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Momin Chapter 9


He was hospitalised for three months when he was able to stand by himself. He still wasn’t able to walk but his determination was unwavering. Just when he felt like he could move, he expressed his wish to address publicly:
"I... I want to….speak."
"You are not in that shape" said the disciples who were taking care of him.
The conversation was going on in between them when a lawyer entered with paperwork from the court. The long and short of it was that the government had sued Mo-min Ali Khan for the charges of sedition, conspiracy against the state and disloyalty. Under the charges he was required to make his presence known in court as soon as he was able to walk.
As soon as he read the paper, he said to student sitting next to him, "Call.. for the sermon.. I have to speak.. this is a now or never situation... tell them...now!”
The disciples sensed the gravity of the situation and decided to comply with the wish of their mentor.

Three days after the case was filed people gathered in front of the hospital in which he was admitted. Government officials tried their best to stop them, but their measures fell far shorter than the number of people. Thousands gathered again to listen him. The place had suddenly come to life with the roar of the crowd despite the rain, the soldiers and shelling. People were fed up with the tyranny which they had been subjected to for years now. Mo-min was their icon of hope and stance. They were there to listen to him.
Mo-min though barely walking on his stick with a deformed face, came to the balcony as hastily as he could. He stood there at the elevated platform and looked at the excited, glorious, and ready-to-rebel crowd chanting his name. These were the people who had overpowered the guards, police, and rangers just to listen to him.
In that instant a drop of rain fell on his forehead. It felt like a Deja-vu. Not only did he had the support of those on earth; he had also won the favour of The One in heavens. It began as mild drizzle, but eventually mighty showers poured in. Mo-min looked at the sky as if comparing the storm which had sparked due to him and the one caused by Him. He passed on a thankful, reassuring smile at the mere thought, gave a pause to think and started:

"It was not an accident. Look at me? Do you? They did this to me to teach me a lesson" he could barely deliver the words, but he continued anyways.

"This is the merely a small cost one pays for change. I paid it...I paid it for all of us.. For our generations to come. They left me to die just to make a lesson out of me. Later they would cover it up as an accident, and they did it shamelessly enough" Mo-min chuckled.
He took a pause and begun again:
"They thought they broke me, but they were wrong! they made me. General Az'iz! You think you will make me an icon of treachery! But let me tell you something. What I think is, the time is near that you and your regime of infidelity and tyranny will die. I see a future. The same people you ruled over... I see them and their generations! Taking your corpse out of your grave to hang in the “square of change" where I once spoke, and I don't see that time to be far! I might not live to see that day, but I guarantee that the day is not far! .."

It was at this moment when intelligence agents thrust into the room, arrested him, and took him to be put at a remote location in a convoy of several vehicles. He was put in a dark chamber where hardly any light could reach, let alone medical facilities would be given. He stayed there for days bearing different sort of tortures and then finally he was presented in front of the magisterial court. The building was heavily armed, and a perimeter established by the army to keep away all the people who had gathered to listen about his hearing. He walked into the courtroom like a wounded lion. Two guards took off his shackles. The judge looked at him and affirmed, "Dr Mo-min Ali Khan you have been charged with some serious allegations of sedition, disloyalty and conspiracy against the state, how do you plead?"
Mo-min gave a pause, smiled, and said:

” This is me standing in a court
Where the rule is full of distort
Where I am guilty before
Giving evidence of any sort"

" You are speaking against the integrity of this honourable court, do you know what would it cost you?", inquired the judge in a stern tone.
"This court you set for me today is of no value and honour and why would I be fearful of mere mortals? Indeed, it is Allah who has the ultimate control and to Him shall we return one day!", said Mo-min.
His remarks infuriated the already biased judge and he said, "I suppose you have no evidence to prove you innocent Mo min. Court doesn't proceed on poetry. I give you a last chance to speak so there is no injustice at my hand!"
"This court will not be able to tolerate anything I say, whether it be evidence or any poetry. I know I have already been proven guilty. I have nothing to say in my defence. Allah knows what is true and to His court shall I appeal", said Mo-min.
The judge wrote the verdict, broke his pen and announced the sentence;
"Looking deeply into all clues and evidence, the court finds Dr Mo-min Ali Khan guilty of sedition, conspiracy against the state and disloyalty therefore he is sentenced to die in front of Gunfire squad with immediate effect. The court is dismissed!".

Listening to the thought of dying by gunfire squad put a smile on his deformed face as if he were expecting it to be like this. Soldiers removed him from the court and took him to the alter. They had put a ribbon on his eyes. They made him sit on his knees while facing an empty wall. He could hear the Sergeant ordering the soldiers to load the guns. A few bolt-like metallic sounds were heard as they loaded their guns.


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