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She’s So Different ...

This is the opinion of the matriarch of the Blossom Clan. Now let me tell you a little something about the Blossoms. They are not your regular, garden variety family of flowers. No, not at all. There is Harry Blossom—he’s the clan’s patriarch. A bit of a prankster but basically, ok. Then there is his cunning, wife Valeri. She’s a high society, snobbish bloom. Certain that the sun rises and sets just for her.

Jacob and Melvin are the two sons. They are married to Amy, the cute friendly sort and Eva, the train wreck. Now we come to the apples of Harry’s eye. They are his single daughter, Jacquelyn and his sister-in-law Rose Marie. Jacquelyn is fun-loving and tries to see the good in every flower as does Rose Marie. Rose Maire is however married to his brother Chrys.

Rose Marie and Chrys have two sons, Heath and Carlos. Carlos is like his Uncle Harry with a bit of his mother thrown in. He is married to Stephanie. Rose’s other son Heath is still overseas with his father. However, he has sent his new bride Fern ahead to meet the family. As you can guess—Fern is not actually a favorite of Valeri’s! In fact, Valeri feels that Fern is not worthy of being a Blossom.

“What’s this thing that your nephew Heath sent home to be a part of our family?” Valeri groans as she stares at the photo of Fern Blossom.

“It’s my brother Chrys' daughter-in-law Fern.” Harry offers observing the photo as well.

“She’s so green—not an ounce of color anywhere.” Valeri laments still looking with disdain at the photo.

“She’s beautiful!” Cheerfully replies Jacquelyn. “So fresh and vibrantly green!”

“Yes, so green.” Valeri retorts, laying the picture face down.

“You weren’t thrilled when Carlos brought me over to meet you, either. Thank the Gardner you are not my mother-in-law!” Stephanie, the brown-faced sunflower reminds Valeri.

“Yes, but at least you have bright, sunny petals. This one is so green!” Valeri repeats.

“Mother, please give her a chance. After all, she is NOT your daughter-in-law.” Jacquelyn speaks up.

“Thank the Gardner for that.” Stephanie replies again and Valeri gives her a reproachful look.

“Well—let’s get everything together for her welcome party. It can be at our place, Melvin dear.” Amy chirps happily trying to lighten things up a bit.

“At our place—I don’t think mother ...” But before Melvin can continue, Rose Marie cuts in.

“Never mind your mother, I think that is a wonderful gesture, Amy. Thanks so much for offering. However, since Fern is my daughter-in-law, it is only appropriate that the party be at my place.” Rose Marie laughs. This one never lets anything get her down.

“That’s a wonderful idea, Rose.” Valeri nods sarcastically, “You handle the entire affair.” She is in total agreement.

“Glad you like it since you will be helping Stephanie with the decorations.” Rose responds and nearly knocks Valeri off her stem. Harry looks from his wife to his sister Rose Marie.

“You’re so wise to choose Valeri.” Stephanie tries very hard to stifle a giggle.

“Hmm, very well. Let’s get to the shops, Stephanie.” Valeri grabs her purse and is out of the door.

“I don’t like it.” Harry cautious his sister.

“Don’t worry, Harry. What could possibly go wrong? They are only going out to pick decorations—not purchase weed killer.” Rose jokes.

“Mother can be a bit deceptive, aunty.” Jacquelyn interjects and Harry shakes his head vigorously, losing a couple of petals.

Fern knows that Valeri will bares watching …

Fern knows that Valeri will bares watching …

Call For Backup ...

It is 6:00 pm when Carlos brings Fern to his mother’s home. Everything is in readiness. Much to everyone’s surprise, except Rose Marie, the place is decorated fabulously. There are all type of beautiful rock formations, crystals and moss along with a sparkling fountain filled with goldfish. Fern speaks to her hostess.

“You are every bit as charming as your son said you would be.” Then acknowledging indifferently, “And you must be Valeri. Heath told me about you as well.” Fern puts on a face of innocence, extending a leafy hand.

“Oh yes, Heath.” Valeri manages a strained smile. “Yes, welcome to the Blossom Family.”

“I’m Jacquelyn Blossom and I think you’re gorgeous!” Putting her arms around Fern, she's giving her a hug.

“Jacquelyn! What a very pretty name for such a lovely blossom!” Fern replies with a play on words.

“Hi, I’m Amy Blossom and well I wanted to have the party at my place but—”

“Say no more, Amy! Perhaps the three of us can get together and have a little soiree of our own.” Fern responds meeting with the approval of both Jacquelyn and Amy while total contempt from Valeri.

Not wanting the evening to be disastrous, Stephanie states—

“Please count me in as well. I think Momma Rose has everything ready. Let’s go into the dining room.”

Following Stephanie’s lead, everyone adjourns to the dining room where a spread of organic treats are laid out for everyone to partake of. There are things to suit even the most discriminating taste and Rose Marie revels in her culinary expertise.

“Please everyone, indulge yourselves. There is plenty. I have also engaged the services of a band—the Dynamic Daffodils to entertain us all.” Rose Marie happily informs them.

Valeri sees this as an opportunity to sit next to Fern and test whether she is as innocent as she portrays. She almost pushes Eva down getting into the seat next to Fern.

“Why I never!” Eva replies indignantly.

“And you never will.” Valeri counters. Then cozying next to Fern she subtly begins her assault.

“So you met my nephew oversees did you?”

“Actually, we met in Australia.” Fern replies cautiously.

“Australia? Oh my yes—I heard that a lot of wild things grow in the back country.” Valeri responds nastily.

“Really? Actually, you can trace my family back to ancient times when they were used by the royalty.” Fern hit backs.

“I noticed that you have no flowering. Does that mean that there will be problems germinating?” Valeri rebounds.

“I notice that a few of your petals are missing—does this mean that you are ill.” Fern hits a home run and Valeri looks around for moral support. Not even Jacquelyn will come to her mother’s rescue.

“No ... no, I am not sick. I’ve just been a little—” Valeri is finally reprieved by her husband Harry.

“My dear Rose Marie, where did you ever get this marvelous organic concoction. You must give dear Valeri the recipe. I would love to have it some evening after a hard day at work.”

“Congratulations, Fern!” Stephanie whispers, “You managed to put the old dragon in her place.”

The rest of the evening passes without further incidents, thanks to Fern, and her effortless manner.

To Be Continued ...

Meet the Blossoms 2

  • Meet the Blossoms 2
    What started as a minor family disagreement has escalated into a battle of the floral clan. Valeri wants to exclude all nonflowering plants from admittance into The Rosebud Auxiliary Club while Jacquelyn and some of the others think all plants should

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