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Murder The Mysterious Visitor5

Omnya Nabil

In the evening, Salim went to Barakat's house and found two people with him, they were the manager of the cafe Sidqi and the waiter Jassem. Salim marveled, saying to Sidqi:
- Do you also like betting?
- I only play it with the special people.
But for Jassim, he replied:
- I don't like playing with reckless killers like secret room customers.
Barakat was a little confused when he heard the words of the killers and stopped their conversation, saying:
- We'll start playing and betting now, let's waste no time.
At the end of the game the winner was Salim for the first time, that was by an agreement between Barakat, Sidqi and Jasim, that was not just game but was a catch for Saleem's money, so Barakat said:
- How lucky you are, Salim, so you have to double the amount on the next bet.
They do not know that these tricks are clear for Salim. Salim doubled the amount and as expected he lost his money this time, Salim bets again until he lost all his money and the winner was Jasim, so Salim decided to stop and agreed on the same date tomorrow to play, after Salim left them Jassim returned to Sidqi and Barakat their money, which they played with from the beginning only because he was the winner, so Barakat fought with Jassim, as he wanted his share of Salim money, then he hold a knife and said:
- I would take a third of the amount, but now I will take half or you will not leave my house alive.
so Jasim gave it the half, forced. After that, Sidqi spoke quietly to Jassim, saying:
- Give me the other half. If you do not want to be fired from work, you are in order to complete the number.
Jasem was forced to give him the other half. Jassim got out angry because of what happened above, he heard the sound of a car ringing, Jassim looked and found the driver was Salim, Salim pointed to him, Jassim got into the car and said to Salim:
- Congratulations on winning the game.
- Barakat took the gain from me by force.
- Are Barakat a quarrels man?
- Yes, as he borrows money without returning it.
- I had a relative called Akram, who told me about the cafe and also told me about Barakat.
- Akram who had artificial feet? I had not seen him for a while, as he stopped coming, the last thing I heard was that Akram signed Barakat on a receipt for a large amount but Barakat did not care because he would not pay in the end, everyone was afraid of Barakat for his recklessness and strength, but Akram was not like the rest, he threatened him, so Barakat tried to terrorize him and in this moment, the manager Sidqi intervened to prevent chaos then tried to calm Barakat, he talked to him a little, he changed Barakat completely in a few moments, Barakat returned and apologized to Akram, then he asked him to give him some time to return all the money, as the manager had a strong personality.
- Is there a relationship between Akram and Sadqi?
- Yes, but no one knows what between them. There is a large exchange of sums between them, I think these are suspicious deals.
- I lost the paper mentioning Akram's address, do you know his address?
- Yes, I know him and I will write the address for you.
Salim drove Jassim to his home by car, then Salim went to his friend the policeman and told him all that information except for Sundus because he did not want to involve her in the case, his friend got angry and said:
- Why this recklessness? Didn't I ask you to hire a detective to do this role?
- He is my only brother. No one will care to solve his problem and reveal the truth as I will.
- Now we will start the work by summoning Jassem to hear his testimony, and Barakat who we have located his residence, as well your brother must do a report and testify that the visitor was Barakat.
Salim asked from his friend to go to Jassim in a friendly manner and offered an amount of money to help him, because he expects that Jassem will not implicate himself in any testimony and he think that Jassim has more information linking Sidqi to Akram, so his friend agreed, saying: No problem, I will go with you.

Salim and his policeman friend arrived at Jassem's house, Salim knocked on the door and found it open. Salim looked at his friend, then they entered the apartment with quiet steps, they found Jassim hanged in front of them. Salim said:
- No one knew what happened between us, so how can he be killed at this time?
- It seems that someone saw you either Barakat or Sidqi and followed you.
- I think he is Sidqi after he left Barakat's apartment to return to his home.
- We have to go to Barakat's apartment to get to Sidqi, inform the police, and wait for them for that hanging corpse!
They went to Barakat's apartment. Salim knocked on the door of the apartment but did not hear any response, so the policeman said:
- Let's break the door and see.
They did not find him, and the case became more complicated, so the policeman said:

Murder The Mysterious Visitor 6


© 2021 Omnya Nabil

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