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Momin Chapter 6

The First Sermon

Word spread like fire about his speech in the street square, near he lived. This was the beginning. The events that would follow would ultimately lead to such a chaos! Who knew? The clock counted out the hours and then came the time for the sermon.

It was just after the Afternoon prayers. The sun boiled out the streets as did the fire in the heart of believers. They stood in the scorching heat in the square to listen to Mo-min, the man who stood and spoke against oppression in face of an unjust leader. There were thousands of them. The disguised intelligence agents in the sermon were astounded by the following he had gained by just that stunt. They knew they had to create unrest to make this consort fail and get rid of his petty stunts once and for all.
Mo-min came on the stage in the blazing heat, confident as ever. His presence rendered everyone silent, eager to listen to him. Mo-min looked at thriving crowd in the town square, which grew by the instant. He gave a pause to re-collect as he had no prepared script then. That’s what made him special; all of what he said, sprung from his core and hit the soul of listeners. He began:
"I won't put up an introduction to start this speech. It is as meaningless as this regime is. Today... I will just ask one question to you all here, one question! I want you to ask it to yourself and answer it with honesty!

Is this the land of our independence warriors fought and died for?...
Is this the land our founding father dreamt about?
Is this the idea of welfare state our Na-bi (S. A. W) guided us about?
Is this the land whose people were to lead the world?
Is this?

If ‘no’ is your answer, you feel the same way as I do. If you dream the way as I dream then I want you to roar like a lion in this square and I want that roar... to be heard by the heavens, to cause eruptions in the foundations of the sky.
I want that roar... to be heard by that devil incarnate sitting on the prestige position!
He underestimates us. We, the people. We have the power to overcome any atrocities. He is bound to serve us, not rule us.
So, roar! O God’s best of people! And I want that roar to tremble his soul.
Are we all in concert here?!!! "
After listening to the fiery phrases originating from his tongue, the crowd chanted “Allah u Akbar” like their cries were to erupt the ground. The entire square was hyped up by his words. To cause further awakening within Mo min said:

"This square, this time, this very place! I mark this as the start of change. I engrave this as the symbol we will remember till eternity! "

Intelligence officers heard him but they were helpless in the face of such exhilarated crowd. They knew they would be outnumbered severely and thrashed harshly by the crowd. But it was the time they were sure Mo-min was as big a threat as any, who had to be taken down as soon as possible.


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