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Through Her Eyes 4

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A few days passed without a word from the mysterious stranger. Then one morning Ally woke up to an alert on her tablet. She had a mail from him and it shocked her that he had thought about her again. She tapped the buttons to login to her virtual world and check her mail.

After her screen loaded she dressed her avatar for the day and got her set up dancing on her own in her private club. Then she tapped the buttons to check her mail and there sat the one from him among the others. Staring at the screen Ally was almost afraid to open it. Their conversation had been amazing the night they met, and he had even played like he was asking her out at one point that night.

Though Ally knew he had not meant any of it. Staring at the username attached to the mail sitting in her mailbox, she debated not opening it. Then changed he mind and tapped on the mail to bring up the contents. Staring at the words on her screen she was shocked that she had even crossed his mind. The simple “Good Morning!” in the mail she had just opened set her heart to racing.

Tapping the reply at the bottom of the screen she sent back just as simple a message, “Good morning!” and then closed out her mail and forgot about it. Going about her normal routine of collecting her gems and checking on her pets, she finally settled herself at her Aspen house with a few friends. She forgot all about the message until about 4 hours later when another arrived from the same mysterious stranger. Tapping the screen, she opened up her mail and then tapped on his message. Again it was just a simple message, but to her it was so much more.

She read it and replied immediately. From that day on it became almost like a routine. She would hear from him throughout the day whenever he had a chance to send her something. Most of the time the messages were simple. “Good mornings!” or “How are yous?” Other times they were a bit more in-depth. Over the next few weeks their mails grew into an inseparable friendship.

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