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Millie Hayworth's Life and Afterlife: Part Two

Short stories are at the heart of why Phyllis loves to write. Her father left her a legacy of the art of storytelling.

Millie Hayworth's Life and Afterlife

Millie Hayworth's Life and Afterlife: Part Two

Continued from Millie Hayworth's Life and Afterlife: Part One

As Susan studied about Millie's life, Millie became more active in the house. Her spirit sensed a pulling and she followed Susan around daily.

In the afterlife of Millie Hayworth she does not realize she is in the spiritual world, therefore she still sees her home as it was in her lifetime. At times she will move a piece of furniture if someone had put it where it was not in its original place. The great love she had for the house has kept her lingering in the present among the living. There is also another reason, a sinister one, why Millie will not leave her home.

Past Life of Millie Hayworth

Susan learned a lot about Millie from the first book and a few others she found. The Hayworth family were very prominent in the community from the early 1800s.

Susan found a list of Millie's diaries at the historical sociey and got special permission to review them. Wearing protective gloves she began to pour through the diaries with anticipation. The historian told Susan there was one missing diary from 1863 which has never been found. Also missing was a trunk full of baby clothes which had been mentioned in other diaries. It might have been donated somewhere the historian told Susan.

Those missing items intrigued Susan and she decided to investigate. Wade teased her about being a novice detective.

The Diaries

The first diary was from 1855, the year Millie married Samuel Hayworth. She wrote: "I am determined to have my own house built. Samuel loves me so much he is pleased to give me whatever I desire. He had the house built according to my strict specifications. Our home will be so beautiful."

In July 1857 Millie wrote: "Our home is finished and ready to move into. I am ecstatic and will never leave my beautiful home even if I die."

The tower had been Millie's favorite place to spend time in for that is where she did all her crochet, knitting, and other needle work. She also had an extensive supply of beads and embroidery supplies to embellish her shawls and dresses with exquisite designs.

According to Millie's diaries, she had a trunk full of baby clothes she had made for boys and girls. Apparently she had hopes of having a large family. The trunk and baby clothes were missing. Some of Millie's own clothes were donated to the historical society after Millie's death. Her shawls and several blouses had been beautifully beaded and embroidered by Millie and were on display in a glass case.

Susan returned to the historical society often to gaze at the pieces Millie spent so much time on and to read the diaries.

In 1858 Millie gave birth to twin boys, Seth and Simon. Life with Samuel and the twins had become Millie's dream come true. She was unable to have more babies due to two miscarriages that left her barren. It saddened her greatly because she had wanted two girls. She put her heart and soul into being a good wife, mother, and running her household.

Millie had an excellent staff of servants yet inspected every room of her home daily. She insisted on a thoroughly clean and tidy home, strict schedules, excellent childcare, and nutritious meals. She was never disappointed. She rewarded her servants with good wages and they highly respected their mistress.

When Susan read that part about Millie insisting on a thoroughly clean and tidy home, she said, "That is why Millie follows me around so much!" Then it occurred to Susan that maybe Millie had something frightening or sinister to make us vacate the house. This made Susan feel very uncomfortable. "But I will not leave my dream home and will find a way to banish her spirit!"

Susan tried to let go of these negative thoughts, but the feeling stayed with her. She vowed to not let it destroy her life.

Susan stopped gazing out the window and returned to the diary. She read that Samuel died in 1873 under suspicious circumstances. What were those suspicious circumstance? Were there any suspects of wrong doing? Did Millie have anything to do with her husband's death? Millie died of natural causes in 1926 at the age of 71.

End of Part Two. Watch for part three of Millie Hayworth's Life and Afterlife coming soon.

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