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Murder The Mysterious Visitor4

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Omnya Nabil

In the Prince's Café, there was a famous café that many people came to, but some suspicions and rumors circulated about that it had a secret place to play gambling and betting, but there was no evidence for that. A person entered the café wearing a ring, watch and a long chain of gold, he seemed to be rich, the manager of the cafe was called Sidqi looked at this person and how wealthy he seemed to be, so he thought to call the waitress Sundus to ask her about him. Sundus went to the manager and asked her:
- Have you seen this person before?
- No, director, this is the first time I've seen him.
- Ask him if he wants to play for entertainment, as if you will guide him to another place, if he agrees, bring him to that secret place, maybe we will gain a lot from him.
The waitress Sundus went towards that person and asked him in a faint voice:
- Do you want to drink wine or like to gamble?
This rich man replied in the affirmative and welcomed the matter. She said:
- Follow me please, there is a secret place for rich people like you.
They went to a closed room then Sundus moved the furniture, the wall was rotated and they moved to another place, Sundus said:
- This is the place, go ahead, and I will back to the cafe.
He said to her:
- Moment miss, why do you frown?
- Nothing.
- Are you not satisfied with working here?
- Yes, but the circumstances that made me work here, do not concern you.
He went to the table and asked for a glass of wine that he did not drink, he kept talking with the waiter Jasim and asking him how things are going here? This is his first visit, Jassim told him the people are two types, either a person is betting and waiting to win, if he wins, he plays again in the hope of more, and if he loses, he plays again, hoping to win until he loses all his money, or someone who watches the bets and does not play but lends money to the losers in exchange for double.
This person told the waiter that he will go to bet so Jassim direct him to a table with four people playing cards game, he noticed a person called Barakat with a wound on his hand, this is what the rich person was looking for from the beginning.
When someone of four people saw Salim, he wink at the one next to him as a sign of leaving his place to take Salim his place, after playing Salim and Barakat lost their money but Barakat had no other money to bet, this was Salim's opportunity to get close to him, so he said to him:
- What about borrowing an amount and sign a receipt for the same amount?
Barakat felt the naivety of that rich man, but one of the players said to Salim:
- The law here is a law. If a person borrows, he must pay a receipt for twice the amount, or else you will leave this place.
So Salim felt a kind of threat and things might get out of control so he decided to get out of the place quietly. Barakat said to himself: It seems he fool man, I will take a lot of money from him, he spoke to Salim, saying:
- Do not care what happened inside, thank you for your help. If you want to play the bets, you can come to my house tomorrow and I will prepare the game with my friends. Salim agreed then felt that he managed to deceive him.
Sundus went to Salim before leaving the cafe and said:
- You look young, elegant and not like this place, I advise you to stay away from here, especially from Barakat, who was talking to you a while ago.
- Thank you, miss. I also wait for you to leave work here and wait for you at the restaurant next to the cafe tomorrow at ten in the morning.
The next morning, Sundus arrived at the appointed time and found Salim waiting for her, he said to her:
- From the first moment I have felt that you are not like the place.
- Thank you, I need money to complete my studies.
- I own a tourism company, I will hire you in the secretarial department at the salary you specify.
- Why all that?
- Because I need your help with something. Several questions I want to answer them.
- What are those questions?
- Was there a man with an artificial wooden foot coming to the cafe?
- Yes, it is Mr. Akram. He used to come constantly, but he stopped coming suddenly.
- What is the link between Barakat and Akram?
- Barakat is like criminals, he owes Akram a sum of money.
- Do you know Akram's address?
- No, but I think the waiter Jassem knows.
- Would you like to ask him?
- No, stay far from that and do not go to the café from today, this card has the address of the company so go there and ask about secretary Issam, I told him about you and he is waiting for you, so now I have to leave.
- One moment please, why are you doing this to me?
- Because I know the feeling of that grim look on your face.

Murder The Mysterious Visitor 5


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