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Monsters Inside Me, Part 1

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Demario Johnson is a man that many love. He made a name for himself as a funny comedian, a talented actor, and a very energetic talk and game show hostess. It is so much easier for him to accomplish his desires because he’s pleasing to the eyes.

Other males envy him, he every little boy idol, and admired by many females. The question is, how can a man many believe having a perfect life has a split personality?

But before Demario made a name for himself, he lived a troubling childhood. He grew up being a misunderstood child all the children he came in contact with would call him names and not want to be his friend.

Demario is the only child of a Hollywood leading lady and number one actress. He received everything he ever desired, with the one exception of a friend. His life is so awful that he wonders why is he living?

His mother never spends time with him nor shows him, love. She gives most of her time to traveling and shooting films, and his nanny had no patience with him. She often screamed at him.

Demario experienced so many emotions, none that were good, behaviors like rage, anger, hatred, resentment, jealousy, confusion, and depression, but not at one time did he feel at ease with any of these emotions.

He grew up feeling unloved and mistreated. Demario walks around with one of the oddest facial expressions on his face. He feels as if the weight of the world is on his shoulders. And that freaked other children out. It wasn’t until Demario turn 17 years old that he changed his life. He met the one female that loved him for who he was, and he found a reason to live.

Stand Up Comedy Journey Start:

After two suicide attempts, hating himself for years, Demario sought therapy, and shortly after, he met this young lady named Emily. She assists and encourages him to learn the true identity of who he is; he begins self-discovery, and he was on his way to living a productive life.

Having the mother who knows how to take Hollywood by the horn, Demario walked in her footsteps to make a name for himself. He started off doing comedy and later made a name for himself acting.


He did a stand-up comedy talking about the nanny from hell that helped raised him, he talked about a dumb boy who attempts suicide twice but too dumb to actually kill himself.

His comedy was on point and he received many laughs. From a successful comedy career, Demario makes the choice to try his hand at being a talk show host. It was also a success; he hired the best team to work with him.

Destiny was his support and leading lady. She was the make-up artist who makes sure all the guests look their best before going on the air. He had the best production team, excellent writers, and exceptional musicians playing for him.

Demario personality was so on key and he brought out the best of talent in all his guests. His rating was the all-time high and people felt honored to receive a call to attend his show.

He even asks his mother for permission to use her films, to invite people to attend to watch on his show first before they hit the theater to continue his rating. After two years of the most popular talk show in the world, Demario wants a change so he ends his talk show and took on his own game show.

The name was “Monster that capture you or the one that gets away.” The contestant found the show amusing and very fun to attend. Again, it’s like Demario has the Midas touch, this game show too was a success. One thing that one can’t help but wonder and that is why didn’t the contestants find the questions ask disturbing as almost all of them were far out questions?

Questions like would you want to wait for Halloween to be scared out of your mind or can you handle the scariest and weirdest thing unknown happening to you today? If given a choice of which torment you can handle to win ten thousand dollars, which would you choose?

One you will have to sleep in a bed infested bed with bed bugs for a week without treatment, two dealings with maggots growing on your scalp without treatment for three days, or three a parasitic worm breeding in your lungs for two days before you can seek treatment? Out of a poll of a hundred people who received the most votes?


This game show was not a normal show and it’s not one that any person should take likely or agree with to be popular. Unfortunately, it is the number one game show on the air.

Destiny felt deep down in the mid of her stomach something was not right with this game show, but she wanted to be supportive of Demario so she kept her mouth closed and her opinions to herself.

The more Destiny saw, the more concern she became, things were beginning to change with the relationship she shared with Demario. She tried date nights to attempt to end the distance and bring back the closeness, but yet they grew further apart.

Personal Attacks on Demario:

Not only is Demario pulling away from Destiny, but he has also begun keeping company with many different females behind her back. He has thrown wild parties that consist of things that are not in agreement with Destiny and her morals.

Pictures and videos have been taken during these wild parties without Demario knowledge. He has been so successful for many years because Destiny has had his back and she has been the glue that holds the thing down and together for him.

Now that he made the decision to do things without guidelines or drawing a line where to stop and go behind Destiny back to have secrets, things are not as promising as Demario thinks.

The pictures, as well as the video, have fallen into the wrong hands. Someone who looked for the day as to where he can bring Demario down to his knees and he has given him the evidence he needs to hurt him. Is Demario going back into his old unpopular self? Perhaps he’s allowing his old ways to chase him down and defeat him.

John Lee Green a man who has envied Demario his entire career has set him up with pictures and video to be aired on television for millions of viewers to see. What will be the outcome?

Is it too late for Demario to pull himself back together and move forward? How will this affect Destiny after the airing of the pictures and videos? Some people fail to stop and consider the people they loved when they make a poor decision to do hurtful things.

Maybe the true side of Demario has finally made its way out. He has a lot of demons inside that rose from his childhood. They are attacking his body and the monsters inside are no longer willing to silently stay inside.

The saying, “What’s done in the dark will come to the light” is a very true speaking. Demario has put himself in a position where things will not end well for him. Will Destiny continue to support and stay by his side?

Stay tuned as I reveal the answers to all the questions asked and so much more about Demario and Destiny relationship. If she will hang around and use her wisdom to assist Demario to find his way back to reality. It’s no secret and so obvious that Demario success and popular career were created and built from Destiny guidance.

Monsters Inside of Me, Part 1!

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