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Medication Madness

Chapter One

One dark and dreary night at a horrible chain pharmacy corporation, there was a pharmacist and his loyal technician. They were going about their business, filing script after script for the many ungrateful customers, when suddenly the diabolical and belligerent manager shows up with the enhancing serum that is going to be mandatory for every employee to take. The serum will make the employees ten times as efficient and fast. This will allow the corporation to hire less employees and work their current ones for all they’re worth. Fortunately, the serum that is being brought to these two unexpecting victims is the first batch and it is currently being mass produced in their evil factory.

As soon as the manager steps into the pharmacy he stabs both of the employees with a needle and injects them with the serum. As soon as this happens the pills that the pharmacist was counting fuse with him. The vials the technician was getting ready to stock for the next day combined with her. Both of the employees fall to the ground in pain and eventually pass out. The manager, not worrying about a thing, leaves the pharmacy and tells them to get back to work.

Upon awakening the employees find themselves in a daze but realize that they are at work and the day is about to start. Not having much of an option, the two of them begin to get back to work as if nothing had happened. While the employees keep filling prescriptions for the ungrateful customers the manager is on his way in. While he is in the parking lot, he overhears some of the customers comments, “about time they fill these scripts on time” “finally got my meds without having to wait 5 minutes” “can’t believe they billed it wrong at first even though I never gave them my insurance, but at least they filled it quickly”. The manager was very happy with what he was hearing and went in to see that the employees looked a little different, but more importantly they were moving at incredible speed. The manager, realizing that the employees had no idea that the serum gave them these kinds of powers he kept quiet about it and rushed over to the factory to speed up production of the serum.

After a long day at work the employees finally locked up for the night and went home. While at home they realized they could do things that they normally couldn’t do. The technician was packing her lunch and putting groceries away in containers at very high speeds. She also noticed that lids would close and seal with just her will to do so, not to mention everything she packaged seemed to be even fresher than when she put it in. While the pharmacist was getting ready for bed he felt a strong headache coming on and wished he had a tylenol. When he reached in his pocket there it was. Then, the same thing happened with an omeprazole when he was feeling some reflux coming on. He thought to himself he is able to make any pill he wishes for appear.

Meanwhile back at the factory, the manager was there working on a way to speed up production. He knew with this serum he could inject his employees and he wouldn’t have to hire any more help, which would make him enough money to finally own all of the pharmacies and insurances in the world. Leading to complete control of everything medical and thus enslaving the whole world.

The manager continued working on the serum producing machine. He pulled a few levers, pressed a few buttons, and eventually the machine was working at an incredible pace. The manager being as greedy as he is wanted the machine to go even faster and in doing so it started to overheat. Being tired from all his work, the manager fell asleep at his desk. Through the night the factory caught on fire and exploded with him inside. Once the police officers arrived at the scene there was no evidence of a body and every single drop of the priceless serum was destroyed. At least that's what they thought.

Little did they know that the manger was right below them in the sewer .Even though his legs were impaled with multiple syringes of the serum he was able to escape through the main hatch of the factory. Crawling in agony, he was able to find a place where he could lean back against the cool damp sewer pipe, losing consciousness at the last second.

The next morning when the employees awoke after realizing they had these special powers they went about their morning as usual and got ready for work. They couldn't wait to talk to one another to see if they were experiencing the same thing. Once they arrived at work they shared everything with one another and couldn’t believe what was happening. It was long after that they received news that the factory exploded and their manager was presumed dead. With the manager passed away the pharmacy had to close and the employees were out of a job. They began to share their thoughts and come to the conclusion that they have just been gifted with these new abilities and that they couldn't go to waste. With that they decided to travel around and help other pharmacies that were in the same predicament as they once were. Working extremely hard for a higher up, getting treated horribly by their boss and customers alike with no reward and no end in sight.

Once they had been traveling around for a while helping other pharmacies get their work caught up and win over some of those ungrateful customers, they decided to return home for a well deserved rest. What they didn’t realize is that all the work they have been doing has amplified their powers, which is a good thing for the disastrous events yet to come.

For what was happening at the exact same time the employees were just arriving at their homes to relax, the manager’s eyes creeped open from his long slumber. When the manager woke he felt more anger and greed than he ever did before. His feelings weren’t the only things to change though for when he looked at himself in the mercy sewer water he discovered his skin was solid as rock and almost looked like an unrefined statue. With glowing green veins and eyes. He also discovered he could eject and retract needles from his fingertips that looked something similar to the serum, but with a hint of his gruesome blood mixed in. Once he realized this he wanted to try and inject something so he grabbed a rat nearby, stuck it in the neck, and began to pump some of his serum blood into it. The rat developed the same green glowing veins and it followed every command the manager spewed out. The rat also developed what looked like a form of rabies. The manager had the rat perch on his shoulder as he began wandering around the sewer scheming his next evil plot.

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