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Murder by the Written Word 14

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Part XIV

“When Dale had talked to his grandfather about this, Albert told Dale that Margaret had told him that she was afraid of Martin. She explained that he kept talking about the day he would take over the company when both of them were dead. She convinced Albert to keep a pistol hidden under the blanket he used when in his wheel chair.”

“Then on the day of Martin’s death, when he came down from the attic he carried an old shotgun that had belonged to Margaret’s father. Albert could not explain why Martin had the shotgun. He said only he and Margaret knew where the old gun was. He supposed Margaret had told Martin where it was. Then she alerted Albert that Martin was acting strangely and she could hear him rummaging about in the attic.”

“When Martin stepped off the elevator from the attic, the shotgun was pointing in the direction where Albert sat in his chair. Assuming that Martin was going to shoot him, the old man produced the pistol and killed Martin. Margaret called the police and the death was ruled self-defense, however, Albert suffered a light stroke and was rushed to the hospital.”

“Nora told Carter and Armstrong that no one knew Martin was really her son Jimmy and that she had not been able to attend his private burial held by Margaret in the Andrews private cemetery. However, Nora knew that somehow Margaret had been responsible for her son’s death. Nora stated that she had begged Jimmy not to blackmail Margaret, but her pleas had gone unheeded by her son.”


“Nora explained that she knew Margaret was alone in the house the night she decided to avenge her son’s death. She waited outside until the only light on in the house was in Margaret’s bedroom. Then she broke a window pane in the kitchen, silently crept up the stairs and watched as Margaret lay down on the bed.”

“She entered the room and quickly approached the old woman, grabbing the cane from its place beside the bed. She held it over the old woman’s throat as Margaret choked and gasped for air. It was then Nora got the confession from Margaret that she had planned Jimmy’s murder, and that she had indeed killed the little twin boy years before. Then in a rage, Nora pushed harder and harder on the cane against Margaret’s throat until the old woman lay lifeless.”

“Going into the library, Nora retrieved Mr. Andrews’ wheelchair, pushed Margaret’s body into it and wheeled her out to the cemetery. Nora happened to see an open grave and dumped her body into it. Before dumping the body, she picked up a rock and smashed it across the old woman’s head and blood gushed out. Nora told this journalist that choking Margaret to death had not shed her blood. Nora said since Margaret had been responsible for Jimmy’s blood being shed, she felt Margaret should lose some blood too.”

“Nora said a cat jumped down into the grave with Margaret and she felt it was her Jimmy wanting her to know that she had avenged his death. Nora then returned to the house and cleaned the blood off the wheelchair but had failed to notice a leaf caught on the tire. Then Nora dumped Margaret’s purse on the floor taking the money from her billfold. Nora then hastily jotted the note about The Sparrow and tore it up in pieces because she knew it could be put back together. Nora hoped this would put suspicion on The Sparrow. Putting Margaret’s cane in the corner of the room, she left. She failed to notice that her lipstick and change purse had fallen out of her pocket.”

“At this point this journalist asked Nora how she knew The Sparrow. She related the fact that her son Jimmy, AKA Martin Andrews, had owed Montgomery a great deal of money because he had lost it gambling. Montgomery had The Sparrow beat Jimmy until he lay unconscious on the floor. Nora thought that framing The Sparrow for Margaret's murder would be a good way to get even with that horrible little man for what he had done to Jimmy.”

To be continued …

Murder by the Written Word Conclusion

© 2016 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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