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My Private Global War, Part Eighteen

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.


The Metal Pyre

The sun started to set with an eerie reddish glow covering the camp. In the center of this camp was what could be called a modern-day pyre. A twenty-foot around hole with a metal grate and pole with a bar across and chains hanging down. She was to be chained hanging by her arms and set of fire without any wood. Along the way, we found a few of Boone’s men that were willing to donate their uniforms to us. Anything, including a dead man’s clothes, would be better than that orange jumpsuit. We left four men to act as snipers, two men to go and secure the gate and the rest with us. Gray’s mission was to destabilize the camp, and mine was to get Diana. Two men came out a building with Diana dragging her to the pyre. Gray stopped me from running to her. He and I waited while two of his men went and commandeered two dune buggies. They planted explosives on any other vehicle they could find.

The metal pyre was built over a pit filled with what looked like water but was gas. The whole thing worked like a gas fountain pumping the gas up inside the post and down over the victim. The mist and vapor would catch fire, burning the person alive. From the look of it, they had already had a few fires. Diana struggled against her captors. Gray and I came up and said we would take her. I put my hand on her chin to keep her from speaking while letting her know it was me. Her eyes said more than she could say without giving us away. I took one side, and Gray took the other. I told her to struggle to her right. She saw the dune buggy slowly creeping in on us and understood.


Child Soldiers

The first of the men to fall wasn’t seen and didn’t know he was dead until he was dead. No one saw their sentries on the rooftops fall as Gray’s Navy Seal snipers snipe their way through them. About the time the buggy was next to us, one of the men following behind us head snapped back as his face fell away. Quicker than I could ever explain it, we were in motion pushing Diana into the buggy and driving off. Someone screamed, “kill the witch.” Gray handed his detonator to Diana, who quickly pushed the button. All six vehicles exploded, sending shrapnel into the crowd of angry men. The flames caught the gas fountain on fire, and the explosion rocked the ground sending a mushroom-like cloud into the air. We saw the building fly apart. Two more buggies joined us, and we were off to the gate. At the entrance, we found eight dead men and two of Gray’s men setting charges. They blew the gates open, and we were off into the night.

We turned back to see three small drones take off. We were a long way from being safe. We had no idea who was flying them or if Boone had any other men out on patrol. We would learn later he had sent fifty men to Wright Patterson, but they died at the hooves and antlers of the deer. The drones were operated by teenagers he had taken in for their gaming abilities. We would find this out when the camp after the raid, and they found eight teens under the age of sixteen in a dirty cell filled with pot smoke and Red Bull cans. He was using drugs to control his teen army, much like they did with those kid soldiers in Africa and Asia. We had radioed in what just happened and who was responsible. Diana told the General that Boone had her prototype up and running somewhere in Kentucky. The General sent out as many men as he could to deal with Boone. She told him to take him alive so they could find the telescope.

The Dog Army

The general told us he heard from Jenny and Jimmy, and they were being escorted to Atlanta by what he called an army of dogs. He didn’t offer any other information, and we didn’t ask. Sitting next to him in a matching desert camo uniform with the cap and I swear matching aviator sunglasses was this small pug. The pug and the general looked a little alike and not just in their matching attire. As per usual, we couldn’t hear the pug’s thoughts. A soldier behind the pug or Buster acted as a translator. General Buster told us about his friends and their mission to build a dog army while searching for Jimmy and Jenny. The dog army was now over ninety plus dogs, including what he called the fifty chihuahua army and a pair of Irish Wolfhounds. They found the kids in a farmhouse with Anette Funicello, Julie Newmar, Sandra Dee, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Tina Louise Smyth on the Smyth family farm. Jimmy had been hurt but was getting better, and soon they would go to Atlanta. The pug was tiny, cute, informative, and articulate. Yes, that creeped me out.

The General gave us new orders. We were to start on our way to Kentucky. When his men had persuaded the location out of Boone, they would call us, and we would go there with Gray and his unit to take control of the scope and finally have some good news or see just how screwed we were. We didn’t know Boone was on his way to another palisade he had built in Florida. He had used billions in taxpayer’s money to build himself several bases to recruit for his cult army. The scope of that army is something we will find out later. Once again, much like the TV show The Walking Dead, it’s the humans that are more dangerous than the zombies.


Being Followed

We made it back to our Jeep, and it was just where we left it. Instead of driving off, we got in the back and went to sleep. Gray got behind the wheel and drove. I woke up several hours later just as the sun started to rise in the east. Everything was moving fast. I looked up to see we were doing about eighty miles an hour. Up above us was a drone. The three drones had found us and were attacking. This was before we found the kids in the drug-filled bunker. I picked up my M4, as did Diana. We opened the back of the top and fired, striking the drone. Behind us, we could see two dune buggies firing at the other drones, taking them down. We were missing a buggy. A drone had struck our flank without warning killing two Rangers and our Navy Seal snipers. A few hours later, we learned about the raid and the kids behind the deaths of Gray’s men. There was this rumor about what happened to those kids, but I don’t think it’s true, but I also don’t care.

A Note from Me, A name I call myself

Until I'm able to get Grammarly back this will be the last part in the series. I hope to start back as soon as I can. The Army of Dogs will be a three-part end to A Junkyard Dog General starting on 11/14/2019.

*Update* I just paid for Grammarly and I should have part 19 ready by thanksgiving USA 11/28/2019.

thank you for reading.

© 2019 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron

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