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Mr. George: Volume 4

Quality Supermarket

George just hit the rest button. He went bigger. He knew the economy was better so he went bigger. He knew just the way to do so. He went to the bank to apply for a loan. His desire was to rebuild bigger and better. The bank offered a $70,000 loan but told him they need collateral. He purchased an orange grove and used it. That secured the bank loan. The money was used to build the store of his dreams. The building had glass, marble and a stucco exterior. Everything he needed, the building had inside and out. He just made it all look better by adding unheard of features to it. The grocery business was taken by storm. He had a determination to be successful. He closed the little stores and made supermarkets.


Quality Supermarkets

The success of his Florida store opened doors. He wasn't going to let them close. He saw a grocery company headquarters in Winter Haven, FL. The store Is owned by lakeside resident Joseph Powell. Jr saw an opportunity and went for it. In 1945, that same company he purchased. The grocery chain had 19 stores under the name All American Food Stores. It was world war 2 at this time. Building his dream store would’ve been a nightmare without those features. The businessman in him knew that he may not get that lucky again. So he purchased the company. The purchase included all 19 stores. Quality Stores were all over the state of Florida.

Mr. George

He was well on his way to fulfill his dream. Just starting a store chain was not all he wanted. This just put him in a better financial state. The stores were replaced with larger one’s. The standards were already set with the ones that closed. So he knew exactly what he wanted established. There is quality, friendly customer service and great merchandise in 19 stores. The expansion began. In each store, his employees are called associates. They all called him Mr. George. He gave them all great benefits and policies. Both full and part times could receive them if they work 1,000 hours annually. Quality was not just given to customers.


Expansion Time

George was a very busy man. He always found ways to have fun. One of the store workers, David Smith, saw otherwise. David felt he was working too much. His headquarters was already there but something was missing. David knew just what it was. While his boss was busy away doing business something special was brewing. David was designing an office for his boss. He intended that it will be ready once he returns. He and a few friends made it happen. Everything George loved was in there. George returned to see that David designed a beautiful office for him. One day while in his office, an old friend came to him and said “Expansion Time”

No Brainer

George and his good friend, Jacob, has worked on this for weeks. When he wasn't in office, he was doing that. Jacob and he found vacate locations in other states. They also studied the market around them. That wasn't too hard to do bur it is needed. For any business that's a key rule. George learned that with his father. His late father was so accustomed to catering to farmers. His problem was that he didn't know to adjust. George and the wife presented ways how but dad didn't listen. It was a no brainer for him to apply it to his business.


Unique Supermarkets

Florida’s population is 21.48 million. That does not include the visitors. They all have the same experience. George adopted the Publix name from a NY based movie theatre company. His first store is a 3,000 square foot building. That store made $120,000 in sales in 1934. His stores in Florida were all financially successful. By 1959 it Is the dominate supermarket chain in Central Florida. In 1971 he opened two stores in Jacksonville, FA. In addition, there Is distribution center put there. Some of the markets were very unique. The term “Your first impression can be your last” is one that George lived by. Jacob came to inform him that he could open a few stores in the Miami area. Before expanding out of state, he built his unique supermarkets there.

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