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Mr. George: Volume 5

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

Welcome To Miami

George went down to south Florida. He opened stores in Miami and a distribution center. He acquired six stores and built the center. George wanted to add more greatness. He provided deli services to his supermarkets. By 1970, they generated over $500 million. In just four years they reached $1 billion. The more he got the more stores he opened. Florida has over 800 stores.


George supermarkets were top of the line. He generated so much inside of Florida he wanted to venture out. One day he was sitting in his Miami vacation home. He, his wife and kids were poolside. While sitting he was just starting. His wife knew exactly what it was. Just when he stopped to enjoy himself he was still thinking about work. George couldn't help it. That's just the mindset he had. He already planned his next state. So he did research. He was back and forth to Savannah, GA. He did it for about eleven years. It turns out, he was buying land. A few vacancies he found in the state. In the early 80’s George decided to go to Georgia. By 1991 he opened a store in Savannah, GA. In a year, one was in Marietta, GA. George found the opportunities to build more in the state.


Quality in the South

More were created in Alabama, South Carolinas, Tennessee, and Virginia. Numerous Quality supermarkets were seen in the South. George Is always searching for more opportunities. Over seven states there are over 1,000 stores. The supermarket chain serves over 400 cities combined. George target was to get stores into the largest cities. That’s exactly what he did. George knew it was time for another vacation. This time he doesn't want to think of work. Until the time comes, he's working. When he wasn't traveling, he was in his office. Currently, he’s at home preparing for a grand opening. He, his wife and kids. “Honey, your office is beautiful” she said. He built in the late 60’s. The office had the flavor of the business.When people walked in or called they got that vibe. There are sport jackets with Quality stores logos all over it.

Motivational Speaker

George was set and knew it. He and the family took a vacation in Miami, FL. One day he was sitting reflecting. He came to Florida with $19 stuffed in his sock. Now he has his favorite cigars in his office. There are pictures displaying his passion for golf. He was determined to make to make the impossible happen. At that point he realized he had more than 1000 supermarkets. That very same day he got a phone call. On the other line was David Sanchez. Sanchez wanted George to speak at an event he put together. It Is for small business owners. David came to his for support so it Is complicated saying no. It Isn’t hard for George to accept. It Is more a favor than anything. It Is just hard telling it to his wife. Once he did, there were sparks. She was very angry and did not take it well. After a passionate discussion, she understood it all. Instead of being angry, she and the family showed him support. George was invited to be a motivational speaker. He gladly accepted and didn't disappoint.


Lee Savings

Success is nothing without that special person beside you. His wife did just that. She was beside him before it. Anne displayed interest in him since childhood. When she 1st saw him in the family store they were kids. As they grew older, he became her crush. Sadly, he was interested in another girl. Her name Is Lee Savings. Lee went to his school. She showed interest in him as well. Despite their chemistry, they never were serious. That Is until college. They went on their first date as a couple. A few more dates after that one. It Isn't long before things became very serious. So serious until he proposed and she said yes. In 1940, he and Lee were happily married. They were on their honeymoon and Lee felt ill. She tried her best to keep it from her new husband. George knew something Is wrong. He abruptly asked “What's wrong honey.” What she told him Is gut wrenching. The new love of his life was Ill. She Is stable enough to make it with him to the hospital.

He Couldnt Save Lee

Nurse Anne Macgregor met them at the door. It Is only a brief moment but George took notice. After a few tests they walked to their car. It Is late and they were tired. They both were eager to get home. Luckily, they didn't have to far to go. Their home Is 10 minutes away. They got home, settled in as the telephone rang. Lee ran to it an answered. George soon came behind her and saw annawkward look on her face. He didn't bother asking what happened but knew it was something. Early next morning Lee was crying uncontrollably in the bathroom. George Is fast asleep. As he slowly awakened, he heard her sobbing and packing. He asked “What are you packing for? What Is that call about last night?” All Lee said Is “Nothing you could do about it. I have to leave. As she walked he stared in his room, got dressed and headed to the hospital. He wanted answers about his new wife. In a frantic he pulled in the parking lot. He tried speaking to the doctor but they were unavailable. After George heard that news he walked back to his car.


Nurse Anne

That nice nurse Ann couldn't help but lend a helping hand. She intercepted him as he walked to his car. Her car was right beside his. As George got in she asked “Are you ok?” He replied “No I'm not. I want to know what's wrong with my wife.” He and Ann started talking details. She knew his wife's problem but didn’t tell him. Instead, the two exchanged numbers. He needed a friend since his new wife just left him. She Is there gladly. The two got real acquainted since that day. Anne Is there the moment George found out his ex-wife died. By then the truth came out. Lee had advanced cancer. She couldn't love George the way he wanted. So she left him.

New Family

George thought it Is something he did wrong. The truth hurt him deeply. Through it all, his new love Is there. He and Anne married and went on to have seven beautiful children. When he established the George Prince foundation in 1966, he knew they'd be apart of it. The corporation gives to charities around the world. It supports five national campaigns. Those are the Special Olympics, March of Dimes, Childrens Miracle Network, United Way of America and food for all. George served the people in his stores and out of it. Despite the success, his wife felt neglect. She divorced him. He spent too much time away from home. That sparked rumors of infidelity and adultery. They got married in 1947 and called it quits in 1974. Besides his divorce, all went as planned went according to planned. As time went on success stayed put

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