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My Private Global War, Part Fifteen

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.


Any Town America

We came into a small town…….um…... I don’t remember the name. It was Any Town America with one Main Street. No buildings were higher than the typical two-story brick buildings with mom and pop shops and an actual pharmacy with a soda fountain inside. All that was missing were the 1950s kids fresh from the sock hop…… or any people the town was empty. With an open one-street town we would be an easy target but so were they. We found an alley with a good place to hide the Jeep. Diana took the long gun, and I took two of the spare M4s we had in the back. I don’t know why I took it, but for some reason, I didn’t want to use the rifle that was made for me. Looking back, I think we should have just hidden and let them pass by, but at the time we wanted to see who they were. We also didn’t know what we know now, and dam it’s crazy.

We got on top of a two-story building that gave us a good view of the street. Diana went to the front while I watched from the side where I could see down the alley. Ten minutes later, two dune buggies with twin fifty-caliber machineguns came down the street. We watched as they slowly made their way down, and at first, it seemed like they were just going to pass on bye. I say at first because they stopped right in front of the building, we were in. Their angle and our placement were against us, so we went to leave the roof for another roof. That’s was when we saw the micro-drone. Another one of those sparrow-sized drones. They knew where we were and what we were armed with. The sniper’s rifle was just going to be a weight, so she dropped it taking one of the M4s, and we were off to the races.


The Drone

The drone followed us from rooftop to rooftop as did the buggies down on the street. If we shot the drone, we would become more of a danger than a curiosity. Of course, I know now we should have just shot, but there's a lot we didn’t know. Near the end of the rooftops, the drone operator clipped an ancient antenna sending the drone down to its death in the street. We took this opportunity to take a door and go down one story. From there we doubled back using a series of fire-escapes on the back of the buildings until we got two buildings down where we went inside again and down to the street. We found ourselves in a department store of some kind. Something like an ancient Kohls with a professional look but just not as chichi. One of the buggies went past the doors rushing to the end. We figured we had maybe ten minutes before they found us.

A thunderous chatting sound came from outside. The building started to shake as the glass broke from the top down. The soldiers were firing into the second floor with their fifty-caliber machineguns. The two buggies met in the middle, just outside where we were. We ducked, and just in time, they opened fire into the store where we were in cutting down the mannequins destroying someone’s hard work at displaying items for sale, that would never be bought. We stayed low as they decimated the interior with most of that landing on us. They said something just out of our ability to hear them then they pulled away. We waited for about twenty minutes just in case.


Can't Stay

We left the store and made our way down an alley and through an abandoned field to a farmhouse of sorts, I say sorts because it was close to the small town and not on a farm. The back door was gone and what we found inside was just horrible. The world was over, and to many, the end of that world and life they knew was more than they could handle. We found four children sitting in front of a long-dead TV with game controllers in their hands. Diana said it looked like someone had poisoned them. In a bedroom in the back, we found what was most likely the parents, one murdered, one suicide. They thought they couldn’t survive in a world without what they knew, so they decided to see what was next, or something like that I don’t remember everything from their note. Someone came in and looted the house of any food and booze, leaving the bodies as they were.

Some people are glass-half-empty, while others are glass-half-filled. The battle between the pessimist and optimist. I’m more of a forget the glass, drink right from the bottle kind of guy. While Diana could see the abject horror in this senseless act, she also saw that someone was still alive and looking to survive. I saw six people that should be buried and knew we couldn’t. No matter what, we couldn’t stay in the family murder house. We looked outside and looking back this was just so very stupid; we left the house and went into the open. Those trigger-happy gunmen called in backup and had flooded the area with the sparrow drones. We ran, and a mass of drones followed us down an alley and into a Sherman William Paint store. They didn’t follow us inside. They didn’t have to, they just surrounded the building and waited.


The building had a back room filled with paint bases and the various mixes to make any color you would want. It also had a roll-up door that went out onto a loading dock. A convenient escape except the back was uncovered and filled with drones. A large truck pulled up, and about twenty men got out, all in that strange uniform and armed. Two more trucks arrived, and soon we were surrounded by about forty men. I say men because…... well I’ll get to that soon. We had no choice, no chance for escape, and no idea of what was going to happen next. Diana leaned over and kissed me. She said something, I just don’t remember what she said. What I do remember is what happened next. We put our rifles down, took off our jackets. I went out with my arms up, palms out. The clicking of guns was almost deafening. Diana came out, and a gasp went over the crowd. One man said, “the prophet is here, great and merciful God, the prophet is here.” The man who had tossed me to the ground searching me stopped and went to his knees as did the rest of them. they bowed to Diana chanting, “Casandra made flesh, the prophet has come.”

© 2019 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron

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