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Murder by the Written Word 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Part 2

They traversed a course she had not taken when she came over the cemetery wall. Tiffany could see there was an entry she had not known. She should have driven a little further down the lane. Then she would have seen this entrance and saved herself a climb and the embarrassing fall. All this was going through her mind as Dale pulled her along behind him.

They emerged from the graveyard up the road from her Lexus. Dale led her towards a black Benzes, pulled open the door and shoved her into the car. Then he hurried around the other side and got in. As he started to put the key in the ignition, Tiffany came out of the trance she seemed to be in.

As she yanked his hand away from the keys she bellowed “What the double hockey sticks are you during?”

As he leaned his head back on the headrest, looking at the rain that was coming down on the car window, and the hell that was going on all around them; he let out a hardy laugh.

“I’m not going anywhere with you; running around in cemeteries in the dead of night with a gun in your hand. And why were you pointing that gun at me?” Tiffany replied gazing at this man.

“How did I know who you were? Have you forgotten it was as dark as sin in that cemetery? I didn't know it was you until the lightning flashed, showing your face. What were you during in that graveyard anyway? Didn’t I tell you to leave” Dale countered changing his laughter to a voice of concern.

“I did leave—you didn’t tell me not to return!” Tiffany replied.


Then she pondered for a second. Her thoughts travelled freely around the graveyard entwined with the scent of the rotting leaves and the musty, clingy, mud.

“Why was he there in the cemetery without his partner? What was he looking for? What did he know? Why was a grave recently dug and there were no reports of a death?” Those questions needed answers and Dale could provide them she contemplated silently.

Tiffany shifted her torso in a way that suggested her willingness to answer truthfully; then her pale lips quivered as she looked deep into his magnetic azure orbs.

“Dale, I need this story but—” She was interrupted by growing sounds of an engine masterfully geared downhill and by lights methodically axing the conifers that lined the road.

“Keep your head down!” Dale ordered.

Under the dashboard, Tiffany heard the bellowing sounds dissipating as it moved further into the distance. Shivering in her wet clothes which covered her still pounding heart; she felt a familiar urge.

“Darn it! Not now, Mother Nature” Tiffany begged as she reclaimed her seat.

Amidst this darkness, her pounding heart, the urge, the pelting rain and the loud belching in the skies, Tiffany still noticed the size of his enormous head and managed a muffled laugh.

“Terrible weather Dale,” the driver said. A voice that instantly instilled fear into her. Tiffany had heard that voice once before. But where? Her mind raced.


“Sure is!” Dale replied. The car with its driver roared on when another loud peal of thunder signed its satisfaction or its anger. Tiffany wanted to ask him who it was but thought it best not to ask. She attempted to raise her head but felt his hand gently on her back keeping her down.

“I’ll take you to your car, Tiffany” Dale said. A deep, guttural, almost sensual tone replaced the throaty growl.

Tiffany didn’t utter a word. She felt uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassed when she thought about the way she looked. Her side glances revealed a comical gaze but her thoughts had moved to the driver of the car. She remembered when and where she had heard that voice. It was the night of their date at Venus on the Hill when they were having dinner. A haughty man demanded a table in the already crowded restaurant and was belligerent and repeated his status in the town to the maître d’hôtel.

His words were not clear but she could tell from his antics as he kept pointing to himself “You know who I am?”

Tiffany remembered that Dale pretended not to know the man! Moments later, she exited the car and waved him off. Then she glanced uphill and noticed that the mansion on the Andrew’s estate was in complete darkness except for a dim light that flickered in the attic.

To Be Continued

Murder by the Written Word 3

  • Murder by the Written Word 3
    "You know who I am. That is very unfortunate for you. Because I also know who you are and where you live. A word of caution—keep your nose out of the Andrews Estate affair."

© 2016 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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