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Meet the Blossoms 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Fern’s Story ...

It’s a week later when Stephanie, Fern and Rose Marie decide to have an outing. Jacquelyn has an unexpected chore to do for Valeri and Melvin is keeping Amy busy on his mother’s orders.

“Looks like just the three of us. We could have done this at home.” Stephanie sighs. She loves her mother-in-law dearly but was looking forward to seeing Jacquelyn and Amy.

“I know, dear. Maybe some other time they’ll be able to spend some time with us.” Rose Marie tries to soothe Stephanie.

“Not as long as Valeri knows that I am going to be in company. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea—me coming here alone.” Fern is beginning to think. “I don’t want to start any trouble—” before she can finish the statement, Rose Marie interrupts.

“Not another word. Valeri has her issues, but she was just raised differently from the rest of us. Pampered in that hot house and bred for that Countess. Then, that human decides that she wants a plant instead.” Rose Marie explains to them.

“Oh yes, I think Carlos told me about it. A beautiful, low maintenance plant named Philly.” Stephanie recalls.

“That explains a lot. Funny, Heath never mentioned that to me.” Fern thinks back to many conversations she had with him.

“No, he wouldn’t. I only mentioned it because of you, dear. We never, ever talk about the disgrace.” Rose Marie further expounds.

“Disgrace?” Now Fern is puzzled.

“Oh yes, before the Countess decided to go with Philadelphia or Philly for short, Valeri bragged like crazy about how she would be owned by the Countess and would live in a fabulous mansion, at least that’s what Carlos says.” Stephanie interjects.

“That doesn’t give her the right to be so rude, though.” Fern replies.

“I agree but that’s Valeri. I’m so glad that Rose Marie is my mother-in-law. Even though sometimes her sweetness gets on my last nerve.” The three of them have a hardy laugh.

“So Fern, enough of Valeri. Tell us how you came to know my son, Heath.” As the three move down the lane, they are greeted by various plant life. Some, no doubt, were friends of Valeri by the haughty look they give to both Fern and Valeri.

“Pay them no mind.” Rose Marie rejoinders.

“Yeah, you’ll get used to Valerie and her bush-whacking friends. The majority of the foliage are really very kind.” Stephanie relays to Fern.

Soon they arrival at a quaint little flower shop—The Velvet Pot. There are various types of flora arrangements who relax, sun bathe or enjoy sips of purified water. After being potted, Fern begins to speak.

“I met Heath at a rally to Save the Artichokes. It was actually after all the speakers had made their cases that he meandered toward me.” Fern reminisces.

“That’s really something.” Is Stephanie’s response. “I met Carlos during a similar rally regarding Jalapenos.”

“He stood taller than all the others and had such an eloquent way of speaking.” Fern remembers.

“That’s because his father used to belong to a diplomat in London.” Rose Marie brags. “Now, he travels all over the world crusading just causes for foliage everywhere.”

“Anyway, after a few dates we fell in love and married. Heath told me that you and Stephanie would be wonderful regarding it. He also told me about how difficult Valeri would be. Now I understand it more fully.” Fern answers sadly.

“Enough of this! We are supposed to be having an outing. We could have stayed at home and watched Desert Plant Life if we wanted to be melancholy.” Rose Marie reprimands.

“I suppose I’ll need to be looking for a place of my own soon.” Fern replies.

“There is a neat little flowerbed not far from where Carlos and I live. We are in shouting distance from Momma Rose. Of course, when Heath and Daddy Curt return—it will be so much better for all of us.” The three smile warmly at each other.


The Elegant Rosebud Auxiliary Club ...

The Elegant Rosebud Auxiliary Club consists of Valeri as president, along with her daughter Jacquelyn, her daughters-in-law Amy and Eva, her sister-in-law Rose Marie and a few flowers from the Uptown Floral Shoppe.

“The resolution for discussion is limiting our membership to flowers only. No plants of any kind that cannot bloom.” Valeri recites complacently.

“Then why isn’t Stephanie a part of this club?” Jacquelyn queries.

“Old brown face?” One of the other members laughs and receives a stern look from several members in the group.

“If we allow her to come in—then before you know it we will be overrun by her kind.” Another member choruses.

“Now, now ladies. We don’t want to revert to 1950s mentality.” Valeri responds, surprising both Jacquelyn and Rose Marie. “We just want to make sure that the right sort of foliage is a part of our club.”

“So, you are going to allow Stephanie membership?” Jacquelyn gives her mother a curious look.

“Not exactly. I just think we should weigh our options one-by-one. Right now, we have for discussion whether or not we will allow nonflowering plants admittance.” Valeri coyly avoids the subject of Stephanie.

“Dear Val—we all know how you’re still up in arms because a philodendron was picked over you!” To everyone’s astonishment, Fern enters the room.

“This, this is a private meeting. How did you get invited?” Valeri looks accusingly at Fern.

“I invited myself. Please, don’t worry—I really don’t plan to stay. Let me save you the inconvenience. Nonflowering plants have graced homes of humans throughout the years. Known for our beauty and longevity, we are preferred above those who in time whither and fade. Therefore, I would probably outlive you and maintain my beauty as well. So, don’t worry—I can wait!” With that she leaves the room and Valeri turns an unbecoming shade of red.

“I suppose the vote is made mute now mother.” Jacquelyn begins. “What Fern says is true. You can put into law this proclamation but in time it will be done away with and nobody will even remember it or you.”

“Wow, this is true!” Amy whispers looking at Jacquelyn and then Valeri.

“Maybe so,” Valeri counters. “But for now we can still vote on it and make it law!”

“I love you mother, but count me OUT!” Jacquelyn rises, her first time defying her mother and heads toward the door followed closely behind by Amy, Eva and a smiling Rose Marie.

“Come back here! I warn you, Jacquelyn. If you and the others walk out—don’t expect to be welcomed back with open arms.” Valeri shouts. Reluctantly, the four return to their pots.

“Now, let’s get this over with.” An anger Valeri exclaims.

The secret ballots are counted, and the resolution fails by one vote. As the members slowly leave the shop, there remains one solitary blossom, minus several petals. She speaks as if to the wind—

“That little weed Fern is nothing but trouble. Now she has come between my beautiful daughter and me. It’s not over dear Fern. No, it is not over. Revenge will be mind and it will be sweet!”

To Be Continued ...

Meet the Blossoms 3

  • Meet the Blossoms 3
    There is a gathering storm between Valeri and Fern. Valeri doesn’t want anyone who isn’t a beautiful blooming flower a member of the club but Fern was voted in. Now Fern is trying to get others of her kind involved. However, Valeri has other plans!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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