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Momin chapter 2


Words of Dr Na seer had carved through the heart of Mo min. An internal chaos began. A part of him begged not to take a stand but deep down another voice in him wanted to do it despite knowing the risks and low margins of error.

This pandemonium agitated him so much that he secluded himself. He began studying Quran and Hadi'th thoroughly. He also developed an interest in reading the lives of the great heroes of past. He became more and more actualized towards what was happening around him. He started to find similarities among his philosophy and the ideologies of those leaders he studied. He realized gradually that this complex, corrupt and cannibalizing legionary game was way beyond his ‘self’. The canvas of his mental approach broadened as he indulged deeper.

It is said, dreams might be true, and they surely have a meaning. It was the night when he fell asleep reading and saw the dream that would change his life.

*Dreaming starts*
He saw an ancient city with calling for prayer sounding in excess. Every home had large minarets like Mosques. He did not know to what lands did they belong and was not able to recognise the streets of the very city he stood in. He stopped a man whose face was covered.
"Where am I?" he asked from the man.
"Son, you are in the city where lies the tombs of the greats", the man replied.
"What exactly is this?"
The man smiled and said, "You will know, Mo min".
"Wait, how do you know my name?" asked Mo min, half stunned, half horrified.
The man smiled and said, "Come with me, Mo min I have something to show you", and he started walking. Mo min followed. They stopped near a majestic tomb which had a very enchanting vibe about it.
"Whose tomb is this?", blurted out Mo min, still trying to understand what was happening.
"Go ahead and see by yourself, son" said the man.
Mo min complied without question. The curiosity was maddening. Right as he went in, he exclaimed, almost breathlessly,
"Imam Hussein A.S' tomb! Why did you bring me here?"
This was yet again a surprise that bewildered Mo min.
"Look son! you know what Hussein A.S did when he was required to do it. But you don't seem to know what you will do or what are you required to do so. If you chose the way of Imam Hussein A.S and the other righteous people before you, you too shall find an abode in this city" said the

The gravity of this revelation held him preoccupied in his mind. It seemed he was caught off-guard so abruptly that he could not even figure out what was happening.
Amidst this confusion it finally hit him, "Wait! I know who you are!" exclaimed Mo min as he turned around to bow to ‘the man’ but he had long left. He woke up immediately, profusely sweating and began crying aloud.
His wife, Khadi'ja, who too woke up to this unusual spectacle, ran to fetch him water. She too was astonished to see Mo min like this. Seven years of married life and she had not once witnessed a spectacle like this. Overcoming her astonishment, she ran to fetch him water. He was still non-responsive when she returned. He was just sitting there, sweating profusely, staring into the darkness. For a minute he did not even blink his eye. What could be so horrifying or shocking? Khadij'ah was upset, but Mo min was literally bewildered. She offered him the glass of water, which he took with feeble hands, took a long sip and gulped very slowly.
"I saw him”.
“Who? Who did you see?”
I saw our guide and master, beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. I saw him! (S. A. W)." He repeated these words innumerably. It took a long while, before he came to his senses. He now had a clear direction, yet no clue how to do it.


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