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Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 9

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Megan in the Northern Lands!

Megan in the Northern Lands!

The Northern Plains or Lands ...

News of Megan’s transformation has reach Sheriff Hamilton through Rachel Weinberger-Hawkes. He is intrigued.

“You say that Megan Farmer transformed into a wolf through being bitten by this Jeremy Evans?” Henry inquires while listening to Rachel over the telephone.

“Yes, and from what Shirley tells me, she is developing a very pugnacious state as well.” Rachel informs him.

“Hmm, this is not good. It would seem the effects of the full moon opened a portal for the paranormal to intervene in Megan’s life. It is a rare phenomenon, but it can occur when the timing is right and the circumstances are just so.” Henry informs Rachel.

“Is there anything that can be done about it?”

“Megan seems to be a very strong-willed woman which is extremely commendable. So far, she is successfully conquering her belligerent nature. However, without proper training and intervention, the darker side of Therianthropy will overtake her as it has done many in the past.” Henry sternly acknowledges.

“Again, what must be done?”

“As Megan knows, the initiation must be completed, then comes the next stage.” Henry replies.

“How do you know that Megan knows this?” Rachel seems to be hammering Henry with questions.

“I feel a slight shift in the Zen-aku Contingency, that’s how I know, Ray. The forces of good vs evil can be moved in either direction. It is up to us, however, to make sure that it moves toward good.” Henry explains.

“Shirley advises me that Megan states she will be ready to journey to the Northern Lands by Monday.” Rachel says.

“Then I should inform Jenny to prepare some suites at Hamilton’s Lodge for how many guests?” Henry wonders.

“There will be Ethan and Megan Farmer. Also include his best friend Sebastian Taylor and Janice Cooper. Janice will be assisting Shirley and Sebastian insists on tagging along. He is a great friend of Ethan and has proven his worth.” Rachel concludes.

“Fine. Jenny will prepare three of our best suites. This may turn out to be a very interesting experience. If Megan is anything like what you indicate—perhaps.” Henry’s voice trails off.

“Time will tell, Henry. Thanks for everything. I’ll be talking with you later.” Both friends release the call.

Rachel gives a call to Shirley, giving her an update.

“I talked to Henry Hamilton. He is arranging for Megan and the others to have accommodations at Hamilton’s Lodge.”

“That’s good. It’s been a rough three days for Ethan. Megan leaves a little before the moon rises. Ethan stays stressed regarding her safety as well as anyone unlucky enough to venture to the forest.” Shirley explains.

“Has there been any human encounters?” Rachel questions.

“It has. A couple of hikers overtook Megan on the final night.” Shirley tells.

“What happened?” Rachel probes.

“Megan frighten them away by talking to them. It was something else. When the hikers tried to report it to the police—they were given a breath test and sent home with a stern reprimand.” Both women laugh for about five minutes.

“Megan sounds very smart as well as someone with a great sense of humor.” Rachel decides when she is able to speak again.

“She is a joy to work with. There are moments when she shows strong aggressive traits but when you don’t try to contradict her, things are fine.” Shirley retorts.

“She is showing signs of strong pack dominance. It is apparent that she sees everyone within her environment as part of her pack and expects submission.” Rachel offers.

“I agree. I explained this to her husband Ethan. He says that she treats him more like an alpha male. She is very supportive of him only occasionally does she display signs of influence. However, when she is in her predatory demeanor; he doesn’t challenge her.” Shirley rejoinders.

“Good for him. If she decided to settle the difference wolf-style, I doubt that he will come out the victor.” Rachel is confident of this fact and Shirley concurs.

“Look for us on the Monday evening flight, Ray.”

“Will do, good-bye Shirl.” The call is over.

Sheriff Henry Hamilton is intrigued by the beautiful Megan Farmer!

Sheriff Henry Hamilton is intrigued by the beautiful Megan Farmer!

It’s late in the evening on Monday when the troupe arrive at the Porterville Airport. Jenny and Henry Hamilton are there to meet them. Henry sees Shirley and rushes to meet them with Jenny following close behind.

“Welcome to Davis County.” Henry extends his hand to each of his guest, shaking them in kind.

“It’s good to be here, Sheriff Hamilton. I have heard so much about you.” Megan says and Henry is taken aback by the firm grip of her handshake. He recovers quickly and smiles.

“That’s quite a grip you have there, young lady.” He laughs.

“I’m sorry—I guess I don’t know my own strength.” Megan gives Henry a knowing glance. It is as if they are communicating on a higher level. When their eyes meet, there is a sudden recognition. Neither say a word after that.

“Well, let’s get you people settled in your suites. Shirley, I’m sure you’re looking forwarding to a relaxing bath at your place.” Jenny replies looking at everyone but her gaze lingers a little longer on Megan. Shirley notices this as well.

“I will see the rest of you in the morning.” Shirley reminds them and walks over to a waiting car.

The van accommodates everyone and the drive to Hamilton’s Lodge is quiet. It seems that everyone is trapped in their own thoughts. Once in a while, Henry will glance in his rear view mirror at Megan. Twice Jenny has noticed this but says nothing yet.

Momentarily, they arrive at the Hamilton Lodge and the receptionist, Dallas Hamilton is there to greet them. The handyman Poplar (Pop) Armstrong helps with the luggage while Chef Mavis Blair prepares an exceptional meal. Then, the guests adjourn to their assigned suites for a pleasant night’s sleep.

Later that night, Jenny approaches her husband. She begins to interrogate him.

“Megan reminds you of Amaliya doesn’t she?” Jenny quizzes Henry as they prepare for bed.


“She is very beautiful, isn’t she, Hank?” Jenny continues.

“Yes, she is Jen.”

“How do you feel about her being here?” Jenny examines deeper.

“It was a very long time ago, Jenny. I love you and I will always be loyal to you.” Henry answers as his muscular nude body approaches the bed. He has a beautiful physique and Jenny can’t help admiring it.

“But Вячеслав loved Amaliya very much.” Jenny adds.

“Yes, he does.” Henry acknowledges flatly. “But I am only Вячеслав when I invoke his spirit.”

“Will you visit her, Henry?” Jenny queries noticing that he spoke in the present.

“You already know the answer to that, Jen. Let’s get to sleep.” With that Henry kisses her tenderly and turns his back to her. He knows that his job is to assist Megan with her problem. However, he never could have imagined that anything like this would happen. Is Amaliya a wolf set on revenge?

To Be Continued …

Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 10

  • Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 10
    Sheriff Henry Hamilton finds an undeniable fascination with regard to Megan Farmer. He is captivated by her beauty and amused regarding her alpha female attitude. Chef Mavis Blair also notices the attraction and is wondering just how far it will go.

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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