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Through Her Eyes 3

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Glaring at the screen Ally couldn’t help but be captivated by the mysterious character who had just shown up. She had seen him multiple times before now, but they had never spoken. She doubted they would now either. Instead she watched him from her corner as he greeted her bestie and moved amongst those that he knew.

She turned her head for only a second to respond to one of her siblings. When she looked back she was surprised to see that the charming stranger had chosen her as his dance partner. She was stunned and almost didn’t respond when he spoke to her. “Hey you!” had always been her go to phase for new guys, but with him she couldn’t help but stare without words at first. Finally, she spoke, “Hey you.”

Watching him she waited on him to say something. Finally, he spoke, though the words were simple ones, to her they were a break in a barrier between them. That first night their banter ran smoothly. Ally couldn’t help but text her bestie and talk about him.

Of course her besties only response was, “Good luck, he never talks!” Ally snickered out loud, “If she only knew.” She shot her bestie a message saying, “He’s talking just fine to me.” It was true honestly, their conversation seemed to flow so easy with each other.

But even with how easy the conversation flowed Ally did not expect to hear from him again after this night. Little did she know she was actually wrong. He would become a really important part of her day. Then later her life.

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