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Medication Madness #2

A few more weeks passed and the employees filled in and helped a few pharmacies in town, but in doing so the manager became aware of them and knew that they developed some special powers of their own. The manger grew even more angry and decided that killing the employees will be his first step in taking back the pharmaceutical world. The manager being in the sewer decided to take advantage of his location and inject people with his serum using his enhanced rats.

He sent rats to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, who he knew had peptic ulcers from working at his original pharmacy and they were a miserable couple who took their issues out on the pharmacy employees. He also sent rats to Mr. Smitt’s house who’s had the worst case of gastroesophageal reflux disease you could imagine, but that’s probably karma for all the foul words he spews out of his mouth. Another rat went to Miss Pumpernickel, who was an elderly lady that you could smell before you would see her because she had some funky gas. Then finally, the last rat went to a home of twins who were having issues with irritable bowel syndrome and had to get colonoscopies every so often.

The rats traveled by crawling up the sewer lines into the homes of the unexpecting patients. The lines usually led to a toilet or shower where the rats would lay in wait for their unexpecting victim. When the rats injected the patients with the serum, each patient mutated to a form that exposed their medical condition. Mr. Smit was hunched over and his mouth stuck wide open like a cannon and acid would rush out of his mouth like a fireman’s hose. Miss Pumpernickel swelled up like a balloon and was surrounded with a huge green cloud of horrible smelling gas that was continuously seeping out of her derriere. The twins looked similar in that their arms molded to their stomachs in a cross position, like when someone with an upset stomach is keeled over in pain. They also grew tails where one had a poisonous substance leaking out while the other’s tail seemed to be plugged up but had a huge hard ball at the end of it. Lastly, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had fused together but where they had fused looked like an ulcer and had some sticky substance coming out of it. Also, each exhibited the trait where their veins glowed an ominous green and were under control of the manager.

The manager ordered all of his new henchmen to meet him down in the sewer so he could give them distinct orders on how to kill the employees. The manager thought for a while about his plan and decided that one henchman should be enough to kill those worthless employees and that he would send the other to start harassing and taking over the other pharmacies in town. But, the manager wasn't sure which one to send. He gave code names to all of them so he could keep them all straight. The old lady with gas was Fumes, the twins were Bloat and Squirt, Mr. Smit was Acid, and the Johnsons were Pus.

The manager decided to send Pus to capture the employees since it had the weapon of sticky sludge. He wanted to toy with them a little before he executed them himself. Then he sent the rest of the henchmen to nearby pharmacies. He told Pus to catch them off guard in a dark alley after they would be getting off work that night. Once Pus reached the location it decided to spew its sticky sludge like a web back in the dark alley. Pus caught a cat because the Manager knew that the one employee was a sucker for kittens and told it to do so. All it would take is a single distressed meow to lure her in.

The employees were just finishing up their last shift at a local pharmacy that needed some help getting caught up in some work. One employee was exhausted and was planning on going straight home, but the other had to stop at the market to pick up a few things first. They said goodbye and would see each other Monday. On the employee's way home she walked past the alley where Pus had laid his trap and the manager was right, all it took was one pitiful meow and the employee came running. Now, she was stuck in the nasty sludge spider web and Pus was starting to wrap her up even more. It threw her over its shoulder and started its way back down to the sewage where they had their evil lair, all ready for torture. The employee, thinking quickly, started to produce tiny vials and leave them as bread crumbs for someone to find. Luckily the owner of the cat that the Pus used was out looking for her and witnessed the whole thing. Witnessing such a creature, the owner lost her mind and didn't know what to do or who to tell. She started babbling under her breath and walking all over town. When the other employee was on his way home from the market he nearly hit the owner with his car because she was walking in the middle of the street. The employee got out of the car to see what was wrong and the owner just vomited and pointed in the direction that the kidnapping took place. Not sure what was going on, the employee headed the way she was pointing and at first didn't see anything, but then he caught a glimpse of something with an amber color. Once he got closer he immediately recognized it as one of his fellow employee’s vials. He looked around some more and saw all of the disgusting sludge with a trail leading into the sewer down one of the manholes. He began to follow it to see what could have possibly happened.

Once in the sewer the employee quickly found this disgusting monster with his coworker trapped and thrown over its shoulder. Not sure what to do, the employee produced some benzonatate, which was round and clear. He quickly threw a handful of them on the ground in front of the Pus and losing its balance, fell into the sewer water throwing the trapped employee to the ground. The one employee grabbed the other and ran out of the sewer throwing her in the car and drove as quickly as he could straight home.

Once the trapped employee gained consciousness from hitting the ground they discussed what they just saw. The trapped employee explained that the monster was very talkative and reminded her of someone or possibly a couple because it seemed to always be arguing with itself. But, it mentioned something about a boss and taking over the pharmacies and she thought she heard the word manager. Having all these clues they had a hunch that it was their old manger and he had somehow survived that explosion and gained powers like them. Realizing this they knew that they weren't safe and had to find a new place to hide for the time being.

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