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Through Her Eyes 6

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The visits stopped all of a sudden just out of nowhere. For more than a week they did not see each other at all. They emailed, but that was all they did. They exchanged emails constantly over the course of the next couple weeks.

They would have an occasional super late night visit when it was possible. Those visits, however, usually only last a few minutes when they did happen. Then one night they actually managed to see each other for more than a few minutes. They actually managed to spend a couple hours together.

On that night a lot was discussed and a lot was revealed. Though neither of them knew then exactly what was to come. They did not even know how their relationship would make a huge turn. They each just knew that they did not want to have a life that did not include the other.

Now Ally knew that she had taken an interest in Noah from the beginning, but she had never actually told him. Nor was she sure she would ever tell him. Spending all the time she had with him had only increased what she was feeling for him, though she did not understand what those feelings were to start out with, nor did she know that he was having the same feelings.

All of that was soon to be revealed, Ally just had to wait. Fate was about to take over and both of their lives were about to change.

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