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Monsters Inside Me, Part 3


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Demario Johnson one of the funniest influential comedians, industrious talk and game show hostess, a man that is loved and looked up to by many. He's every little boy idol, looked up to by countless little girls and admired by many women.

A man who has accomplished so much is sitting alone on a bridge, crying with an alcohol bottle in one hand and his shoes in the other. His tarnish reputation left him hurt, and he has not been able to collect his thoughts or pull himself together afterward.

He tried to call his girlfriend, Destiny, to talk to her, but she refuses to answer the telephone, his reputation was tarnished after a video surfaced from a wild party he threw and aired for millions of viewers to see.

It's cold, and the wind is howling as Demario sit and cry. All he can think and speak out loud, “I am a winner, a born winner, I should not be sitting here alone, sad or miserable, I deserved to be loved, I will overcome and I have to take my life back.”

Maybe a second chance is in the making for Demario. There are very few mistakes a man who wants to bounce back can't recover from. Although one can't help but wonder, did the harmful mistake, he made teach him a lesson?

Destiny drives up close to the location and put the car in park. She sits in the car and watches Demario from a short distance for a few minutes as it is still hard for her to deal with all she viewed on the recording.

Thinking to herself Demario has the ability to bounce back and hopefully, the exposure has taught him to have ethics and respect for himself at all times and maybe after this heartache he will learn that our "love prevails." She sits and talks to herself as she watches Demario, "Getting sudden thing wrong is a normal part of life and a way of learning and I've made plenty of mistakes myself. "

After five minutes of talking to herself, she convinced herself to start the car up and drive over to Demario. Destiny gets out of the car, walks up to him and lean down to take his hand to assist him up to his feet.

His hands were cold like ice and his face was pale with a mixture of red. She helps him to her car and sits him in the passenger seat. Then she starts the car and turns on the heat to warm his body as they both stared at each other.


After staring at Demario for a few minutes Destiny said, "How are you?" Demario opens his mouth to talk but were unable to get the words out. He opens his mouth and tried a second time, his mouth shivers and again the word wouldn't come out.

Destiny took the lead and said to Demario, let me start the conversation as you get yourself together, I see your pain and I am trying to understand, and I know making mistakes is a part of life and living. There is a lesson for you to learn from your mistakes and the lesson I am speaking of isn’t anything like going to school or any class curriculum.

I care about you and want to help, said Destiny. I also want to be available and supportive to you, but before I commit to anything, we have to have an understanding. I will not put up with a weak man looking for my sympathy. I don't deal with people who play the victim card. You have to own up and accept your responsibility and your part in what's happening to you.

If you feel you can't pull yourself together, tell me now so we don't waste each other time. I don’t deal or hang around people who neglect to face their problems, you have to come back fighting and not act as if it's the end of the world or you out for the count. I refuse to surround myself with losers or people who give up the first time a problem comes along.

You can bounce back and that's the easy part, what you may see as hard is letting go of the hurt to move forward to keep yourself from walking around looking like a victim. But you can do it as well and you have to learn from your mistakes, you need to courageously stand up and admit your mistake and face the issue head-on so you can move forward with your life.

Destiny shared with Demario what she believes when it comes to the relationship they shared, I believe in you and me. What she shares were similar to the lyric of a Whitney Houston song, Lyrics, “I believe in you and me, I believe that we will be, In love eternally, As far as I can see, You will always be, The one for me, Oh yes you will, I believe in dreams again, I believe that love will never end, And like the river finds the sea, I was lost now I'm free, I believe in you and me.”


“Maybe I'm a fool, To feel the way I do, But I would play the fool forever, Just to be with you forever, I believe in miracles, Love's a miracle, And baby, you're a dream come true, I was lost now I'm free, I believe in you and me, I was lost now I'm free girl, I believe in you and me.”

After hearing the words out of Destiny mouth, Demario was so dazzled and delighted. He felt he could do anything, he even believed he might be sleeping and dreaming, and if he was, he felt similar to the lyric from Queen song, “Don't Stop Me now.” The Lyrics, I'm a shooting star, leaping through the sky, like a tiger defying the laws of gravity, I'm a racing car, passing by like Lady Godiva, I'm gonna go, go, go, there's no stopping me.

After Destiny talk Demario was willing to fight for his life, Destiny contacts D. L. E. Entertainment representing Demario and shared with them when they aired a recording from a private party without Demario permission it was illegal. She also shared with the TV station what she requests they do to assist with the mistake they made by airing the recording. She required them to correct their error and allow Demario to do a TV retreat on 'Don't Judge Until,’ all of the ‘Facts Right,’ they agreed.

She also issued a public statement, warning viewers who seen the recording not to make judgments until “All of the Facts” are in, adding, “Demario and myself will make a public speech later today.” The speech was made and as usual, Demario was headed in the direction of bouncing back, it was a success. After rehearsal, a month later, Demario did a TV retreat called 'Don't Judge until “All of the Facts Right.”

The retreat was a sellout, every seat was filled and some people still wanted tickets, but unable to get, it was a sell-out. Again, Destiny is the wise thinker who assists Demario to bounce back. During the retreat, he shared his childhood drama and how hard he worked to become the man he is today. He begins by encouraging viewers and sharing, "Before you start criticizing, you should get your facts straight."

Demario even shared with the group everyone deserves another chance, a shot at getting right what they did wrong. He allows people to ask a question, some spoke on their downfall and took to heart Demario advice. Demario shared helpful information and continued his retreat with encouraging words and saying, “We all has made some kind of mistake, fallen short at one point or another in life as nobody perfect.

He assists people to understand mistake is how everybody grows and the most important thing is to learn from it, and move forward to bigger and better things.” Just before the retreat ended Demario received a stand ovation and he wanted to end it by thanking everybody for coming, and he said most important people please be careful how you seek to get information from sources that are not reliable.

Just as Demario was ending the retreats Dolly walks into the room, what are her intentions? Will her present affect Demario before he has completely ended his retreat? How does Destiny feel about her being present and will she front Dolly?

Stay tuned as I provide the answer to all the questions asks and reveal so much more about Demario’s future as he makes an attempt to reestablish his reputation, and move forward in life in part 4 of Monsters inside of me.

Monsters Inside Me, Part 3

Whitney Houston I Believe In You And Me The Preacher's Wife

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (Official Video)

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