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Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 4

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

A Super Predator …

A Super Predator …

This Is Astounding ...

Rachel Weinberger-Hawkes is in the Northern Lands with her new husband Dr. Robert Hawkes and a much under control Precious—aka Alpha 1-X. She has just finished reviewing applications for a new laboratory assistant when she receives the communication from Dr. Benjamin Riley. Rachel puts her cup of Organic Black Tea: English Breakfast aside and slowly reads his letter, glancing periodically at the three vials of blood located in an accompanying container. She hesitates briefly and Bob interrupts her thoughts.

“Honey, is it bad news from Ben Riley?” Bob inquires, then taking the letter from Rachel, reads it himself.

“Wow—when will those people ever stop trying to play the Architects of Life?” A slightly disgusted Bob retorts.

“This is not the case. We’ve both known Dr. Benjamin Riley for years. He’s not the type.” Rachel defends.

“I agree. But this Jeremy Evans is the one who’s responsible for taking the experiment into directions that it should never have gone. Now, an innocent woman is in for the ride of her life.” Bob shakes his head.

“That’s true. Now Ben wants me to examine the samples to see what I think about them.” Rachel declares.

‘I hope you’ll find something that can help that poor woman. Let’s take this into the laboratory I had recently renovated for you. It will give us an opportunity to see if it’s as high-tech as the engineers boasted.” Bob confiscates the vials from his wife and they both adjourn to the Weinberger-Hawkes Research Laboratory.

About an hour and several litmus test later, Rachel sits in her chair in complete amazement.

“I have never seen cells as robust as these.” Rachel concludes handing Bob the results of her evaluations.

“You are right, and it looks like they are still thriving. How can this be, Ray?”

“Some type of super-genetic strain is all I can assume. Good thing they cremated Jeremy’s remains. This could possibly make Megan Farmer indestructible! If she does make the transformation—I don’t know if even a silver bullet will be able to disarm her for very long.” Rachel is in shock regarding the ramifications of this discovery.

“What are you going to tell Ben?” Bob asks, still examining the results of her report.

“Everything that I’ve uncovered. I’d advise that husband of hers to watch her closely. I just don’t know how she will react to him or those close to her. In males, it never made any difference. However, she is a female and possess nurturing instincts. I just don’t know.” Rachel is perplexed.

“At any rate, I think you need to give Ben a call and also send him the results of your findings.” Bob counsels, reexamining the information in total disbelief.

Rachel nods in agreement and proceeds to give her friend a call.

“Hello? Dr. Benjamin Riley here.”

“Hi Ben, it’s Ray.”

“I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon. If you are giving me a call instead of just sending me the information—it must be bad.” Ben concludes.

“Absolutely.” Ray affirms and gives him a complete summary of every test she did. Ben is quiet as he listens attentively to the news. When Ray has finished her analysis, both are silent for minutes. Then, Ben decisively speaks.

“Have you experienced anything like this before?” Ben questions.

“No. Both Experiment 697 and Alpha 1-X were highly developed animals. The latter had the ability to communicate on a level that was very close to being human, but they were not—they were animals. Here, we are dealing with a human that has been exposed to a virus that has genetically altered her metabolism. She will possess all the things that PreciousAlpha 1-X has plus she is a woman!” Rachel finds it hard to believe what she is saying.

Dr. Shirley Crenshaw is about to reenter the life of Dr. Benjamin Riley!

Dr. Shirley Crenshaw is about to reenter the life of Dr. Benjamin Riley!

“I knew we were treading on dangerous grounds. I tried to warn the administration that one day someone would take it too far, but no one would listen. Now, it has happened!” Ben has proclaimed.

“So, what are you going to do?” Rachel inquires cautiously.

“What can I do?” Ben answers Rachel’s question with one of his own.

“Talk to the husband. Give him the facts. You write that he is a dermatologist. He will be able to understand what you relay to him. I am going to send you my dissertation under certified courier. Make sure Megan’s primary care physician has a copy as well. If you wish, I can send him the information as well. You were pretty thorough in giving me the facts.” Rachel congratulates Ben.

“I understand that if you were going to assist me Ray, I needed to supply you with as much documentation as I could. Will you be coming to Brampton?” Ben inquires.

“I am tied up in some work with Sheriff Hamilton right now. Also I am hiring a new laboratory assistant to replace Dr. Shirley Crenshaw. Since she is now an Associate Professor, I will be sending her.” Rachel proudly says.

“Well, Shirley finally got her Ph.D. in Micro-Biophysics and Genetic Medicine. That’s fantastic! It will be great seeing her again.” Ben smiles to himself.

“You guys were pretty tight at one time, weren’t you?” Rachel teases.

“So were you and Mark Powers.” Ben tosses back.

“Touché!” Rachel laughs. “Did you get married?”

“No, came pretty close to marrying Shirley Woodard but I got cold feet and she turned to Jeremy Evans.” Ben informs Rachel.

“You do seem to have a thing for women named Shirley, don’t you Ben?” Again, Rachel is taunting him.

“Or just maybe they have a thing for guys named Benjamin!” Both laugh heartily.

“Hmm, at any rate my Shirley is still single. I am going to be briefing her on everything and she should be in Brampton in about a week.” Rachel reflects on the two people being thrown together again under very different circumstances.

“Thanks, Ray! I know that Shirl will be a great asset to the team. I will ask Janice to find her a luxury suite in the Abernathy Apartments.

“You guys must be doing extremely well to have such a lucrative contract with one of the most expensive and revered accommodations in Brampton.” Rachel assess admirably.

Albertson Pharmaceuticals is doing exceptionally well, thanks to the ton of money Dr. Albertson is pouring into the research facility Ray. This is why we don’t need the unnecessary publicity. So far we have been able to play down that incident with Jeremy Evans—it was reported as a mishap in the woods. However, if this leaks out—” Ben pauses and Rachel is able to fill in the blanks.

“I am sure Shirley will do what she can. I’ve got to go now, Ben. As I stated before, I am sending the dissertation to you first and Shirley will follow in about a week.” Rachel affirms her plans.

“Thanks, Ray. Talk to you later.” Both parties hang up. However, Ben sits back in his chair, shaking his head. Then he mutters aloud.

“Shirl Crenshaw! I wonder where this will lead.”

To Be Continued ...

Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 5

  • Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 5
    The approaching full moon finds Janice struggling to assist Dr. Riley in coming up with a feasible plan. Fortunately, Dr. Shirley Crenshaw will be on hand to give crucial directions regarding this unnatural phenomenon. Werewolves are only Myths!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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