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Meet the Blossoms 4

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Putting Things Into Proper Perspective …

Jacquelyn accompanies her mother to the various private training sessions along with Lily and Violet. Neither Lily nor Violet trusts that Valeri will be equitable toward Fern.

“I don’t understand why the two of you feel it necessary to attend these sessions I have with the weed. Isn’t Jacquelyn enough.” Valeri laments.

“Her name is Fern and she is definitely not a weed!” Violet corrects.

“This is further proof why, Valeri. Your actions toward Fern—well its highly volatile. Jacquelyn is your daughter and hardly in a position to censor you.” Lily admonishes.

“Sensor me? Why would that be necessary?” Valeri is on the defensive.

“I have had complaints from our non-flowering members that you show marked discrimination between them and the others.” Lily acknowledges.

“As president, I have the ability to make arbitrary decision when I deem it necessary.” Valeri adds smugly. Fern has already left so everyone is free to speak candidly in the discussion.

“And as founder, I have the same rights.” Lily reminds Valeri much to her chagrin.

“And just what are you saying?” Valeri inquires, a few of her petals falling.

“What Lily is saying is that she has the authority to temporarily remove you from office for medical reasons.” Violet adds while Jacquelyn observes the entire scenario.

“Jacquelyn, what do you think of this charade?” An indignant Valeri asks her daughter.

“Mother, as Madame Lily has stated, I am your daughter. I am here in an observing capacity and wish to remain as such.” Jacquelyn answers.

“Fantastic move on your part, Jacquelyn. It’s quite obvious where you get your tact and diplomacy.” Valeri begins to smile until Lily adds, “From your father!”

“Then what do you suggest should be done.” A haughty Valeri quizzes.

“May I Lily?” Violet asks.

By all means, Violet.” Lily responds.

“I suggest that Jacquelyn completes Fern’s training. It would have been more appropriate that Valeri do it, but I feel she is not at all well. Look at all the petals.” Violet points to the floor at the scattered disarray.

“Would you be willing to continue the training, Jacquelyn?” Lily looks at Jacquelyn and smiles.

“Yes, Madame Lily.”

“As for you, Valeri. I suggest you make an appointment with the horticulturist for evaluation. Here is his name and address.” Lily reaches to give the information to Valeri, but she snatches it from her.

“I caution you, Valeri. You are treading of dangerous soil.” Violet warns.

“I’m sorry. Forgive me Lily, Violet. I am just not quite myself.” Valeri lies, knowing that she has pushed past the boundaries of acceptance.

Lily turns toward Jacquelyn. “Please make sure your mother keeps her appointments and that you contact Fern regarding the finalizations of her training.”

“Yes Madame Lily.” Jacquelyn turns toward her mother, giving her a sympathetic look.

“As for the Elegant Rosebud Auxiliary Club, I feel that it’s Vice President, Rose Marie will be well-suited for the task.” Violet decides.

“Until what time?” Valeri has recovered from her bout with humility.

“Until such time as I deem you fit to return to your position.” A stern Lily responds, and a few more petals fall from Valeri.

Will Fern pass the test?

Will Fern pass the test?

The Initiation Inquisition …

Fern’s training is decisively completed, and it is time for her to go before the Founders’ Board for interrogation and subsequence acceptance. The Board consists of Lily, Violet and Hyacinth. As President and Vice President of the Elegant Rosebud Auxiliary Club Valeri and Rose Marie are present. Jacquelyn, being the coach/instructor completes the members present. Lily speaks—

“On this monumental occasion, I have the honor of making you the President of the New Chapter of the Elegant Rosebud Auxiliary Club.

“That is if she can complete the initiation.” Interjects Valeri and she receive a very unflattering look from both Lily and Violet. Hyacinth just watches as the drama unfolds.

“As I stated before, if she is able to complete our required interrogation. It is assumed that she has received the proper training. I am not trying to throw asperity on my daughter’s ability to train the weed—ugh Fern. I just wish to point out that being the President of the Elegant Rosebud Auxiliary Club, I should have been allowed to finish my assignment.” Valeri haughtily responds.

“You would have been. However, your obvious bias against the candidate made it necessary to replace you with another.” Violet relays spitefully.

“No need to get on the defensive.” Valeri is beginning to feel uncomfortable, especially when she observes the look on Jacquelyn’s face. “I was only saying—”

“It’s quite obvious what you meant, mother.” Jacquelyn retorts.

“Flowers, please! This is neither the time nor the place for such frivolity. We are here to conduct the Initiation Inquisition. I will not allow any flora to disrupt it. Is that clear, Valeri?” Lily queries.

“Yes.” Is the soft answer.

“I didn’t hear that?” Lily antagonizes.

“YES!” A much annoyed Valeri responds.

The Initiation Inquisition lasts almost two hours. Not only is the Inquisition Board Members fielding questions at Fern, but Valeri is allowed to as well. Jacquelyn is pleased with how well her protégé is able to give the correct response with both poise and confidence.

“You have done exceptionally well, Fern! Don’t you agree, Valeri?” Lily evokes a comment from her disdainful colleague. She just nods her head in the affirmative.

“I concur, Madame Lily.” Chorus both Violet and Hyacinth.

“And how do you feel, Madame Vice President?”

“I think she’s well!” Rose Marie beams at Fern who is delighted to have such a wonderful mother-in-law and friend.

“Swell?” Valeri turns toward Rose Marie. “Who uses that terminology? I don’t know how you ever got to be my Vice President?”

“Maybe because some of the members felt there was just too much salt in the stew.” An angry Fern defends Rose Marie before she is able to control her impulsiveness.

“Speaking out of term, you impotent little weed. This is why you don’t belong with the rest of us. You are so undisciplined.” Valeri shakes a leafy fist in the direction of Fern but is intercepted by Lily.

“Although I do not approve of Fern’s outburst neither do I approve of the way you belittle anyone that is not a part of your inner circle. Need I remind you that it was at Rose Marie’s insistence that you were allowed entrance into this exclusive club. We already had our eyes on Jacquelyn but well—”

Valeri looks from Lily to Rose Marie. Once again she has been reminded of her place, this time by the Head of the Board. A few more petals seem to escape as she begins her apology.

“I stand corrected, Madame Lily. I do owe you a bit of gratitude for all your assistance regarding the Elegant Rosebud Auxiliary Club.” Valeri speaks barely above a whisper.

“A bit of gratitude?” Fern mutters to Jacquelyn.

“That is as close to an apology as my mother will ever get.” Jacquelyn informs Fern. “Now, they will be preparing you for your Congratulatory Ball. You have made it!”

“It’s not over yet, Fern.” Valeri mumbles to herself; just barely being heard by Jacquelyn.

To Be Continued ...

Meet the Blossoms 5

  • Meet the Blossoms 5
    It looks like somebody is in a lot of hot water which is not healthy for any plant. Harry has been caught in a compromising position with Rose Marie—sending poor Valeri to the Cloverville Conservatory. Does anyone know what’s going on?

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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