Jimmy taking anything that looked like a weapon. I mean everything, they took a pen he had in a pocket. The guard opened the backpack and said Goody should see this thing. It was a six-sided box about a foot across from any side, about nine inches thick and made from what felt like a black stone. The center of what must have been the front of the box had a matching silver hexagon. I remember all this because Goody kept repeating it for the next four hours as I helped him catalog everything about the box. There was a strange electrical reading. It seemed to hum giving off a measurable ultrasonic sound.

As we studied or he studied, and I stared at the box, a strange sound came from outside than an explosion. Goody looked at me, and I got the hint went out to the lobby of his lab. Have any of you ever played the old Nintendo game Duck Hunt? The outside looked like what game would be like if you had a chain gun, and the dog never cleaned up after each round. Yes, I know they were ducks, and these are geese, but there where geese-chunks everywhere, and more geese in the air. I mean hundreds of geese. Goody dropped the box, and the humming stopped. When it stopped, the remaining geese dispersed. Somehow the box was either controlling or influencing the geese.

Geek Out

I left Goody to geek out over the box and all the fresh geese guts and went from his lab back to Diana’s lab. I passed a woman that could have been Felicia Day’s clone with long straight black hair. She smiled at me as we passed each other, and that thought went through my mind wondering just how a man like Goody could get such a beautiful looking woman. Looking back on my judgmental attitude, I was acting like a jerk judging both on their looks. I mean, I’m no Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds, who am I to judge. Later that night, she said they met online, and she fell in love with his mind long before ever seeing him. Also, she said he was great in bed, which is something I could have lived without knowing.

The rooms we were staying in had a standard room with the only television in the building. The cable news networks were all down, as were all social networks. I first thought about all those people staring desperately into their dead phones until I realized most of those people are probably dead. On a coffee table in the middle of the room, there was almost every kind of alcohol made. A refrigerator nearby was filled with many varieties of beer and soda. Most of the hard liquor was confiscated from airmen over the last three months. I wasn’t much of a drinker…. Here is where I pause to open a bottle of Wild Turkey and drink right from the bottle, now back to the story. I poured a little of some clear liquor into a glass with some cherry soda with ice.


Table of Alcohol

The TV was off, and I was enjoying the quiet when Goody came into the room. He poured a can of beer into a tall glass then he filled it the rest of the way with tequila. His wife came in and poured herself an entire glass of vodka with no ice. She finally spoke, and to my surprise, she had a Scottish accent. She said her name was Doctor Sophie Laird, and she was a medical doctor working for the World Health Organization or WHO. She came in and sat next to Goody with putting her hand in his lap. Yeah, I was thinking about leaving.

I looked at the drink I made, and after thinking about it, I dumped it in the sink and pulled a diet Coke. Of all the people on the base, I am the one with no real value, so just maybe getting drunk was a bad idea. We sat there in silence until the alcohol started to work on Sophie. She started to talk about how she and Goody met and their work together. She also spent way too much time talking about how good Goody was in bed. A door opened, and Diana came in. She first passed us until she saw me sitting there. Diana took a Diet A&W from the fridge and sat next to me on a seat built for either one or two people that know each other well. She would later tell me she didn’t drink while she was working. We sat there entwined with Goody and Sophie staring at us. No, not creepy at all, nope. To add to the disturbing, Goody told us he had erased all the footage of us as he put it going at it. The look Sophie had on her face said something different, like that night they would review that footage again.

The General's Daughter

Sophie said she thought we would separate just as soon as we knew that everyone knew. I didn’t know how I felt. It had been about six days or so since we met, but Diana already had an answer. She told them it didn’t matter whatever comes next will come, right now we have this, and it’s okay. Looking back on it, I think I would have added something, but I don’t know what. The General came past the common room and to a door. Goody said, “and now for a show.” The General came out with a half-dressed teenage girl pulling her away by the arm while saying something about her mother, and she was in deep trouble. Jimmy came out of the same room in a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. He had this canary-eating cat look on his face. It was clear what just happened. He opened a soda of some kind and sat down. I said, “so the general has a daughter.” He just looked at me until Goody and Sophie started to laugh.

We sat there in silence until I realized Diana was asleep. Jimmy slipped away, looking at Goody and Sophie, who had moved from simple touching to something I just won’t put here…... or try and think about ever again. Diana didn’t want to go to bed. She was waiting for a test to finish, and that test would guide her work from there. Goody and Sophie finally went to their room, and I mean finally. It was like watching a network TV version of softcore porn, dirty but still within the boundaries of broadcasting standards. While we slept, the General sent some men to recon Columbus as well as rescue this man Jimmy met along with the people he was protecting.

Murder Suicide

The General came into the room and sat down in front of the table of alcohol pouring what he called three fingers of bourbon. He downed it in one go then poured another. He told me that the men were back, and it wasn’t good. Jimmy was right, and Columbus was under the control of someone other than the feds. The house the boy described was burned down to the studs with a few charred remains inside. He said, “it's like people were ready for this. Somehow they knew it was going to happen and were ready.” The way Jimmy described how the other animals acted around the box made me think. I said, or I think I said, “maybe like the animals, some people can fall under the influence of those boxes……. That would fit some of the things we saw like how that guard just lay after that opening the gate and let the tree rats eat him, or the men digging the hole…... the ones that killed that officer.

The General said I should stick with sticking it to Diana and leave the speculation to those that know what they know. I know that sounds mean, but all he was saying was that speculation without facts was dangerous. A military man wants the facts, not speculation. Diana spoke up, saying she thought I might be right, and they should test this with those men in lockup. The General took another drink. He said, “that will be difficult. Private Drake killed Private Stann; then, he killed himself by biting his wrist open. No, he nearly bit his hand off.” Diana got up and kissed my cheek. She said she was going to see the bodies. Along the way, she stopped and knocked on Goody and Sophie’s door, telling Sophie about the bodies and how they should do an autopsy. I looked at the General who was looking at Jimmy’s door with this look that only a father who found his teenage daughter with a teenage boy could have. Luckily, he didn’t see Jenny peak around the corner. She was on her way to see Jimmy until she saw him. I just shook my head no.

© 2019 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron

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