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Murder The Mysterious Visitor

Omnya is graduated from faculty of engineering cairo university, I'd like to read and write police novels. I hope to enjoy my stories!

Omnya Nabil

The harvest time for Ihab's agricultural land is approaching, He and his wife Hiyam are waiting to sell it. A phone call came to Ihab from a person called Radi Al-Nadi, who told him that he intended to buy the cotton crop.
On the next day, Mr. Radi arrived at their home for an agreement, Radi was a tall, broad-shouldered man walking on a wooden stick, half his foot with a wooden artificial foot, while he was sitting, Hiyam offered some cakes and hot tea then left them to complete the agreement. They agreed on the price, Ihab felt joy inside him because of the agreed amount is twice the cost of the crop.

Ihab saw a clear wound on Radi's right hand and above it was a tattoo in the form of a snake, when Ihab asked him about that tattoo, Mr. Radi told his story that a year ago, he had an accident with his car, which caused what happened to his foot, and a trace of the wound remained in his hand; Although he drew a tattoo on his hand to hide its trace, the wound is prominent.

Radi asked Ihab to see the agricultural land, so they went together and saw the crop, then he confirmed the date of his visit would be the day after tomorrow with half of the amount and the other half was when the harvest received, then he left.
In the evening, Ihab went to his uncle Hassanein to tell him that he had sold the crop for double the price, so his uncle said:
- Ihab, how lucky you are, I am glad that you sold your crop before me. You are different from your brother Salim who sold his land and lived in the city. I hope that there was no contact between you.
- I do not know a way for him, but before anything he is my brother, he was not criminalized, but he chose the life that suits him; Don't forget that you are the one who bought his land at a lower price.
- You should see him like us as a guilty and kicked out of our family.

Ihab was upset, so he ended the conversation and went home.

At the next evening, Ihab told his wife that she should prepare a luxurious meal for Mr. Radi in the next day.
She told him:
- Do not worry, this is for sure and ….
Suddenly they heard a strong knock on the door of their house, Ihab rushed to the door, when the door opened, one of the villagers said:
- The fire burned your crop now, Ihab. let's put it out.
Ihab went quickly to his land and found the people of the village trying to extinguish it, but the fire was strong and the smoke filled the village. During that they smelled the smell of jazz and this was the reason for these strong fires, the fire truck came. After the fire was extinguished, the entire crop was burnt, then the police came to investigate, and he said:
- We will investigate in this matter to know if the fire was intended or by mistake.
Ihab said:
- There was a smell of jazz, so it was intended.
They found something on the burnt land that frightened everyone, it was a burnt body for a person had a broken foot, Ihab immediately said:
- He is Radi Al-Nadi, he came yesterday and agreed with me to buy the crop, we agreed that he will come to me tomorrow.
After the investigation, the police were unable to reach Radi Al-Nadi identification, also there wasn't any one reporting a missing person, so the case was closed, but the question remains, who burned the crop and why did the visitor come back?
Ihab was sad about what happened to his land as he needed that money and don't know how he would replant again or handle his land, he was sitting in his room, so Hayam entered the room and said to him:

- Grief will not benefit about what has happened, you should think about what you will do?
- I will ask for an amount from my uncle until the situation improves.
- I hope your uncle agrees.

On the next morning, Ihab went to his uncle with a good expectation, when his uncle saw him he read what was going on in his head and said:
- I am now experiencing a financial problem, Ihab, as I have not agreed to sell the crop yet, if I had extra money I would have given it to you.
Ihab sighed and said:
- What should we do now, uncle?
- The solution in front of you is to sell me your land and leave the village like your brother, if we agree on a suitable price, I will try to collect money; but you must also take into consideration the damage caused to the land.
Ihab didn't have a choice, so he agreed to half the price of the land, after that he traveled to the city with his wife, Ihab bought a house and a taxi to work in the drive, Hiyam was happy with the life of the city she wished to live in, she prepared sweet cakes to celebrate the new house, she said to her husband who seemed unhappy about what happened:
- You have to accept your reality in order to be able to live in it happily. Come on, eat cake and tell me your opinion.
Ihab took a piece and it tasted good. He told her:
- You know how much I like the food you make.
- So why do I see the look of sadness in your face?
- Because I feel lonely, I am far from my relatives.
- I will tell you my suggestion. You should look for your brother because I was against your boycotting him and hearing your uncle's orders.
- No, I did not boycott him, he was the one who left and did not leave any contact with him, as well my uncle prevented his return.
- Do you know that your uncle is the one who benefits from the burning of your land? he also took your brother’s land at half the price.
- Did you mean anything?
- No, nothing, but I think, your land was burned by someone, but no one in the village would dare to burn it because they are our relatives and our people, as well all that led to the sale of your land, I also think about the visitor, why did he return? What was he doing in your land? How did he burn inside? No one knows him, as he came from the city and this is the first time to visit our village.
- My dear, stop talking, I will not hide on you that I feel something strange about it, but I prefer not to think.
- As you like, dear.
At first Ihab did not adapt to his new life, but when he convinced himself that he had to get used to that life, he began to adapt, but his wife Hiyam adapted quickly.
Days passed, Ihab's work was going well also his work would help him in searching for his brother, so he still hopes to see him by chance; everything was good, until a day that changed Ihab's life ...

During Ihab's work, a young man stopped him to drive him to Al-Amir café and sat in the back seat, Ihab told him that he almost know the way, but he don't remember where it was precisely, so the young man said:
- It is okay. I will tell you where to stop.
While driving in the car, Ihab noticed that the fuel was running low, so he told the young man:
- I'll stop at the nearest gas station for a moment.
When he stopped at the gas station, the young man said:
- It's okay, the café is nearby. How much is the fee?
- Twenty pounds.
The young man reached out his hand while he was in the back seat and gave him fifty pounds. Ihab's breath stopped and his pupil widened as he saw the wound and the tattoo on this young man's...

Murder The Mysterious Visitor 2

Omnya Nabil


© 2021 Omnya Nabil

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