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Memories Returned


“How are you still wondering on this plane?” Hades asked

He had appeared before him; his skin still had a grey tint to it.

“Aphrodite’s magic?” He replied

“I’m guessing that’s what brought you here.”

“The Fates led me here. They were arguing when I left them.”

Hades chuckled, “Believe me they hate to ever admit they were wrong. What are you planning to do?”

“Take this body and find Jade.”

They were standing in a hospital room, a man Talon’s mortal age, had been in a coma for a month, after being in a car accident. He went through surgery and his heart stopped a few days later. After bringing him back, he hadn’t woken up.

Talon stared and took a step forward. Hades immediately put his arm in front to stop him.

“Are you bloody mad?” He asked; “You have no idea what you’re getting into. If you enter this bloke’s body, you’ll wake up with amnesia. You’ll have his memories.”

“I’m willing to risk it.”

The sound of someone crying and sniffling broke the silence, both turned to see Persephone standing in the corner. She used a tissue to wipe tears from her eyes.

“Love? How long have you been standing there?” Hades asked

“Long enough… it’s so romantic.” She replied; “Talon you’re so brave.”

“Darling please go back home.”


She sunk into the floor, Hades shook his head and turned back to Talon.

“She is a sucker for romance.” He muttered

Talon chuckled, “I’m sorry for laughing.”

“Don’t worry about it. Now go get your girl.”

Hades tucked the soul into an energy ball and sunk through the floor. Talon floated into his body.

A nurse wearing navy scrubs and white sneakers walked into the room. Her short platinum blonde hair was spiked up, blue eyes looked at his monitor.

His eyes twitched; she didn’t think anything of it. But then a smile formed on her face, seeing his eyes opening.

“Doctor Ryder…” She called

A woman in her early forties, tan complexion walked in. Her green eyes lit up, she took her stethoscope off and put the earpieces into her ears. She heard a strong heartbeat and then looked at Talon.

“Mr. Maxon, Rob, stay still. We’re going to take you off the ventilator.” Dr. Ryder said; “Do you understand? Blink once for yes.”

He blinked and Dr. Ryder smiled, the nurse handed her a pair of gloves. Both put them on, the nurse stood on the other side of the bed.

“Rob hold your breath as I take the tube out. Ashley adjust the bed as I take out the tube.”

He felt the tube moving in his throat and started coughing as he sat up. Ashley put him on oxygen.

“Welcome back, I’m Dr. Ryder, no relation to Winona.” The doctor continued

“Thanks.” He whispered

“Rest your voice. It’s going to be a few days before you’re talking again. We’ll give you a pad and pen to communicate with us.”

He smiled. Four weeks passed and he was released. His apartment was in Manhattan, he worked at a small bar three blocks from his home. One night he came home after a long shift of happy hour, sitting on his bed, he took off his shoes.

“Man, what a night.” He sighed

Talon…” A voice whispered

“Is someone there?” He asked


He got up, taking off his socks, pants and shirt, tossing them into a laundry bag. Slowly he walked into his bathroom, the sound of the shower broke the silence. Stepping beneath the showerhead, the semi-warm water trickled on his head.

He’d been hearing someone calling for Talon, since being released from the hospital. Searching his memories, he had no idea who this guy was. After showering, he put on a pair of boxer shorts and black t-shirt. Falling onto his bed, he fell asleep.

He found himself in darkness, a woman appeared with her back towards him. Her dark auburn hair was tied into pigtails. She wore black jeans and matching tunic top.

Talon…” She called

Who are you?

Please come home…

She turned to dust swirling all around him, ‘Talon…’. Suddenly he sat up in bed, beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Taking a deep breath, he lay back down and fell back asleep. The next morning, he woke up and contacted a real estate agent, to put his house on the market.

It didn’t take long to sell and close. His real estate agent found him a new house. Moving into town, from the city, it was a lot more peaceful. Less noise and the streets weren’t as crowded. Something about moving and being here felt right. He wasn’t sure why, but he hoped that he’d find out.


My heart had been hit with a hammer and shattered into a million pieces. All the meetings with the vampire lawyers, was torture. After a few meetings, everything was finalized, papers were signed and filed. Vicky walked into my bedroom holding the mail and cell phone on top.

Her lavender hair was tied into a ‘French’ braid, wearing jean capris and blue tank top. The mail floated into my hands, as I sat up in bed.

“Hey how are you feeling?” She asked

“Hi. I feel better, now that the divorce is final. What’s on the line up?” I replied

Her eyes lit up as she opened her calendar app on her phone. I let my sister handle things while, I took time off from work, the world.

“All the girls are working tonight. Drake and Christy will be setting up for their acoustic set by nine. Your sister took care of the food and alcohol orders. So, we’re all set for the next three weeks. And the cleaning service should be here within an hour.” She replied

I was flipping through junk mail; all my bills were paid. There were some bills for the lounge, I sent them into my ‘Harley Quinn’ messenger bag. I got out of bed and walked into my closet. My hand brushed over what was ‘my side’ of the closet, gradually I moved some shoes back over, but my clothes remained.

I changed into a pair of black jeans, with my ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ tunic with Jack Skellington’s many faces. I came out as a pair of socks and black ‘Adidas’ sneakers landed at the foot of my bed. After putting on my shoes, Vicky followed me downstairs.

The front door opened, we stepped out and it locked behind us. We got into my car and pulled out of the driveway.

“Vicky, I never thanked you for all your help with all this.” I commented

“It’s no problem boss lady.” She replied

“After tonight’s shift, take the rest of the week off. Plus, next week.”

“Thanks boss lady. Aaron will be surprised.”

We pulled into the parking lot and got out. Walking back into work, felt good, I was getting ‘cabin fever’ recently and that was my que to come back. I walked into our office and sat down at my desk. I asked Amber to burn all his mortal photos, plus gifts he had sent. It was nice to have a less cluttered desk.

I jiggled my house to wake up my desktop. After getting onto the internet, I began paying bills.

“Hi.” I said

My sister appeared in the entrance way and I looked up to see her smiling. She had died her hair a dark brown.

“Hey.” She paused

“I’m doing a lot better. I couldn’t stay home anymore.”

“Cabin fever.” We said together

“Is all his stuff…”

“The movers took all of it yesterday. And I’m having a service come in and clean the house. His scent still lingers.”

“Paige offered…”

“To curse him. Ryan gave her…”

“The riot act. She means well.”

“I know.”

Walking out of my office, Drake appeared stopping me from going out into the bar area. My apron wrapped itself around my waist and I stared at him.

“Hey Kiddo, welcome back.” He said

“Thanks. Where’s Angela?” I replied

“Working late; fashion week starts Monday, she and her boss have been visiting with designers. They’ve been getting a sneak peak into fall collections. Could we talk? I know that I’m probably going to have my neck snapped, since I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“You saw Talon at the tavern. Hades and Persephone showed up and explained everything. You should join us later after your set.”

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and sighed.

“Thank you for not killing me.”

“Everybody gets one.”

I walked past him and went behind the bar. Alyssa walked up, handing me a ticket. “Welcome back” she whispered, “Thank you.” I replied. Two beer glasses floated onto the bar and slid down to the ‘Angry Orchard: Rose’ tap. Both filled to the top as to wine glasses appeared and were filled with ‘Sweet Bitch’ red wine. Everything went onto her tray and I hit the bar.

She had just finished putting in her appetizer order, plus drinks. Picking up the tray she walked back over to her table. Drake and Christy set up, they started playing and people applauded.

By last call, Alyssa and Michelle had cleaned and washed the floors. Ash, Amber, Trent, and Aaron appeared sitting on our couch. Aiden appeared with Ryan and they sat down.

“Thank you all for coming.” I said; “I know some of you have seen Talon, Hades and Persephone explained everything to me.”

I explained we’d see him, but if we saw him in a mirror, he’d look different. I also mentioned he has amnesia; he only has the memories of the man he went into.

“So, what do we do?” Ryan asked

“Introduce yourselves again to him. His name is Rob.” I replied

“This is crazy.” Aiden commented

“You’re telling me.” I replied; “Plus the goddess’s magic brings Talon’s memories back in flashbacks, but who knows what will bring his full memory back.”

“Damn.” Ash growled

“Someone’s outside.” My sister and I said together

We got up and noticed two women putting a flyer on our cars. I walked outside, they looked a little older, mid-fifties. Both were blonde, wearing sneakers, jeans and buttoned blouses.

“Can I help you ladies?” I asked

“Hello. Are you the owner of this bar?” One asked

“I am, along with my friend.” I replied

One of them walked up to me and handed me a flyer. A pair of green eyes looked at me in disgust.

“A vampire; surprised they let you own any businesses around here.” She said

“You’d be surprised ladies. A lot of supernatural beings have businesses around here.” I replied

“We’re here to fix that. Please give this to any mortal customers. If any of them frequent this place.”

She smiled and walked away, I looked at the flyer and frowned. “Church of Faith: Bringing true faith back. Join us for our Friday Night Service. 7 pm.” I walked back inside, the flyers came off the cars and flew into the trash can.

“What’s wrong Jade?” Dannie asked

“We have a new church in town. Seems…” I paused

“They’re against supernatural beings.” My sister finished my sentence

“Wonderful… religious fanatics…” Drake sighed

“Most of the mortals here know about us. I doubt any of them would be turned by this trash.” Ash added

“We’ll see.” My sister and I said together

Rob (Talon)

“Rob… snap out of it…” A voice called

He flinched hearing the snap of fingers. Looking up, he saw his co-worker Madison; her dirty blonde hair was tied in a ponytail. A pair of blue eyes met his, as he turned around seeing her put an order in.

“Sorry, Madison.” He said

“Don’t worry about it. You look like hell. Are you feeling okay?” She replied

“I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“Well, I’m sure Ray wouldn’t mind you leaving early. We’re not that busy today.”

“I’ll go ask him.”

He clocked out and waved to Madison as he left. Getting into his car, he started it and began driving. He found himself passing the ‘Circle Lounge’. From what he heard about it, two friends, they served both the supernatural and mortal communities.

His stomach growled, he looked at his car clock seeing it was one. He pulled into the parking lot and walked inside, taking a seat at the bar. There was a menu next to him, he was browsing it when he heard, “Welcome to the Circle Lounge, serving both the supernatural and mortal communities. I’m Jade, what can I get for you?”.

He smiled, “Hi Jade. Could I have a coke and a hamburger with fries?”

“No problem. You’re new in town?”

“Yeah. I moved here about two months ago. I’m from New York City.”

“Wow. Must be a lot quieter out here.”

“Yeah. I’m Rob, by the way.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

They shook hands and she put in his order. Amber flashed in and walked up to the bar.

“Hi Telepath! Trent order ready?” She said

A bag floated and landed in front of her.

“I hope him and his co-workers enjoy.” Jade said

“Thank you! Oh, you new…” Amber commented

“Rob, this is Amber. Amber this is Rob, he’s new in town.” Jade said

Amber gave Jade money and then turned to Rob.

“Hi.” She said

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you Amber.” Rob replied

“You too. Thanks Telepath.”

She picked up the bag and flashed, Rob jumped in his seat.

“What is she?” He asked

“She’s a fire demon. I’m a telepath with telekinetic powers, like my sister.” Jade replied


“She’s my best friend. We both have the same powers and finish each other's sentences.”

She took out her phone and pulled up her mortal photo. His eyes widened, she looked like the girl from his dreams.

“Are you okay? You look a little pale.” She asked

The soda gun came up from behind the bar and refilled his glass.

“I’m alright. ” He replied

“Alright. Enjoy your lunch.”

He sighed as his food landed in front of him. Another girl appeared wearing an apron, sneakers, jean shorts and ‘Nirvana’ t-shirt.

“Hi Dannie.” Jade said

“Hey Jade. Lunch rush is on it’s way in.” She replied

“Where’s your sister?”

“Right here.” Alyssa replied

“Right on time. You two can alternate between the bar and tables.” Jade continued

“Ok.” Alyssa said

He continued to eat, while the ladies began working. When he finished, Dannie brought him his tab.

“Hey did you enjoy everything?” She asked

“Hi, everything was delicious.” Rob replied

He handed her money and she went to get him change.

“I’m Dannie. And that’s my twin sister Alyssa.” Dannie continued

“It’s nice to meet you.”

He left a tip and walked out as construction workers walked in, followed by people in suits. Getting into his car, he thought the woman from Jade’s photo, looked like the woman from his dreams. But he couldn’t be sure. He started the car and drove home.

That night, he was laying in bed watching ‘Mr. Inglesias’ on Netflix. He noticed something sticking out of a wad of bills from earlier. Unfolding the dollars, he saw a small vial of blue liquid with a note attached to it. He opened it and began reading.

I sensed you weren’t sleeping well. Hopefully this helps. Take one sip.- Jade

He smiled and took the cork stopper out and took a sip. It tasted like raspberries. Feeling his eyes get heavy, he didn’t fight to stay awake and fell asleep.

The next morning, he woke up, hearing his cell phone alarm going off. He sat up feeling well rested and not tired. It felt amazing. He got up had something to eat, changed and left for work. Walking into the tavern he clocked in and stepped behind the bar.

Madison walked up with her tray and placed in on the bar.

“Hey, you’re looking a lot better.” She said

“Yeah. I just needed a good night’s sleep.” He replied

They noticed two women walk in and take two seats at the bar. Both were blonde, late forties; wearing white sneakers, blue jeans, one purple and navy polo shirt. Rob stepped up to them, handing them menus and placing napkins in front of them.

“Good afternoon ladies. Would you like anything to drink?” He asked

“Good afternoon, young man. Two glasses of water, for now.” The purple shirt replied

“No problem. I’ll give you a few minutes with the menu.”

He filled two glasses with ice and poured water from a pitcher.

“At least this place is owned by a mortal.” The navy shirt whispered

“I know. That other bar looked like a zoo.” The purple added

He came back up as they put their menus down.

“What can I get for you ladies?” He asked

“We’ll both have chicken salad sandwiches with fries.” The purple shirt replied

“Alright; I’ll put that right in.”

He was putting in their order, while they whispered to each other. Madison came up with an order and leaned close to him.

“Who are those two?” She asked

“I’m not sure.” He replied

By the time they finished, they left him a nice tip and a flyer beneath it.

Damn; do I have the word heathen written on my forehead.” He thought to himself

He felt like he was a magnet for people representing a particular church. They always left a postcard and flyer. Seemed it followed him from the city.

After work, he stopped at the ‘Circle Lounge’ seeing a woman getting out of a large black s.u.v. He pulled into the parking lot. Watching her walk in, her dark auburn hair was tied in two pigtails. Getting out of his car, he walked inside.

“Welcome back Rob.” Jade said


He noticed the woman walking out, wearing a pair of ‘Mary Janes’ with skull buckles. Her black pencil skirt stopped at her knees, while she wore a black t-shirt with skulls that said ‘Hugs and Kisses’.

She looked up and smiled.

“Hey did you?” She paused

“I did take care of the orders by the couches.” Jade replied

“Oh, I’m Jade H by the way.”

She held out her hand, he took it and shook it.

“Rob, it’s nice to meet you. You’re…”

“I’m a vampire.”

She smiled and he noticed her fangs. He felt everything around him disappearing like dust, he shut his eyes. They opened to see her holding his hand and they knocked on a door and walked inside.

“Rob… are you alright?” Jade asked

Snapping back to reality, both the ‘Jades’ were staring at him concerned.

“Sorry, I got lost in thought.” He said

“No worries.” They replied together

“Okay, that was creepy.”

“You’ll get used to it.” Dannie giggled

“Since you serve the supernatural communities, have you seen this?” He asked

He had held onto the flyer the two older women had left him, along with his tip.

“Oh damn. Two women were here the other night.” Jade H sighed

“They’re not wasting anytime.” Dannie added

“Two women from this church came to the tavern I work at. They seem to prefer eating at mortal owned restaurants.” Rob continued

“I think we need a spy.” Jade Jacobs suggested

“Paige…” They called together

A young girl appeared with a boy taller than her. She had green highlights in her brown hair with one silver strand. The boy had short black hair spiked up and blue eyes.

“What’s up mom?” Paige asked

“I’m sorry were you and Wes busy?” Jade Jacobs asked

“No. Wes just got to the house when you called.”

“Good. Pretty girl we need your help.” Jade H continued


“We need you two, to go to this church meeting.” Her mother continued

“Just observe... “ Jade Hanson paused

“Let us see and hear everything.”

Rob handed Paige the flyer and she read it.

“Religious fanatics?” Wes asked

“Yeah, we have…”

“A bad feeling about this.”

“I understand. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m Paige, Jade’s daughter. And this is my boyfriend Wes.” Paige replied

“She’s my daughter.” Jade Jacobs chimed in

“It’s nice to meet you both. I’m Rob.”

“Anyway let’s go see what this is all about.” Paige said

They flashed and everyone went back to work. Rob turned to Jade Hanson who was using her powers to mix a drink.

“Have you ever met a supernatural?” She asked

“I probably have, but don’t remember. I was in a car accident and coma, so things are kinda blurry.”

“I’m sorry. But you survived.”

“Yeah. I just wish that I remembered more.”

“Well let me give you a crash course in the supernatural community. Fairies, demons, vampires, witches and wizards, wereanimals, all exist. When Jade and I first opened the lounge, it brought a lot of them out of hiding. We didn’t judge and became the first state to make ourselves known. There are elemental fairies and demons. Wes, Paige’s boyfriend is a wind demon.”

“Damn. This is so cool.”

“We don’t use our powers for personal gain. Most of the time we help others.”

“What about you?”

“I was born with my telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Eleven years ago, I let my then boyfriend turn me. Vampire’s blood boosts my powers, makes it easier to snap the neck of my meals. No fingerprints.”

“Damn... “

Mom, Aunt Jade…” Paige’s voice whispered


My sister came up next to me and we joined hands, closing our eyes. We saw green carpet running throughout the small room. The walls were painted white, with light wooden benches and crosses hanging on the walls. There was a small group of people cheering as a woman with a navy polo shirt was standing in front of them.

She’s been saying supernatural beings need to be sent back to the Otherworld realm. Others are calling to boycott businesses owned by supernatural beings.” Paige whispered

I doubt…” I paused

She’ll get far.” My sister finished my sentence

Mom she’s done research. Wes sensed a supernatural nearby. But their powers were weak.

Damn it…” We said together

Get up slowly…” I said

Leave quietly and come back.” My sister finished my sentence

We saw them leave, but then the door opened again and a girl, Paige’s age came out. She had brown hair and wore a short sleeved blue dress with silver sandals.

“Hey, leaving so soon?” She asked

Damn it…” My sister sighed

Wait... “ I whispered

Yeah we have classes tomorrow.” Paige replied

I understand, summer classes can be a bitch. I hope to see you guys around.” The girl said

Yeah. Anyway we’d better go. Bye.”

They came back and I stared at them confused.

“Classes tomorrow?” I asked

“It worked didn’t it?” Paige replied

“Thanks for your help.”

“You’re welcome.”

Later on in the night, Rob stayed until last call. It reminded me of when Talon and I first met. Jade had closed out the register, plus Marcus and Vincent cleaned up the kitchen and left.

“Don’t you have to work tomorrow?” I asked

“I don’t have to be in until four.” He replied

Alyssa. Dannie, and Jade walked towards the door.

“Good night ladies.” I said

“Good night.” they said together

They left and the door locked. A mop and bucket on wheels came out from the kitchen and the mop began cleaning the floor behind the bar. We sat down at the first section of couches, just like old times.

“So how are you adjusting to living here, compared to the city that doesn’t sleep?” I asked

“It’s a quieter. But it’s a cool town.” He replied; “Who turned you?”

“My first husband.”

“What happened to your husband?”

“My first husband turned me before we got married. After he died, I met my now ex-husband and finalized the divorce. We were growing apart and he got a promotion on the police force. I couldn’t leave, I have a successful business and my friends. So, he moved out.”

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out”

“Thank you. It’s just been tough adjusting to a quiet house again.”

He smiled and noticed the mop was cleaning by the tables and couches.

“You seem to be good at multitasking.”

I giggled, “Yeah it’s a gift. Anyway, it’s late and I need to go catch a meal. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Alright. And sure.”

We walked out and I waved as I walked over to my car. He watched as I got into my car, I started my car and began driving. Pulling into my driveway, I parked and got out. I ran towards Harper’s Lake and found a man attacking a woman.

He was dressed in all black, she was in her early twenties. Using my powers I pulled him off her, she fell to the ground.

“Bitch let me go!” He growled

“So desperate for companionship. It’s pathetic.” I growled

I rolled up his mask exposing his neck. Sinking my fangs into his flesh, I felt the blood flow over my tongue. He struggled but stopped as I dropped his body to the ground. His neck snapped and I turned to see the woman. She wore red flip flops, jean shorts and black tank top. Her green eyes filled with tears and she hugged me.

“Thank you for saving me.” She whispered

“You’re welcome. But did he?” I replied

“No. I’m just a little bruised up.”

“Good. But I’d get to the hospital to get checked out.”

I blurred before she said anything else, she got into her car and drove off. Thankfully it was dark, she couldn’t tell what I looked like. His blood made me feel warm as I came back to my house and walked inside.

My cell phone rang, I reached out from beneath my blankets and disconnected it from its charger. I knew it was my sister.

“Hey what’s up?” I asked

“Flyers are plastered all over our windows.” She replied

“Damn it. Did Ryan?”

“He spelled the windows on the outside.”

“Good. Let me know if anything else happens.”

After hanging up, Amber appeared floating above my bed.

“Hi vamp lady!” She said

“Hi my little night terror. You’re early.”

“I know. Got chased out of coffee shop.”

“What? What happened?”

“Stopped… wanted hot chocolate and refused to serve. Knew I was demon…”

“Did you tell Ash?”

“He and Trina brought Little Titan to doctor’s appointment. Didn’t want to….”

I took her into my arms. I felt her body shaking and her tears began staining the shoulder of my nightshirt.

“Ash.” I called

He appeared holding Christian.

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“Those religious fanatics drove Amber out of the coffee shop.” I replied; “She didn’t want to pop in on Christian’s appointment.”

Amber flashed out of my arms and over to Ash and Christian.

“This is getting serious. Somehow they know who’s a supernatural and mortal.” I commented

“Amber, don’t worry about interrupting. This was serious. You know Trina and I would understand.” Ash added

“I’m sorry…” She whispered

“So how is the Little Titan?” I asked

Ash walked up and placed him in my arms. I looked down, he was sleeping, sucking on a blue pacifier. His head was lightly covered with black hair.

“Hello sweet little boy.” I whispered

“We got lucky. He’s been really good, sleeping through the night.”

“What are we going to do about this?”

“Let me bring Christian home and we’ll talk about it at sunset.” He replied

“I’ll be back vamp lady.”



She picked up the flyers from the copy shop and walked into the church. Her mother’s sister Willow came out from the office.

“Hi Jackie, thank you for picking up the extra flyers.” Willow said

“Hi Aunt Willow. It was no problem.” She replied

Jackie smiled and it only got bigger.

“Did something happen today? You seem to be in a good mood.”

“I was on my lunch break at the coffee shop. A girl was ahead of me in line. I saw that she was a fire demon and they chased her out of the shop.”

“You did the right thing. I heard Amy and a few other girls started working there.”

“They’re the ones who chased her out.”

“You just happen to spot her, good job. Anyway, I need to get going. I’ll see you later.”

Jackie walked out of the church. She began walking towards her teal blue Volkswagen bug. Getting into the driver’s seat, she put the key into the ignition. Before putting the car in reverse, her cell phone rang. She reached into her purse, put her Bluetooth piece into her ear and placed her phone on its dashboard mount.

“Hi mom. Hang on I’m going to start driving.” She said

“Sure honey.” her mother replied

She turned the Bluetooth on and waited for it to pair with her phone. Once it paired, she put the car into reverse and began driving.

“Hi mom, what’s up?” She asked

“Willow called me and told me what happened this afternoon. I’m so proud of you.”

“Word travels fast.”

“Your Aunt was just as proud.”

Jackie sighed, “Anyway I’m heading home.”

“Alright; It’s going to be a late night. I just hope we get done soon.”

“Okay. I’ll probably order something in.”

“The menus for the mortal restaurants are in the drawer by the fridge.”

“I know. Thanks mom, I’ll see you later.”

“Bye sweetie.”

She hung up as she pulled into their apartment complex. Three story red brick buildings made up the entire complex. She parked in her numbered spot and climbed the white stairs to the third level. Putting her key into ‘3B’ she unlocked the door and walked inside. There was a small kitchen on the left, white appliances, light wooden flooring that ran throughout.

The wooden cabinets were painted white, which complemented the brown granite countertops and maple furniture.

Her mother lived in the church. She had remodeled one of the offices into a bedroom. Jackie chose to move into the apartment. She had saved up and it felt good living on her own. The few times her mother came over, she brought take out menus from mortal owned restaurants. Her mother was very protective.

When she was younger, she discovered her powers of sight. She did her research and taught herself how to control her powers. Her mother thought God had gifted her to find supernatural beings.

She had been raised in the church, being taught that supernatural beings were evil creatures. Using their powers for personal gain and destroying the towns they live in. It made her so angry. She was glad that the fire demon had gotten run out.

Going into the kitchen she opened the drawer where the takeout menus were. Picking up a local Italian restaurant menu, she dialed the number on her cellphone. It began ringing and someone picked up.

“Dominick’s will this be pick-up or delivery?” A man asked

“Delivery please; It’s for Beach Haven Apartments, building four, apartment 3B.”

“Got it. What can I get for you?”

“I’ll have an order of mozzarella sticks and chef salad with no ham please.”

“Ok. What kind of dressing would you like with the salad?”

“Creamy Italian on the side please.”

“No problem. That’s an order of mozzarella sticks, chef salad with no ham and Creamy Italian dressing on the side.”


“Will this cash or card?”


“Alright. We’ll be there in about forty-five minutes.”

“Thank you.”

She showered and changed into a pair of grey sweatpants and ‘Pink’ t-shirt. Her cell phone rang, and she picked up.

“Hello.” She said

“Hey Jackie. How are you?”

“Hi Tiffany. I’m good, how are you?”

“Good; I heard you spotted a nasty demon at the coffee shop. Good job girl.”

“Man, Amy didn’t waste any time.”

“Nope. That must have been awesome.”

“It was.”

She sat down on her dark green couch and turned on the television.

“How’s Marie?”

The front door unlocked, a girl her age walked in. Her short brown hair framed her face and blue eyes lit up seeing Jackie.

“She’s good and just walked in. Can I call you back?”

“Sure. Tell Marie I said ``hello.”

“Will do.”

She hung up and got up hugging Marie tightly. They kissed and sat down on the couch. Jackie came out to her mother, senior year of high school. Her mother accepted and was happy when she met Marie at a church function.

“Hi how was your day?” Marie asked

“Hi. It was alright, I got a fire demon chased out of the coffee shop.” Jackie replied

“Well, that must have been exciting.”

“Amy and the other girls deserve the credit, I just happened to be there at the right time.”

“Well the emergency room was busy. Allergic reactions and some minor injuries. Anyway, I’m going to shower and go to bed. What time are we meeting Becca and Jesse?”

“Six; you can sleep in tomorrow.”

Marie smiled she kissed the top of Jackie’s head and made her way into the bathroom. The doorbell rang and she grabbed her purse. She opened the door, seeing a boy about nineteen holding a brown paper bag inside a plastic bag.

“Hi. How are you tonight?” He asked

“Good. How are you?” Jackie replied

At first, he looked mortal. He was tall, short black hair, brown eyes, tan complexion. When she handed him the money, she paused seeing a gold tint in his eyes. Her heart started pounding.

“Are you alright miss?” He asked

“I’m fine. Here and the change is yours.” She replied

“Thank you. Have a good night.”

She closed the door behind her and locked it. Marie came out from the bathroom, wearing a blue bathrobe.

“Babe are you okay?” She asked

“Yeah. I thought a demon delivered my meal. But I was probably seeing things. I think Mrs. Mertz’s porch light bulb went out.”

“OK. Good night.”


Marie went into their bedroom, she put her food on the kitchen table. Taking out utensils, she sat down and took out her food. “You probably were seeing things.” She thought to herself. She began eating as ‘Jeopardy’ came on.

By eleven she was lying in bed, Marie was asleep. From what she saw, Dominick’s had mortals working for them. She decided not to think too much into it and went to bed.

The next day, she and Marie went into town to meet up with their friends Becca and her boyfriend Jesse. They stood by the fountain and waited. She saw Paige and Wes coming out of the gift shop. Her eyes widened seeing Wes’s horns and tail. She gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Marie asked; “Did you see something?”

She turned to face Marie and smiled.

“Do you see that couple behind me?” She whispered

Marie nodded.

“Those two were at the first church meeting. I thought they were mortal, but it was dark. Now I see the guy is a wind demon.”

“How could a mortal date a demon?”

“I don’t know. He must have her under a spell, hiding his true form.”

“That poor girl.”

“Marie! Jackie!” A woman’s voice called

They saw their friends walking up to them. Soon they made their way over to a Chinese restaurant.


“Paige are you okay?” Wes asked

She snapped back to reality and looked up at him. They were standing by his new black ‘Honda Civic’. He started working at Ryan’s office, in the mailroom. It felt like a major accomplishment to not have to borrow one of Alex and Max’s cars.

“Yeah I’m fine. I saw the girl from the church meeting we spied on.” She replied

“Did you hear any of her thoughts?”

“No. But I have a bad feeling. We’ll just have to be careful.”

“If they attack first…” He paused

“Relax, just stun them, so we can get away.”

He put his arm around her, and she hugged him tightly.

“Let’s go.”

They were meeting friends in the park. The town had started ‘Movies In The Park’ over the summer. With the season winding down and school was starting next week. Senior year. It was going to be great or terrible, if the church stuck around.

Tonight, they were showing ‘Secret Life of Pets’. They met Tom, Crystal, Julie and Zoey who were sitting on wooden benches.

“Hey guys.” Paige called

“Hi.” Julie said

“Where’s Jake and Emily?” Wes asked

“Emily is packing for school. She and Jake wanted to spend the rest of the week alone.” Julie replied

“How’s your mom and Aunt holding up?” Tom asked

“They’re ok. My dad had to spell the windows, to keep them from putting flyers up. It’s crazy.” Paige replied

“Damn. You guys know I’ll stand by no matter what.”

“Thanks Tom.”

There was a blow-up screen in front of them and the movie started. Wes put his arm around Paige. She leaned her head on his shoulder. Halfway through the movie, she sat up and began looking around. Someone was close by, members of the church. “Oh hell.” She thought.

“By the power of three times three, let their eyes see mortals.” She whispered

She watched a green mist cover them and disappear once it touched their skin. The rest of the movie, a sense of calmness came over her. She didn’t hear any thoughts and no one watching them. By the end of the movie, they got up and stretched.

“That was cute.” Julie commented

“It was. Anyone want to get coffee at the diner?” Zoey asked

“Sure.” Paige paused; “Guys get out of here. Someone is coming.”

Tom took Crystal’s hand and they all flashed. Paige and Wes turned to see Jackie and a few other people.


“Trying to blend in? Wind demon?” Jackie asked

“You should go back to the Otherworld realm, where you belong.” Marie added

“Leave him alone!” Paige shouted

“Oh, poor girl. Come with us and we can get you help.” Becca continued

“I’m not going anywhere with you.” Paige replied

“We can break his spell over you.” Jackie suggested

“What the hell are they talking about?” Wes asked

“How dare you take away this girl’s free will.” Jesse growled

“Are you high? I’m not under any spell.” Paige replied

Jackie looked at Paige and then her eyes widened.

“She’s a witch!” She screamed

Marie tackled Paige to the ground, Jesse went to punch Wes, but he blocked it and kneed him in the gut. He fell to the ground gasping for air, Paige’s eyes widened, and Marie rose into the air.

“Bitch! Put me down!” Marie screamed

Paige sent her to stand next to Jackie. She conjured a green energy ball and threw it up into the air. They all fell to the ground covering their heads, Paige took Wes’s hand and flashed. Jackie looked up and saw rose petals falling all around them.

She picked one up and her sight let her see Paige’s memories. The battle with Aphrodite, defeating her. They repaired the town after Vanessa and her tried to capture mortal men. She saw her and Wes, happy, in love, mated for life by the silver streak in hair.

“Jackie are you okay?” Marie asked

She took Marie’s hand and stood up. The petals vanished, they brushed themselves off. “Was that trick? No, it was the truth. Everything her mother said was a lie. These people have families.” She was staring up at the sky, when Jackie put her arm around her.

“Oh god she’s in shock.” Marie said

“I’m fine. I need to go home.” Jackie replied

“C’mon. Are you guys okay?” Marie asked

“I’ll live. That demon packs a punch.” Jesse whispered

They began walking, Jackie handed Marie her car keys. Both got into the car and Jackie looked over at Maire.

“Marie can we talk?” She asked

“What’s up?” Marie replied

“I saw something when I picked up one of the petals. It was beautiful. The supernatural community isn’t so different than us. They have families and have repaired the town after numerous attacks.”

“It was probably one of her many magic tricks.” Marie replied

“No, it was real. Hold out your hand, I’ll show you.”

Marie sighed and took Jackie’s hand. Both closed their eyes and Jackie let Marie see what she saw. After a few seconds Marie opened her eyes, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“How did you learn to do that?” She asked

“I researched.”

“God Jackie you’re just like them! Using your powers to manipulate! How could you betray the church and most of all me?”

“Marie calm down. It’s the truth!”

“I need some time to think. I’m going to stay with my parents.”

She handed Jackie her car keys and got out of the car. Jackie got out and got into the driver’s seat. Marie walked away with her cell phone out. Jackie started the car and began driving home.

Walking in, she took her cell phone out of her bag, seeing a missed call from her mother. She dialed and it began ringing.

“Hi sweetie. How was the movie?” Her mother asked

“Hi mom. It was great.” Jackie replied

“Somethings wrong, talk to me.”

“I saw a witch and a wind demon at the movie. At first, we confronted them, offering to help break his hold on her. They got away, but the witch cast some sort of spell and I saw the truth. Supernatural beings aren’t bad people. They’re just like us, trying to make a living and raise families.”

“The witch manipulated you. Using her magic to make you see what she wanted you to see.”

“No mom I saw the truth. And I tried to show Marie, but we got into an argument. She’s staying with her parents. I don’t know what to do.”

She began crying as she sat down on the couch.

“I thought you were stronger than this. I told you, don’t let your guard down. Magic can make you its victim in a heartbeat.”

“Could I speak to my mom? The one who supported me when I came out. I don’t want to speak the pastor of the church.”

“What has that witch done to you?”

Jackie hung up and went to bed.

The next morning her doorbell rang. She got out of bed and opened the door to see her mother standing in the doorway.

“How could you betray the church?” She asked

“Good morning mom, please come in.” Jackie replied

“Ellen called me last night, told me you shared that witch’s magic to Marie. God blessed you with these powers to help rid this world of supernatural beings.”

“What the witch showed me was the truth. Maybe God blessed me with these powers to make my own decisions and opinions. You’ve lied to me.”

“No Jackie. I have been honest with you about everything. Those beings need to return to the Otherworld realm.”

“Get out mom. Now!”

She left without saying a word. Jackie locked the door behind her and got ready for work. On the drive in, she tried calling Marie. But her calls went straight to voicemail. As she pulled into the parking lot, her phone pinged. She looked at it, seeing a text message from Marie.

Jackie, please leave me alone. I need time to think about things.

Suddenly she felt alone. She took a few deep breaths and went into the coffee shop. Putting on her apron she noticed her manager Dawn had given a woman an order of four coffees and scones.

“Hey Jackie. Everything okay?” Dawn asked

“Yeah I’m fine.” She replied

“Well if you want to talk.”

She started cleaning the tables, when she saw Becca and Jesse walk in.

“Hey Jackie, what’s wrong?” Becca asked

“Hi Becca, Jesse. Marie and I got into an argument last night.” She replied

“I’m sure you two will work things out.” Jesse said

“Thanks. What can I get for you?”

“Two venti iced coffees, regular milk and three sugars each.” Becca replied

“No problem.”

She began preparing when she noticed Becca talking a call on her cell phone. Once everything was mixed, she placed them on the counter. Jesse paid her and she gave him change.

“Are you coming to the church later? Your mom called, wants to have a special meeting tonight.” Becca asked

“No. I’m also not speaking to my mom right now. I need some time to think about things.” Jackie replied

“Wow. If you need anything, just give us a call.” Jesse said

“Thanks guys.”

“See you later.”


The dreams had stopped, but when he was around his new friends; it felt like he knew them. His memories were kind of fuzzy and he would still hear someone calling “Talon”. He was cleaning behind the bar when he saw a young woman walk in. She was wearing all black, he noticed her green apron in her bag. Her brown hair was tied into a ponytail, she looked upset. She sat down at the bar, he walked up and placed a napkin in front of her.

“Hi. Rough day?” He asked

“Hey, more like the day from hell.” She replied

“What can I get for you?”

“A Captain and coke, with a hamburger and fries.”

“Can I see some ID? How would you like it cooked?”

She reached into her bag and opened her wallet. Showing him her driver’s license, he nodded.

“Medium rare; thanks.”

“No problem.”

He noticed her looking at him, she looked confused, but then a smile formed on her face. Shaking it off he put her order in and began preparing her drink.

“So, what happened today?” He asked

“I got into an argument with my mom this morning. It’s rare we fight, but today I told her to leave. We usually try to work things out. But she’s been so wrapped up in her work, I didn’t have the energy to try.”

“My mom and I tried not to end the day on a sour note. If we did, we’d talk in the morning. Try talking to her again, I think she’d appreciate the effort.”

He placed her drink in front of her. She began drinking.

“I’m Jackie.” She said

“Rob.” He replied

They shook hands and she took her hair down.

“I tried talking, calling, texting, she won’t answer me. I sometimes feel she uses me just for my powers.”

“Well at least you’re... wait powers?”

“It’s call sight. I can tell if someone is a demon, witch, wereanimal, and shapeshifter. And sometimes I can see spirits.”

“So, your mom has been asking you to use your powers here?”

She nodded, “I’ve identified some of the business owners. Though the Circle Lounge, I didn’t need powers to know a vampire owns it. Though her partner, is a mortal, but there’s something there. I can’t tell.”

He brought her food and she began eating.

“Is this the alcohol talking?”

“No, I just needed to vent. Thank you for listening.”

“It’s no problem.”

After eating, she paid and left. Rob couldn’t believe she had told him, she had powers. That night he went to the lounge, he saw Jade H, behind the bar talking to Dannie.

“Rob, what’s up?” Jade asked

“The religious fanatics have a supernatural working for them.” He replied

“Who is the one that has sight?”

“It’s me.”


She and Wes noticed Jackie coming out of the Tavern. Wes tried to pull her back, but she walked up to Jackie. She was on her cell phone, yelling into it. After hanging up she began pacing back and forth.

“Hi Jackie. I’m Paige.” She said

Their eyes met and Jackie took a step back.

“Please don’t hurt me.” She whispered

“Relax. I know you saw something when you touched the rose petals.” Paige continued

“Was it all true?”

“It was. We don’t use our powers for personal gain.”

“It’s a lot to take in. But we’re not out to hurt anyone, unless attacked.” Wes added

“This is my boyfriend Wes.” Paige said

Jackie held out her hand and Wes shook it.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I’ve been a real bitch.”

“Bitch or not, we’re not so different.”

“I’m so sorry.”

She started crying and Paige hugged her tightly.

“Come on, I want to introduce you to my extended family.” Paige said


They all turned to see Jackie with Wes and Paige.

“Jackie what are you doing here?” Rob asked

“I ran into Paige and Wes. I got a hold of my mom and told her I wasn’t going to use my powers for her. She wasn’t too happy to hear that. I know she thinks you’ve destroyed the town, while trying to defend it.” Jackie replied

“We helped repair the damage.” Dannie interrupted

“Though most newspapers didn’t see the repairs.” The ‘Jades’ said together

“I’d like to help, if I can.” Jackie continued

Later, that night, the doors locked, he waited for Jade by the couches. They had spent almost every night, sitting and talking. He had a feeling; she enjoyed his company. She was smart, funny, and beautiful.

“Did Jackie go home?” Rob asked

“No, she’s staying with Dannie and Aiden. We had a feeling her mother would be looking for her. She’s scared.”

“Are you scared?”

“Terrified. Jade and I worked hard to bring the supernatural and mortal communities together. And now these fanatics are scaring people into thinking we’re evil.”

He got up and sat next to her, he put his arm around her. Their eyes met, she smiled. Gradually they leaned in and their lips touched. She leaned back and stood up.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go.” He said

“No, please stay.”

She walked up to him and pressed her lips against his. His hands pulled her close to him, “Talon…” the voice whispered. He stepped back rubbing his head.

“Are you okay?” She asked

“I’d better go.” He replied

He left and she watched him drive off. There was a strong pounding in his head after hearing someone call for Talon. He wanted to ask her who Talon was, but he felt that would open old wounds.


The attacks only got worse. We remained open; our regular customers still supported us. Paige spelled the building. Friday night, business was unusually slow, and it was quiet. Rob was sitting at the bar, Paige and Wes ran in.

“What’s wrong?” Jade and I asked

“They’ve become an angry mob. They have spelled weapons to use against us.” Paige replied

“Someone opened a door to the Otherworld realm. They’ve scared some people to leave.” Wes added

“We have to stop them.”

The lounge was quiet.

“Not so fast ladies.” A voice said

We turned to see the woman wearing the navy polo shirt.

“Erin… it’s finally nice to name to the face.” I commented

She had a gun aimed at us. I sensed Victor and Marcus were alright, someone tied them up in the kitchen.

“I suggest you all come with me. Unless you want to die here.” Erin continued

“We’ll go.” I replied

We followed her out the front door and got into a white van. I sensed Rob was nearby, along with Jackie.

Jackie can you hear me?” I whispered; “If you can, call Ash and tell him what happened.

The van pulled away and we all sat in silence.

Do you think she…” Jade paused

Heard me? I think she did.” I finished her sentence

Mom, Aunt Jade what’s going to happen?” Paige asked

Not sure.” We replied together

The van came to a stop and the door slid open. We stepped out into town, there was a large crowd of her followers. We saw her partner, named Willow. My eyes widened to see a long line of supernatural beings standing in front of a door to the Otherworld realm. It opened and people began walking through.

The followers cheered and applauded, but then Erin stood in front of us.

“You all have been very difficult to catch.” She commented

“Probably made the hunt more challenging.” Paige muttered

“Well your luck has run out. Take the vampire and put her in shackles.” Erin commanded

Two men brought me two my feet, suddenly I felt a burning sensation on my wrists and legs.

“Stop it you’re going to kill her!” Jade shouted

Ash…” I whispered

“Jade!” A voice shouted

We looked up to see Rob, Dannie, Vicky, Aiden with Ash. Trina appeared with Amber and Trent.

“Let them go.” Ash said

“A mortal, how could you side with these creatures?” Erin asked

“They’re not our enemies’ mother.”

Erin’s eyes widened to see Jackie stepping in front of Ash.


“Let them go.” Jackie said

“Everyone grab your weapons and attack!”

Jade and Paige’s eyes widened disarming the crowd. All their weapons landed at our friend’s feet. Rob came over to me.

“Rob…” I whispered

“Hold still.” He replied

Someone came up behind him and punched him, knocking him out.

“Rob!” I screamed

Ash waved his hand causing the door to the Otherworld realm to close. It disappeared as Amber appeared next to me, she melted my chains and I ran over to Rob.

“Rob… come on…” I whispered

“See mom? She’s a vampire, but still cares about mortals.” Jackie said

“The newspaper articles, didn’t show any repairs we made to the town.” Trina added

“It’s all lies!” Erin cried; “Attack them!”

Vicky stepped up holding a white rose. It began to glow, and petals began falling from the sky.

“Lift the veil from their eyes… let them see through new eyes.” She chanted

People gasped and then looked at us. Gradually they began walking away.

“We’re so sorry.” Someone said

“Where are you going?” Erin asked; “Don’t let their magic fool you!”

Vicky conjured a daisy and looked at Jackie.

“She could start over and so could you. You could live a normal life.” Vicky said

“I would like to keep my powers. But maybe she’d be better off.” Jackie replied

Before Vicky could cast her spell, Willow and Erin ran. I sighed in relief, but then gasped seeing Rob coming around. Slowly his eyes opened, and I looked down at him.

“Rob… can you hear me?” I asked

“Who did you call me?” He replied

“It’s going to be okay Rob.”

“Jade why do you keep calling me Rob darlin?”

I stopped myself and noticed his eye color changed.

“Talon?” I whispered

He sat up and took me into his arms.

“I’m so glad you’re back.” I whispered

He leaned back, I helped him to his feet, we began walking.


Walking into her house, it hadn’t changed. He reached up and felt his neck, no bite marks. They sat down in the living room.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” She asked

“The Fates led me to Hades, who was at a hospital. I noticed he had taken the soul of a guy who was in a car accident. Seems Aphrodite’s magic kept my spirit around. Hades told me that if I entered the guy’s body, I’d have amnesia.”

“Hades and Persephone came to see me. They explained why everyone was seeing you walking around town. It was kind of weird introducing ourselves to you again.”

“That must have been awkward.”

She giggled, “You have no idea. But what I don’t understand is that you’re mortal.”

“New body…”

“I guess I’ll have to fix that.”

She straddled him, he put his hands on her hips. Slowly she leaned down, her fangs grew and pierced his neck. His hands messaged her back as she drank his blood. She stopped and cut her wrist with her nail. Holding it up to him, his mouth gradually opened and covered the wound.

She hissed in pleasure as he drank. Pulling her arm away she got up and watched his skin turn pale. He groaned as sharp pains ran throughout his body. His body went limp, his hair turned darker and he sat up.

“Welcome back my love.” She whispered

He blurred and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. Suddenly they were in her bedroom. Clothes started flying into her hamper as they fell onto her bed.

Their lips met, while his hand messaged her right breast. His lips left hers, placing kisses on her neck and traveling down her stomach.

A moan escaped her mouth, as he found the sacred spot. She arched her back and pulled on his hair. He growled as he entered her. She pulled him down to her, their lips met again as he began to move.

They climaxed together and she felt something running down her cheek. It was a mortal tear.

“You told me it only happens once.” She said

“This is a special occasion.” He replied

She pulled him close to her, wrapping her legs around his waist.

The next night, they walked into the tavern where “Rob” worked.

“They’re not going to believe this.” Jade whispered

“If they believed religious fanatics, wanted to run supernatural beings out of town. This will be easy.” He replied

Madison walked up to them she looked at him with a confused expression.

“Hey, Rob.” She said

“Hi. Is Ray here?” Talon replied

“It’s a long story.” Jade added

“Yeah he’s in his office.” Madison replied

“Maybe we should talk in private.” Talon suggested

“This way.” Madison said

She knocked on his door, “Come in.” Ray called.

“Rob, I wasn’t expecting you to come back.” He said

“My name is Talon, and this is my wife Jade.” Talon replied

“Hello.” Jade said; “You might want to sit down for this.”

The room was small, gray carpet ran throughout; walls were painted white. A light wooden desk sat near the door with a black leather couch leaning against the wall, across from the door. Talon and Jade sat down on the couch. Madison remained standing and Ray sat down on his black computer chair.

They explained how their story, Madison and Ray looked at them in shock.

“We know it sounds crazy. But the Fates definitely hate to admit they were wrong.” Jade replied

“I’m glad things worked out. I’d better get back to work.” Madison said

She walked out and Ray stood up.

“It’s nice to meet you, Talon. We’re sorry to see you go.”

“Thank you for understanding.” Talon said

They walked out of Ray’s office; Jade noticed Madison standing behind the bar. She walked up to her and whispered something to her. As they left, he looked over at her.

“What did you say to her?” He asked

“That I knew she had a crush on you. I told her that the Fates work in mysterious ways. And she’d be okay.” She replied

“Long as you didn’t threaten her.”

“Very funny. C’mon, I got a surprise for you.”


We blurred to my house, Claudette was standing on my porch, along with Ash and my sister. Trina was standing holding Christian with Ryan beside them.

“What’s going on?” He asked

“You’ll see.”

We walked up to Claudette, who looked very confused.

“Talon?” She asked

“Hello Claudette.” Talon replied

“Is it really you?”

“Claudette you’re one hundred and eighty-nine years old.”

She smirked, “It is you. Jade I brought the box, as you requested.”

“Thank you.” I said

I handed the box to Ash; he snapped his fingers changing mine and Talon’s clothes. He changed into black shoes, matching jeans and buttoned shirt. I was wearing my ‘Mary Janes’ and short sleeved black dress with safety pins on the pleated skirt.

He smiled; I knew that he recognized the clothes. It was what we wore when we first got married. Claudette smiled and unfolded a piece of paper.

“Good evening everyone. We’re gathered here to rejoin Talon and Jade in holy matrimony. Their love story is one of the more interesting ones, I’ve heard. Somehow, they found each other again. Talon, do you take Jade to be lawful wedded wife? To honor and cherish for all eternity?”

“I do.” Talon replied

“And Jade do you take Talon to be your lawful wedded husband? To honor and cherish for all eternity?”

“I do.”

“The rings please.”

Ash opened the box and took out our wedding bands. Claudette handed Talon’s to me and mine to him. We both placed them on our fingers and smiled.

“With this ring, I thee wed again.” We said together

“Then by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife again. You may kiss your bride.”

He took me into his arms and our lips met again. Everyone else applauded as we turned to face our friends.

“I’m proud to announce Mr. and Mrs. Maxon!” Claudette said

Ryan walked up to us with my sister beside him. He handed Talon an envelope.

“Congratulations. This is for you.” Ryan said

“Thank you, but what is it?” Talon asked

“Your wife asked me to file some paperwork.”

He opened the envelope, taking out his driver’s license, birth certificate, and other documents. They all read “Rob Talon Maxon”.

“Thank you. Both of you.” He said

He hugged Ryan and then me. Claudette came up to us.

“Congratulations again.” She said

“Thank you.” I replied

She blurred, my front door opened, and I led him inside. We walked out into my backyard, seeing our friends who were applauding. Vicky had her DJ equipment set up and a slow song came on. We walked onto the lawn and began dancing.

I pulled him close to me. He laughed.

“Darlin I’m not going anywhere.” He whispered

“I know.” I replied

There were a few round tables covered with black tablecloths and black folding chairs. The song ended and we sat down as my sister stood up along with Ash.

“Can everyone hear me?” Jade asked

Everyone nodded and she smiled unfolding a piece of paper.

“Jade and I have been sisters since the day we met in college. We opened the Circle Lounge together, serving both mortal and supernatural communities. I still remember the night when Ash brought Talon to the lounge, I had a feeling they’d fall in love.

They would spend late nights after the lounge closed, sitting and talking. Love found them and after being away from each other, it brought them together again. I want to raise a toast to my sister and Talon; may your eternity be filled with happiness and love.”

Glasses clinked together and we stood up to hug her. Ash cleared his throat and waited for everyone to get quiet.

“I’ve known the bride and groom for about the same amount of time. Before getting together, I knew their paths would cross and grow into something special. Claudette did put it best; their love story is definitely one for the books. Even in death, Talon was too stubborn to leave and came back. Let’s raise our glasses to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Maxon.”

Glasses clinked again and people applauded. We got up and hugged Ash. Talon looked over at me and kissed my lips gently.

“Thank you…” He said

“You’re welcome.” I replied

Later that night, everything was cleaned up I was sitting outside with Dannie, Jade, and Vicky. Ash took Talon and the other men out for an after party.

“I’m not dreaming right?” I asked

“Nope.” Dannie replied

“He was definitely…” Jade paused

“Surprised.” I finished my sister’s sentence

“Welcome to married life.” Dannie giggled

“Just out of curiosity, what did Talon do for a job?” Vicky asked

“He owned his own used bookstore. I think he wants to reopen the shop again. It closed down after he died.” I replied; “He sold a lot of first editions. They weren’t easy to track down, but he found them.”

“Well I’ll be it’ll be great to get back to work.” Vicky said

I nodded. Before dawn, I sensed him in our bedroom. I sat up seeing him laying down beside me.

“Welcome home.” I whispered


The leaves had turned in various colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown. He stood outside ‘Book Island’. There was a small crowd of people lined up outside behind a red ribbon.

“Welcome to the reopening of Book Island. Thank you all for being here.” Talon said

Everyone applauded as he cut the ribbon and people walked inside. Jade came up next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“I didn’t realize you had a following.” She commented

“There are still some collectors of rare books.” He replied

He put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. They walked inside; customers were looking around. Dark wooden bookshelves lined the walls and stood in the center of the store. A class case counter stood near the door with a cash register and credit card reader.

Wooden floors ran throughout complementing the cream-colored walls. A few people made purchases and orders. He had just finished an older woman’s purchase, when time stopped. Hades and Persephone rose up through the floor.

“Seems you got your memory back.” Hades commented

“I did. Who would have thought a punch to the jaw did the trick.” Talon replied

“Hades, Persephone, I had a feeling you two were here.” Jade said

She appeared beside her husband hugging him tightly.

“Do you answer to Talon or Rob?” Persephone asked

“Both. Talon’s my middle name.” He replied

“Smart. We wanted to congratulate you on the opening of the store.” Hades continued

“And on your marriage.” Persephone added

“Thank you.” Talon said

“We’ll let you get back to work.” Hades said

They sunk beneath the floor and time resumed. By closing, he locked up for the night.

A cool breeze picked up some leaves, brush at their shoes. As they walked down the street, both stopped seeing Jackie coming out from the coffee shop and walking up to a woman who was leaning against a silver ‘Honda Accord’.

“I’m surprised she remained in town.” Talon commented

“Hi Jade, Rob.” Jackie called

“Hi Jackie, how are you?” Jade asked

“I’m good. It was a rough couple of months, but least things have calmed down. Oh, this is my girlfriend Marie.” Jackie continued

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m so sorry for what happened.” Marie said

“Anyway, we’d better get going. Becca and Jesse are waiting for us.” Jackie interrupted

“Have a good night.” Jade said


She was surprised when Marie showed up at the apartment a month later.

“Hi.” Marie said

“Hi.” Jackie replied

“Can I come in?”

Jackie gestured for her to come inside and they sat down on the couch.

“How have you been?” Marie asked

“I’ve been alright. What are you doing here?

“I came to apologize. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. I was there when the flower fairy cast her spell and saw the truth. Afterwards, my parents along with other members decided to move. They tried to convince me that what I saw was a lie. So, I left and decided to stay. Jackie I’m so sorry. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They hugged and kissed, just as the doorbell rang. Both exchanged shrugs, Jackie got up and went to answer the door. Her eyes lit up to see Becca and Jesse.

“Hey what’s going on?” She asked

“Could we come in?” Becca replied

“C’mon in.”

“We left the church.” Becca said

“What!” Jackie and Marie said together

“After what happened last month, we saw things differently. And after thinking about it, we didn’t want to be involved with a church that causes harm.” Becca continued

“Yeah, to think we were so cruel to others.” Jesse added

“I’m happy for you two. I left too.” Marie chimed in

“Wow.” Becca said

They talked and decided to meet up later that night to celebrate. All eyes were on them when they walked into the ‘Circle Lounge’. The ‘Jades’ looked up seeing them sitting at a high-top table. Jade M grabbed menus and walked up to them.

“Welcome to the Circle Lounge, serving both the supernatural and mortal communities. My name is Jade, can I start you all with something to drink?” She asked

“Four Angry Orchards please.” Jackie replied

“Sixteen or twenty ounces?”


“No problem. I’ll also bring over waters as well.”


“Why do I feel like we’re on display in a zoo?” Becca asked

“Maybe we shouldn’t have come. Everyone stared at us when we walked in.” Jesse added

“Relax guys. We’ll be fine.” Jackie reassured them

Jade came back over with her tray. The glasses and bottles landed in front of them.

“Did you guys decided on something to eat?” Jade asked

“Let’s put an appetizer in.” Becca suggested

“What can I get for you?”

“Nachos with extra sour cream and no jalapenos.” Becca replied

“Alright. If you guys decide on an entry, give me or Jade, Dannie, Vicky or Alyssa a shout.”

“Ok.” Jackie replied; “Guys relax we’re fine.”

Her eyes widened, seeing the fire demon that was chased out of the coffee shop. She was with an ice demon, probably her boyfriend. They were sitting at the bar, when a werewolf couple appeared next to them.

She recognized the man; he was there when her mother was sending supernatural beings back to the Otherworld. “Did they come back?” She thought to herself.

“They did come back Jackie.” Jade replied

She placed the plate of large nachos in front, four plates landed in front of them.

“We feel terrible about what happened.” Becca said

“We’re just happy most of you saw the truth.” Jade replied; “Did you guys want to put in any entries?”

“Yeah” Becca said; “Could I have a crispy chicken sandwich?”


“I’ll have a hamburger with fries.” Jesse added

“How do you want the burger cooked?”

“Medium rare.”

“We’ll have chicken fingers and French fries.” Jackie said

“No problem. I’ll put that in now.”

She walked back over to the bar and they began eating. Jackie got up to use the bathroom. Pushing the door open, she saw the fire demon she chased out of the coffee shop. Amber was looking in the mirror tying her hair back.

“You… mortal with sight… chased me out of coffee shop.” She said

“I’m so sorry for causing that.” Jackie replied

“Little Telepath showed you truth… glad…”

Amber smiled and walked out, Jackie returned to the table as Jade brought their food.

“Jade…” Jackie paused

“Who is Little Telepath?” Jackie asked

“That’s Amber’s nickname for Jade’s daughter Paige.” She replied

“Oh cool.”

“She has a nickname for everyone she meets. Enjoy guys.”

By eleven, they paid and were getting ready to leave. She waved to Jade, and they left, just as Talon walked in with a werewolf behind him.


He took a seat at the bar and I served him a glass of Guinness, laced with blood.

“Thanks love. I saw Jackie and her friends leaving. How did it go?” He asked

“It was a little tense. But give it time. How was work?” I replied

“I have a few orders to fill and phone calls to make.”

“Sounds like a fun evening.”

He gave me a smirk and I winked. Jade came up beside me, as a bottle of red wine came out from the mini fridge. It opened and poured into a glass. A martini began shaking in the shaker.

You feel that?” She asked

I do. Not sure what it is.

Won’t know until it arrives.

By closing, Talon waited by my car while I locked up. Dylan appeared and I ran into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“Hi love. What are you doing here?” I asked

“Hi sweetie. I came to ask for help from you and Ash. I wanted to wait until it was safe, I have a family staying with me. They were in hiding while the religious fanatics were in town. Now that things have calmed down, they need a place to live.”

“Of course. Bring them by the lounge tomorrow, I’ll have Ash meet us there. How did you hold up?”

“It was rough, but I managed.”

“I’m glad.”

“Anyway, I’d better get home. Thanks again honey.”

He flashed I walked over to Talon. Hugging him tightly, the doors to my car unlocked and we got in. I couldn’t help but look over at him.

“What’s up?” He asked

“It’s still feels like a dream that you came back.” I replied

“Darlin’ I’m not going anywhere.”

“I know. I think I may need to hear it a few more times before it sinks in.”

He chuckled as we drove home.

The next night, Ash came into the lounge taking his usual seat next to Talon. Dylan walked in with a man, who looked about fifty. He had a teenage boy and girl with him. I picked up the faint smell of werewolves. They were all brunettes, blue eyes, tan complexion and semi muscular. The girl had a blue scarf wrapped around her head and I noticed, strands of brown hair sticking out.

“Hi Jade.” Dylan said

“Hi honey.” I replied

“This is Jackson, his daughter Hailey and son Kyle.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Jackson said

He extended his hand and I shook it.

“It’s nice to meet you all. This is Ash, he keeps the peace within the supernatural community. Please have a seat."


He walked in, seeing her and Ash talking with a small family. The young girl, spoke softly and smiled seeing him walk in.

Jade Jacob's walked over to him and hugged him.

"Are those Dylan's friends?" He asked

"They are." She paused; "They came from the Otherworld and ran into the teens, from the coffee shop. When they tried to defend themselves, they were shot at, with silver bullets.”

“Those bastards.”

After an hour they left, Jade and Ash were talking. He took a seat at the bar, next to Dylan.

“Jade explained to me what happened. You’re scent changed from the last time I saw you.” He commented

“It was definitely an adventure.” Talon replied

“Honey I’m just glad to see my girl happy again.”

He chuckled, as a glass of Guinness and glass of blush wine appeared in front of them.

“How can you drink beer? I thought vampires couldn’t have mortal food.”

“It’s laced with blood.”


Jade walked up to them with a smile on her face.

“Dylan, thank you for letting Jackson and his family stay with you. I gave him Kira’s name, hopefully they’ll be welcomed into the pack.” Jade commented

“It’s no problem. And I wasn’t going to start my own pack. After leaving home, I prefer to be alone.”

“It’s a long story my love.”

“One I don’t like to repeat.”

Later that night, they returned home. He sat outside as Ash appeared beside him.

“Hey. Trina give you the night off?” He asked

“Hi. And no, we wanted you to meet your godson.” Ash replied

He turned, revealing Christian sleeping in arms. Slowly he placed the newborn in Talon’s arms.

“Hello buddy. Will he see me or my new body?”

“He’ll see you. Don’t worry, I’ve told him stories about you at bedtime.”

He chuckled, “Here I thought you’d be telling stories about your wild times.”

“When he turns eighteen.”

Christian’s eyes opened; Talon saw gold swirling around his irises. They slowly closed and he fell back to sleep.

“He’s got your eyes.”

“Thanks. Anyway, I’d better get him home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Talon handed Christian back to Ash, they flashed, and he looked up at the clear night sky. This was a wild adventure. It finally came to end, remembering Jade, and his friends. Who would have thought, a punch to the jaw would cure amnesia? It worked.

He reopened his book shop and it made him happy to see his regular customers return. Business was becoming steady with new customers stopping in.

“You seem to be adjusting well.”

He looked up to see Claudette. Her hair was spiked up, she wore a three quartered sleeved blood red dress.

“You’re dressed up, what’s the occasion?” Talon asked

“I performed another wedding. It was requested, not to come in ceremonial robe.” She replied; “I also wanted to talk to your wife.”


She appeared beside him.

“Hi Claudette, what’s up?” Jade asked

“Hello Jade. Elections for the council are coming up and you have been nominated to be our representative. We feel you know most of the other communities. Being a local business owner. Do you accept?”

“Darlin’ that’s a great honor.”

“I accept.” Jade replied


“What about Talon?”

He smiled and shook his head.

“He served as a young fledgling. But he chose not to run again, it wasn’t for him.”

“Bloody politics…” He mumbled

“Come by my house next Saturday at eight and we’ll induct you into your new position. You don’t have to worry about missing work. We meet every other month.”


She blurred; Jade turned to Talon. They kissed.