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Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 7

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

"I am a guardian of the night; fear me!"

"I am a guardian of the night; fear me!"

Most Unusual Night ...

On first seeing her likeness in the lake, Megan gives out a blood-curdling howl. Since she is deep within the forest; it is significantly muffled by the mountains and beyond most human hearing. However, the more she gazes into the hypnotic pool, the more she is captivated by her reflection.

“I am magnificent!” Megan utters, shocked in the revelation that she is able to speak. “What a strange transformation.”

Megan smells him actually before she sees him. Turning around, there is Ethan.

“You took a dangerous risk coming here, Ethan.” Her voice is strong and unyielding.

“When I discovered that you were not there—I had to find out if you were alright.” Ethan apologizes. Megan creeps closer and Ethan steps back.

“Do not fear me darling. I have retained enough of myself to resist harming the most important person in my life. I am not sure, though, how long this will last.” Megan warns him.

“How do you feel?” Ethan queries.

“Hungry. Go home, Ethan.” Megan entreaties with him.

“But I want to—” Megan interrupts before he completes his sentence.

“I said go home!” Megan orders and Ethan swiftly turns and heads back to his waiting car and journeys for the safety of his apartment. With her husband secure from other predators in the wilderness, Megan commences her pursuit of finding food. Not ever having tasted human flesh, she has not yet acquired a fondness for it.

With restlessness as well as hunger setting in, Megan begins her walk deeper into the woodlands. There she finds a great variety of small prey: opossums, raccoons, squirrels and field mice. They wouldn’t make much of a meal for a ravenous predator. No, she needs something a lot more substantial.

Soon, Megan discovers a doe along with her young fawn. This will be a most gratifying meal indeed. With deadly silence, Megan slowly creeps toward her prey, managing to stay down wind. However, the warning sounds of a chipmunk alerts the animals that danger is steadily approaching. Within moments, Megan makes her presence known.

In the beginning, the doe makes a valiant effort to discourage Megan. Each time it seems the fawn is in peril, the doe raises her hoofs and attempts to cut Megan off. This is done several times, but in the end, a deer is no match for a wolf, and both are slaughtered viciously. What Megan doesn’t devour she leaves for other predators of the night. She is pleased with her first kill.

Not too long after Megan leaves the remnants of her meal, a Lynx makes her way toward the carcass. Delighting in the free meal, the Ghost of the Wilderness begins to enjoy her feast, ever mindful of the fact that a new queen has claimed her domain.

Silently, Megan begins to roam the Canadian Wilderness, acquainting herself with the terrain and its inhabitants. It would seem that at the present time, the surrounding area is well stocked and teeming with wildlife. There also doesn’t seem to be a rival pack of wolves for miles. This fact is very important for a lone creature of the night. Competition can be deadly.

Megan, not being a glutton, decides to settle down for the night. She decides to pick an area not far from her apartment in Brampton but still within the protection of the forestry. When she looks up at the building, she observes that a light is still on in the luxury penthouse. The light seems to be originating from the bedroom shared by Ethan and her.

“Dear Ethan, you never signed up for this when we married, did you? Your vows did not include loving a wolf, no they didn’t. But for how long will this last? When will I hunger for something better, something more personal?” Megan closes her eyes to sleep off her very large meal.

Megan is fascinated by her own new reflection!

Megan is fascinated by her own new reflection!

Dawn’s Early Light ...

Upon awakening early the next morning, Megan finds herself naked. Her hair is disheveled and there is blood both on her lips and her hands. She arises to be greeted by her husband, Ethan. He has with him a sweater, a pair of navy blue Demin Jeans, socks, sports shoes and a warm parka coat.

“Good morning!” Megan replies shivering as she hurriedly puts on the welcoming clothes handed to her by Ethan.

“Good morning yourself! I thought that you would need these.” Ethan answers not knowing what to make of his scruffy wife.

“Thanks, darling. I had no idea what condition I would be in the morning.” Megan retorts almost completely dressed. “I could sure use a warm bath.”

“You can say that again!” Ethan agrees, putting his hand to his nose and pinching it.

“Right!” Megan states as she very much desires to give her husband a hug. However, Ethan throws both hands up in a defensive gesture and laughs.

“Oh no you don’t. I am smuggling you back into our apartment and scrubbing you down. What would the neighbors think?” Both individuals begin to laugh heartily. Ethan speaks again.

“How was your night?” Megan could tell that Ethan is bursting with curiosity. “Do you remember anything?”

“I remember everything, Ethan. Since I know that Dr. Shirley Crenshaw as well as the others will want to know about this—let’s wait until I get to Albertson Pharmaceutical. That way I will only have to tell the story once.” Megan explains.

Ethan nods as he helps his wife into the car. Opening the door, he sees her bruised hands and there is a look of dismay on his face.

“We’d better get back and apply some first aid to these hands. No need in adding infection to everything else is there?” Megan has followed his gaze to her cuts and scratches.

“You are right about that.” Ethan adds as he closes the door and starts the car. The ride is short and Megan travels with the window down, allowing the crisp breeze to batter her face.

“Hey, it’s a bit nippy outside, foxy!” Ethan tells his wife and she smiles.

“Wolfie would be much more appropriate.” Megan throws back at her husband.

“Maybe so, but foxy is more enduring and seductive. I missed you so much last night.” Ethan confesses.

“I saw that the light was on until I fell asleep.” Megan rejoinders. “How do you feel about this entire caper?”

“I wish I never offered to help that rascal Jeremy Evans. If I had only listened to you, we may have been bored by Bishop Miller but at least you would not have to endure this.” Ethan feels totally to blame for the entire incident.

“Don’t do this, Ethan. You had no idea Jeremy would bite me. You were only trying to be helpful.” Megan admonishes her husband.

“And at what cost?” Ethan fights back tears as he drives them back to the apartment. They manage to get inside and up to their suite. When Ethan opens the door, he is met by Drs. Benjamin Riley, Nelson Cooper and Shirley Crenshaw. They seem to be finishing their cups of coffee. Janice Cooper is sitting next to Sebastian. He is the one to open the conversation.

“Dammit man, what happened?”

To Be Continued ...

Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 8

  • Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 8
    As Ethan recites the previous events, it is quite obvious that what has transpired is no ordinary night in the wilderness. The fact that Megan is able to transform into a wolf but retain the ability to speak can only mean one thing—Therianthropy!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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