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Murder The Mysterious Visitor6

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Omnya Nabil

They did not find him, and the case became more complicated, so the policeman said:
- You are now your life in danger, Salim, because this means that your ruse are revealed and your life is threatened as long as Barakat is free.
- Sidqi! Yes, Sidqi was the one who hid Barakat, as there is a language of eyes among them, and Barakat certainly asked Sidqi to protect him.
Barakat was in Sidqi's other apartment that no one knows about, and the conversation took place between them, so Barakat said to Sidqi:
- What did Jassim say to Salim?
- It seems that Salim knows something about Akram, who disguised his appearance, Barakat, and soon our deception will be discovered, as Jassem told him about Akram's address, I think that Salim went to the police, if they verify Akram's absence from his home, they will know that it is his body that was burned on the farm.
- The only person who revealed my command was that farmer who came to town but I got rid of him.
- what do you say?! Why didn't you tell me that?
- Because I was able to act and cut the brakes for him then made sure of his death but perhaps he told Selim something before he was killed.
- Let's get away from this now. The doubts are now around you, and no one knows my relationship to this incident. Let's think about how you will flee outside the country?
- I do not threaten you, but if I fall, you will fall with me. You are the one who asked me to disguise and kill Akram. Do you think that I do not know the suspicious operations between you and the murdered Akram through smuggling and selling contraband? I knew that the completion of deals is done in that village without raising any suspicions, as well I followed Akram one night and knew who the other partner is, as he lives in the village and is called Hassanein.
- It seems to me that you know more than I think.
- Yes, and you must now protect me. I am also sure that you will not be able to kill me. If you kill me, Salim will think of you.
- You are absolutely right and I do not intend to kill you, I will come back to you tomorrow with good news about your escaped; Then Sidqi is gone.
Sidqi spoke on the phone with Hassanein, saying:
- It was a good plan to get rid of our partner Akram and divide the profit between us. You also benefited from that fire by taking the full land from your nephews, but I regret telling you that there is a small problem that we have to solve before the issue of smuggling and selling the prohibited materials is revealed, which is getting rid of Barakat, as it has become the only threat to us. Now he also knows that you are the first man in the gang.
- Where is Barakat hiding?
- In my secret apartment.
- Then I will travel tomorrow morning to talk to him.
After the call ended, Sidqi said:
- It is good that I recorded that call to put pressure on Hassanein if he abandoned me.

The next day, Hassanein came to meet Sidqi, they went to that apartment together, Barakat was waiting for them. Barakat said when he saw Hassanein in his suit:
- Welcome, Mr. Hassanein. I am honored to meet you personally, these clothes make you different from the Hassanein that I saw in the village.
- There is no need for this talk. You have to leave with me now and leave that apartment. Perhaps they will follow Sadiq’s property and inform the police of it, I will provide you with another place until the time to escape.
Barakat felt treacherous from Hassanein's words and smelled the smell of blood in his words, but he only had to carry out orders with careful and ready for anything surprising. Barakat got into Hassanein's car, it was only moments until Barakat lost consciousness of the car. Barakat woke up and found himself in the hospital then he said:
- What happened?
The nurse said:
- The doctor will tell you.
The nurse hurried to the doctor, saying:
- He has woken up.
The doctor told him:
- You arrived at the hospital in critical condition, as you arrived at the last moments. Someone found you on a road with two bullets and you were bleeding to death.
Barakat said in a broken voice:
- I want the police, bring me the police.
- They are outside waiting for your waking up for an investigation.
The policeman entered with Salim, Barakat decided to confess everything and said:
- Hassanein, Akram and Sidqi worked selling prohibited items, the receipt and delivery took place in the village, when there was a disagreement between them with Akram, Sidqi used me to get rid of Akram because of the receipts that with him, so I disguised as Akram's appearance then went to Ihab and deceived him, on the next day, Akram was secretly coming to Hassanein in the land of Ihab, Hassanein killed him and burned the land, all I did just disguise only, and Sidqi was the one who killed Jassim when he saw Jassim with Salim in the car because he knew the conversation that took place between them, after that he spoke to me on the phone to hide in his apartment, that's it.
Barakat said to himself: It is good that I denied that I killed Akram, and Hasanin will not prove anything because he was definitely involved.
The police went to Sidqi's house, then he was arrested and the café was closed, as well Hassanein, the first man, was arrested, the village was informed about what he had done and the news spread. Ihab witnessed about what happened that Barakat disguised as Akram and burning the land as well trying to kill him by cutting the brakes. After Barakat confessed, Sidqi and Hassanain had been charged.
Hassanein denied all accusations also denied knowledge of Sidqi and Barakat, he said that he is a simple farmer in the village, when Sidqi found that Hassanein had abandoned him, he sent the voice call on his phone to the police.
After all this, Ihab thanked his brother when he knew what he had done for him and put himself in danger as well involved him with these killers.
- Brother, did you do this for me?
- I would have done more if necessary.

- I was shocked by what my uncle had done.
- Me too, now he deserves what will happen to him.
- We must forget the painful past and think about the future.
- On the occasion of that, I met the girl of my dreams.
- Oh really? Who is she? When did you see her?
- She's called Sundus. When I saw her she reminded me of myself when I came to the city and was alone, so I will marry her soon.
After several weeks inside the court, Salim and his wife Sundus were sitting next to his brother Ihab and his wife Hiyam in the court. Salim and Ihab were looking at their uncle Hassanein behind bars next to Sidqi and Barakat, there were between them disagreements and allegations in the verdict session.

The end...

Murder The Mysterious Visitor by Omnya Nabil


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