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Murder The Mysterious Visitor3

Omnya Nabil

When everyone was gone, Hiyam closed the door of the apartment and pointed to him to go to that closed room then she opened it with a key, as soon as the door opened, Salim looked inside the room, he found his brother alive, Salim said:
- Brother, you are alive, then why was it written that you ... ?
- It's a long story, brother, it seems that I'm threatened with death.
Hiam left them and went to prepare dinner, through that Ihab told his brother what happened about the story of that young man and what happened at the gas station, as well he might have been able to reach my place through my car number, so his brother told him:
- So who was in the car and died?
- When I set out to ride my car in the morning to reach the police and tell them what had happened, my neighbor came to me quickly, stopped me and asked me to drive him to the hospital because his heart condition is tired and he is a big widowed man who lives alone. So I decided to take him first to the hospital, then go to the police headquarters, when I stopped in front of the hospital for him, I found that the brakes did not work, so I kept running between the roads, when I decided to jump, I found my neighbor is no longer moving, perhaps his heart stopped from shock, then I jumped and disguised then went back home, so that young man thinks that he got rid of me.
- Do not worry, Ihab, I am by your side, I have not texted you for the past period because I was afraid of your uncle's anger if he knew that we were in contact, so rest assured now we will go before sunrise to take you and your wife to my house, which is the safest place.
In the morning, Ihab and Hiyam arrived at Salim's house, it was a luxurious apartment, he took them to a spacious room and told them that it would be their room, he called the maid to clean and tidy the room, then Salim told them that he would go to his private company and would return in the afternoon, in fact, Salim went to his friend's policeman and told him that The dilemma in which his brother fell, they think about plan together, after that he went to his company and signed some papers then returned home in the evening, after Salim's return, Ihab spoke to him and said:
- I preoccupied you with my problem, but the most beautiful thing about it is that I met you, so now tell me what's your news?
- I will tell you, after I sold my share for half the price, I took my money and shared it with my colleague from school days, we opened a small tourism company, the company kept growing over time, then my friend gave me his share and took half the price then traveled abroad as for the other half I pay him in installments, now I am the only owner of the company .
- Have you thought about getting married?
- I have not married yet because I have been busy with work. By the way, I forgot to tell you that I will travel tomorrow for some work, you must not leave the house, you and your wife, if you want anything, this is the private secretary’s number but do not worry my absence will not last long. Can you remind me again the name of that cafe?
- The Prince's Café, why do you ask?
- Nothing, now I'm going to set up a little bag then sleep.
- Well, brother.

Murder The Mysterious Visitor 4


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