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Through Her Eyes 5

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The next few days it became a routine that when Ally woke up she would find a message from Noah. It was always a “Good Morning!” or a “How did you sleep?” She became so used to waking up to those messages. Her day was always brightened when she woke up to his messages, even if they were just simple messages.

The time during the day got to where it flew by while she awaited the messages from him. He became a constant in her life with his messages. Every morning, mid-afternoon and evening were her time to read his messages. As the days wore on they even began meeting up at times in the evenings.

Their meetings became nightly dates to see and talk to each other. They would ask about each other’s days and they became the sounding board they each needed to be able to talk about things that were going on in their lives. They talked about everything from the goings on in their real lives, books, movies, and dreams and hopes.

Somewhere during all of their talks with each other they slowly fell in love and didn’t realize it. They found themselves flirting with each other whenever they were together. Their meetings were anticipated every night. Until one day they stopped for a while, and they didn’t see each other at all.

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