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My Life Living In A Haunted University - Pt.4: The Things That Go Bump

This is a continuation of some of the experiences I’d had while living in a haunted University campus. I’d heard many stories long before attending the school about strange noises that go on during the night, so I was well aware of the urban legends. What I didn’t think was that some of those stories could possibly be true. As time went on, I came to realize some of those stories really were true and it could be possible some of the other stories I'd heard were true too. These are a few more of the stories I and my friends experienced while living on campus.

The Buzzer

I'd often apply for and get accepted into different educational programs during breaks in high school. Though this isn't college related, it did happen while living on the campus for a short time. Attending these types of programs did greatly help with my getting accepted into that university as well. Since high school rolled right into college for me (and I had already heard all the stories about the campus long before attending) I thought this story should be shared.

While attending one of the many educational programs I had been accepted into, I ended up being roommates with a friend’s sister. We thought it was cool and I got to catch up with how her brother was doing. The first night we had attempted to go to bed, we were too busy chatting away, so naturally it was starting to get late. As we talked, we started to hear a strange buzzing noise coming from the window on my side of the room. We both looked up at the window, then to each other, but shrugged it off and continued to talk. “Buzz” again. This time we both sat up. “Buzz” again. We both jumped up, I turned on the lights, and we both went to inspect what was making that weird noise. We couldn’t find anything in the corner as all we had on our desks were pens, a notebook, and a few belongings like pictures. We shrugged and went back to bed.

“Buzz. Buzz”, this time more persistent. Again we both jump up, I turned on the lights, and we go running towards the window, thinking it could possibly be a bee or something caught in the corner of my window. There was nothing there. “Buzz” again. My roommate noticed something hanging from the window, so she pulled it off. It was only a piece of the seal from the window, so it was too soft to make that noise. “Buzz” again. We couldn’t figure it out. Since it was more irritating than it was scary, we decided to go back to bed.

“BUZZ”, this time really persistent. We both sat up and looked at each other again. “BUZZ, BUZZ”, we couldn’t believe it was getting louder. “BUZZ!!!” really loud. Without speaking to each other, we both ran out the door and headed for the lounge to wait for one of the Advisors to come by. They were supposed to be patrolling every floor around a certain time to make sure we were all safe and we were all sleeping (or at least quiet). We sat, staring at the ground, taking a few glances around every now and then to see if an Advisor was coming.

“I don’t get it,” I told her.
“Me neither. What the h*** made that noise? There wasn’t anything there”
“I know. The corner was empty and we’re on the 3rd floor, it can’t be someone outside, playing tricks”

We sat in silence for a little while before noticing legs walking on the deck above us. When we finally caught the attention of the Advisors, we both waved to them. They naturally looked upset that we were seemingly breaking the rules by not being in our room and hanging out in the lounge. When they finally made their way to our floor, they asked why we were not in bed. We explained what had happened and that we didn’t know what to do as the sound was getting louder. They walked us back to our room and checked everything, like we had done. One of the Advisors happened to have a Pager (Yes, those old things we had before cell phones. I’m semi showing my age here, but it’s relevant to the story), so she pulled it out and asked if it sounded like this, as she put it on vibrate mode and set it on the desk.

“No. It was a lot louder than that”, we both answered in unison.
“Are you sure? Here, let me try again,” as she set the Pager down again.
“No, it was way louder than that. I can barely hear that, but the noise was loud enough for her to hear it clearly,” I pointed to my roommate, who nodded in agreement.
“It was really loud, that’s why we both jumped up to look what it was,” she told them.
“Well, we don’t know what it is,” one of the Advisors told us.
“Neither do we. We looked everywhere and since we’re on the third floor, we know it can’t be anyone outside the window,” I told them.
“Well, try to get some sleep. You guys have a long day tomorrow. We don’t know what it is, so we don’t know what to do. If it continues and you guys don’t want to sleep in here, come find us again and we’ll wake up one of the leaders to figure out what to do. We might have to move you two to another room if it really bothers you and keeps you guys awake,” the same Advisor told us.
“That’s fine! We don’t mind. We just want to sleep,” my roommate and I both blurted out.
“Okay. Try to sleep. Good night.” as the Advisors walked away.

“Ugh, I guess we’ll see,” I told my roommate.
“Yeah. If anything, we’ll just have to go find them again,” she responded.

Although we weren’t completely scared out of our minds, we both wanted to see if we could possibly see what was causing the sound, so we slept with my desk light in the corner on (where the noise was coming from. And, yes, we did check the light too, but it was firmly attached to the wall). I slept curled up in a ball on the upper part of my bed so I could watch that corner in case it happened again. Luckily for the both of us the sound never happened again. A few days later, I was sleeping normally, without being tucked in a ball or watching that corner. We never experienced anything really worrisome after that, other than a few of our things moving on their own. We’d always find them somewhere else in the room, but it never worried us. There were two of us in the room, we borrowed each other’s things, and could have moved it without realizing we did.

The Knocker

While in high school, I had attended many educational programs that often housed us in the University dorms during the summer. During one of those stays, I had stayed in a traditional style dorm with 2 people per room and a shared bathroom down the hall. Often times I’d wake in the middle of the night to knocking on my door. My roommate was a really deep sleeper, so something like knocking on the door would definitely not have woken her. At first I thought it was one of the leaders coming to ask me something, but why so late at night? When I’d go to answer the door, I’d look through the peephole and there wouldn’t be anyone there. Thinking the person may have walked off after assuming no one woke up, I’d open the door to look down the hall. There would be no one there. I often shrugged it off as my hearing things, possibly hearing a door in the bathroom closing after the wind blew it. It happened a few more times, including the following year, but I continued to shrug it off.

When I’d move onto campus for college, I chose a different dorm, one that was a suite with a shared bathroom between two rooms. This dorm was newer, so it was a lot nicer and had a lot more room; it was perfect. After my roommate and I settled into our room and dorm life, it started to happen again: the knocking. The first night it happened, my roommate happened to still be awake. Although the room was dark, I could see her sit up and look at me to see if I was doing it. I was perfectly still, so she’d shrug and lay back down to try to sleep. It happened again, and I saw her quickly sit up in bed. This time, she looked over at me and asked, “Did you hear that?” She wasn’t sure if I was awake, but wanted to check in case I was. “What? The knocking?” I asked her. “Yeah,” she replied. “Yup. Better check who’s at the door,” I responded as I sat up and shook myself awake. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a Resident Advisor or anything.

Knowing someone could have come on campus and ventured to our dorm, I looked out the peephole. I didn’t see anyone. “I don’t see anybody,” I told her. “Maybe they left,” she responded as she made her way to the door. I opened the door and looked out. Our building was a little oddly shaped, kind of in a zig zag pattern, so in order to see down the hall to the left we’d have to walk out on the grass or along the walkway to look around the corner. We both didn’t see anyone on the right, so we made our way along the walkway to see who was on the left. It was completely empty. Not even a security guard could be seen, so she naturally started to get freaked out. In order to calm her down a bit so we could both get some rest, I told her, “It was probably somebody drunk messing around, walking around, knocking on doors just to bug people. Go back to sleep.” I never told her about my previous experience while staying in the other dorm to save her from being scared.

For the first few times it'd happen after that, she'd run to the door and hurry out in order to catch the culprit. I didn't want to tell her the stories I'd heard or about my experience. I chose to let her be confused rather than scared since we still had the rest of the semester to live there. I'm sure we could have moved to another room (if there was one available), but I liked where we were. It was conveniently situated between everything (cafeteria, dorm admin offices, walkway to class, parking, etc.) After a while, she kind of got used to it. Whenever the knocking would happen and no one was at the door again, she would shrug it off and go back to bed.

The Golf Ball

A close friend of mine lived in the dorm next to mine. It was an easy walk from my room to hers, so we’d often be in each other’s rooms, usually eating, chatting, or watching movies. One night I had walked over to her room to see if she wanted to get lunch. When I walked into her room, I found it odd that she was still sleeping. She woke up when she heard me sit on the empty bed across from her. “Hey, what’s up?” she said as she sat up.
“Not much. Wanna get lunch? I’m starving.” I told her.
“Sure! Wait, let me get dressed.”
“You alright? You look like you just went to sleep.”
“Yeah, dude, some crazy stuff happened last night.”
“Yeah? Like what?”

She went on to tell me some time during the night she started to hear a tapping on the wall. It was a consistent tap that started off pretty light, but still noticeable and still bothersome. But then it started to get louder and louder, like someone was tossing a golf ball against the wall. She had gotten up to see what was in her closet that could be making that noise. Although she had a lot of stuff, there wasn’t anything in there that could possibly bump the wall that hard and in a consistent manner. She figured it had to be something outside, so she opened her door. That’s when she realized the noise had woken up the rest of the hall. Everyone started looking for the noise, thinking it was coming from their own walls. When they realized it wasn’t their wall, they’d all followed the sound to my friend’s room. It continued even as they all stood and watched. Someone asked her if there was anything in her closet making the noise. She responded “no” and said that was why she was coming out to check if it was in the hall. No one could understand what was making the noise. A couple of girls went into her closet to check if they could see anything, but of course they couldn’t.

The sound continued to get louder like someone was now slamming the golf ball against the wall with so much force, they thought whatever was making that sound was going to come through the wall. By now they’re all stumped and don’t understand what was going on. Someone suggested waking one of the Resident Advisor’s in case it was a pipe and it may have burst in the wall. When the RA came, she told them it couldn’t be pipes in the wall because there were none in that part of the building. The bathrooms were all in the middle of the hall, my friend’s room being the first room, it was almost impossible for it to be pipes. Since we have no need for heating here, it couldn’t possibly be a heater kicking in either. As they stood, staring at the wall, trying to figure out what was going on, the sound stopped. It was like someone flipped a switch and turned whatever it was off. Everyone stood for a few minutes, staring, almost expecting the noise to start again. It didn’t. Sleep got the better of all of the rest of the girls, so they all went to bed. The RA told my friend she didn’t know what it was, but would check with maintenance in case it was something else in the wall. She suggested my friend go back to bed as well since it was a week day and they all had classes to attend the next day.

My friend told me she had a hard time sleeping afterwards because she kept thinking the noise would start again. It never did, ever. She’d only gotten a few hours of sleep that night, so she was naturally tired, but also hungry. After lunch she let me know she was going to nap, I could stay and hang out in her room if I wanted, but she really needed to sleep. Opting to let her rest after an eventful night, I went back to my own room. The sound never happened again and I never heard anyone else speak of it.

My Thoughts

Although I’d heard urban legends about tapping and knocking sounds happening in the night around campus, I never really paid attention to them. I’d heard these types of noises before, so I was kind of used to them and figured hearing them again wouldn’t bother me. I know some people may ask, “Why would a simple noise scare you?” When you’re kept up late at night or woken up early in the morning by something you can’t explain, even a little noise, it can be pretty jarring. Your nerves remain frayed for a time while you try to process everything that happened. And although I’d heard the stories, knowing very well they could happen, I never expected them to bother me like they did.

Do these types of noises still scare me? No. When I hear noises now, they mostly confuse me because I like to have answers to everything that is happening. There are times when I can explain the noise to being something in the wall (like pipes), a tree branch banging, or even an animal, but there are other times when I cannot. I try not to let these types of things bother me and I hope you won’t either. I tell myself noises happen and this is just another one of them.

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