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Murder The Mysterious Visitor2

Police Novel

The young man reached out his hand while he was in the back seat and gave him fifty pounds. Ihab's breath stopped and his pupil widened as he saw the wound and the tattoo on this young man's hand.
The young man said:
- Come on, give me the rest.
Ihab gave him thirty pounds, after young man walked steps, he noticed the driver’s strange behavior, he went towards the café, then said to himself:
- Where did I see the driver? His face is familiar.
Suddenly the young man’s facial features changed and he said:
- Yes, he is the farmer.
He looked behind him at the car, then looked with Ihab's eyes, Ihab was nervous, and he knew that the young man remembered him when he turned his head and looked with his eyes.
Ihab ran away in his car and ran back to his house, he was sweating profusely, he entered his room and closed the door without speaking a word, his wife Hiyam marveled and entered the room to ask what happened? Ihab's hands were shaking, so his wife kept asking him what happened ?! He did not answer, she offered him a cup of juice, after he calmed down a little, he said to her:
- The corpse, I saw it!
- What do you mean?
- Do you remember the wounded hand? ... the tattoo that was drawn? ...
- Calm down, calm down.
- A young man asked me to drive him, I did not notice his features, when he gave me the fare, I found the wound with the tattoo, also his features were the same without a mustache, so his shape changed a little, but the strange was that his foot was not broken!
- I did not understand anything, Ihab.
- I do not understand me as well, but he knew that I remembered him.
- It seems that there is a crime and you have to tell the police about what happened.
- No, they may not believe me, also I am scared.
- At least he won't know where you are and you are now safe.
Ihab kept at home thinking about what had happened, he stopped his work, after thinking deeply about the matter, he spoke with his wife and said:
- After a long thinking about the matter, Hiyam, I think that the person who I saw with wound and tattoo had bent his foot and installed a wooden foot, so that he offered twice the price of the crop, because he knew that he would not pay a single penny, maybe he killed the person who his foot really broken and burned it on my farmland, as what he wanted is that when we see a burnt corpse, we will remember the person who came to us, also it seems that the name of Radi Al-Nadi is a fake, so it has not been found identification of the person who was burned, it was an orchestrated operation and we were deceived, he did not expect to meet him by chance, so I decided to tell the police what happened and I will tell them where the cafe he headed to, maybe someone knows him there.
- You are right, my husband, it seems like that, so if the police reached this person, the person who was burned will be recognized, it seems that I thought badly of your uncle, that he ignited jealousy from our sale and decided to burn the crop, but this does not deny that he bought the land for half its price and also benefited.
- Yes, I must hurry. We do not know what that person is thinking now, as he has seen me and understood that I remembered him.
He changed his clothes and went towards the police station, while he was walking he tried to stop in front of the hospital on the road, but the brakes did not work, so he had to move and avoid standing also avoid cars, while avoiding a car he collided with a tree, then the car exploded after moments.

The next morning, Selim was having breakfast on the balcony, then he read the newspapers, while he was browsing, he found news on the accident page, that is the death of his brother Ihab in an accident, he traveled quickly without thinking to his village, when he arrived at the village he headed towards his brother's house and it was closed. He did not hesitate to go to his uncle and did not care about anything. When his uncle saw him, he told him:
- Didn't I warn you to go back to the village?
He did not answer his question and told him:
- What happened to my brother? Did he die in a traffic accident?
- Your brother sold his land, we don't know anything about him.
So Salim became angry and told him:
- The guilt of what happened to my brother is in your neck, greedy uncle; Do you think I believe your lie that you prevented me from returning for the sake of the land? I know that you hate us and use our conditions to get rid of us one by one!
Salim drove away in his car, then spoke with his company secretary by phone and asked him to track this accident and get his brother's address on the same day.
On his return to the city, he received a call from the secretary informing him the address. Salim went to the address, he found his brother’s wife wearing a black dress and crying hard and the neighbors around her, he greeted her and told her that she would be in his care, he would provide her with a decent life in honor of his brother, he also knew what happened to them in the village. She thanked him and said to him:
- There is an important matter that I would like to tell you after everyone has gone.
When everyone was gone, Hiyam closed the door of the apartment and pointed to him to go to that closed room then she opened it with a key, as soon as the door opened, Salim looked inside the room, he found his brother alive, Salim said:
- Brother, you are alive, then why was it written that you ... ?

Murder The Mysterious Visitor 3

Omnya Nabil


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