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Mother: A Doppelganger Novella (Part 11)


Part 11

I was at the police station for almost 24 hours. I was exhausted by the time that I was finally able to go home. The same questions were asked over and over. I repeated my story to the detectives so many times, that I actually lost count of how many times I told it. I explained that I left David, his wife, and child at the store, and walked out. I said that I never saw them again after the confrontation in the store and that I called a cab and went home. My story never changed and why should it? It was what happened, it was the truth!

I was scared and in tears as they showed me the crime scene pictures. David and Suzanne barely looked human in them. There was blood everywhere, but David seemed to be the one that got the worst of whatever attacked them. David looked as if an animal with immense teeth had gotten hold of him and just tore him apart. The child was found, hiding in the shrubs that lined the mall parking lot, without a scratch on her. Physically, she was fine, but I was sure that she would never be the same again after what she witnessed that night.

The video footage from the parking lot was eventually looked through and that was how I was able to finally leave the endless questioning at the station. They didn’t explain what was found on the video footage, they just looked disturbed and confused by what they had seen. A female police officer took pity on me and told me a bit about what was uncovered through the videos. It seems that David was seen arguing with his wife in the parking lot. The argument was getting pretty heated, even though there was no sound captured on the video. All of a sudden, a pack of about wild “dogs” appeared on the video and attacked the couple. The child ran off when she saw the creatures attack her parents.

The parents were ripped apart by the vicious beasts, with unable to defend themselves. The creatures on the video, didn’t actually look like wild dogs, coyotes, or the like. The pack of animals looked skeletal and had unusually fast movements. So fast, that the camera almost couldn’t capture their movements. They were blurry and unclear.

Of course, the story made the papers as an animal attack. The reporters hinted that the animals may have been rabid, but left out their otherworldly speed and their strange shapes. Traps were set to try to capture the creatures, but no animal was caught that remotely resembled them. After one night in the ICU, Suzanne succumbed to her injuries and passed away. I never found out where their child ended up and honestly, I didn’t want to know. I had nightmares from the crime scene pictures and my life was changing, but not for the better.

The next few weeks, I received strange looks from people at work, including my employer. Being taken in for questioning by detectives is not a pretty sight and people will judge, even if none of what happened was my fault. Strange happenings proceeded and more phone calls came in, supposedly from me, either saying that I will not be in that day or that I will be late coming in to work. I never made the phone calls, of course. I didn’t know what to do. I denied that I ever made the calls. That only made me seem unhinged and disturbed.

I was let go, eventually, from my position at the doctor’s office. The reason was,the doctor felt that I needed time to rest and to seek help, if I needed it. I can understand why he felt that he had to let me go. A woman who makes calls to her office and then denies making them? Of course, she is a disturbed individual that needs to be fired from her job and kept away from the sane people who were once her friends and coworkers. I felt humiliated and there wasn’t anything that I could do about it. I had some money saved and figured that the savings could keep me going till I found another job. I didn’t waste any time looking for new work at first, that is, till I lost the only person who had always loved me.

My mother had taken a turn for the worse and passed away one night in her sleep. I’ve had really horrible moments in my life, but nothing compared to when I lost my mom. I felt truly alone in the world. Utterly and totally alone. She was no longer in pain, no longer suffering in this world. That was the only thing that gave me comfort as I took care of her funeral details. My mother passed away and I was happy that I never told her that I lost my job. I kept that to myself because I didn’t want her to worry about me. She was suffering from a lot of pain and I didn’t want to be another source of trouble for her. It would have been hard on me if I knew she was worried about me during her last days on earth.

My mother looked peaceful as she lay in her casket. I spent a few hours at the funeral home, just sitting by her and talking to her. My mother didn’t have a lot of friends and our family was just the two of us. This made for a very quick and quiet funeral. I knew that she had wanted it that way, dignified and peacefully silent.

The burial was on a very cold, but sunny day. My mother had always liked those kinds of days. She used to say that a person’s mind is cleared by the cold air and the soul is cleansed through the warm sunshine. There was only myself and a minister that said a few prayers for my mother, at the cemetery. The service was over and I threw a few handfuls of dirt and some flowers on top of her casket. I stood there for a minute, praying and thinking that my mother was finally at peace. I thanked the minister for his efforts and started to walk away from the grave site. I was making my way to the cemetery gates, when I heard it, her song.

“Did you ever see a dream walking? Well, I did
Did you ever hear a dream talking? Well, I did
Did you ever have a dream thrill you with, "Will you be mine?"
Oh, it's so grand and it's too, too divine.”

I wasn’t surprised. I knew that she was there, my twin. “Of course, she had to be at my mother’s funeral!”, I thought as I walked. I realized that as time went on, I was getting closer and closer to my double. I had seen her world and I had a feeling that I couldn’t express in words. Words couldn’t define this feeling. This feeling grew day by day, and was organic in nature. A feeling that I had no explanation for. Sometimes, I felt like she and I were one and the same.

From my peripheral vision, I saw her, the other Lori, standing by one of the headstones. I didn’t outwardly acknowledge her presence. I didn’t have to. She knew that I had seen her and no words or actions were needed, not anymore. We understood each other. She knew that I had seen her world as she had seen mine. Everything that had taken place, my mother’s passing, losing my job, and the incidents at the mall, have kept me from visiting with Kamarth and traveling to those worlds, for a while. I wanted to see him and soon. I wanted to visit the worlds, mine and my double’s. I needed to further understand the places that no one else can see, and I wanted to understand the nature of the being that was my double, my doppelganger.

I tried traveling again with the binaural beats without much success. I just ended up falling asleep, not going anywhere. Finally, after failing to travel for about a week, I was finally able to get to the world where my children existed, and the cotton candy flowers. The world that bordered a terrible place of horrifying creatures and lost souls.

© 2021 Johanna Elattar

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