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Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

It has started …

It has started …

Accelerated Developments …

The journey to the facility is quiet. Each individual is wondering what will be discovered. Ethan is in dread. Sebastian is also contemplating the worst. Janice, however, is secretly in awe. There has never been a case found during all her research with Dr. Riley.

It takes about 20 minutes before the impressive facilities are in sight. It is divided into three sections: the laboratory where research is done, the animal compound where the sick or overly aggressive animals are kept, and chambers dedicated to human habitation. These areas are equipped with a gym, heated spa, entertainment area and sleeping accommodations.

Janice parks her vehicle in the reserved spot identified by her name and Dr. Riley is there to greet them.

“Good, you’re here. I want to talk to you, Ethan.”

“Is there a problem, Dr. Riley?” Ethan’s expressions are punctuated with concern showing in his countenance.

“Let’s go inside, shall we?” Ben insists and the trio follow him through the corridors until they reach an area marked Commissary. There, Megan is sitting at a table with one of the staff eating a roast beef sandwich and drinking iced tea. Her wounds are completely healed. There is no signs of a scar. Ethan looks at his wife in disbelief.

“Honey, you look great!” Ethan declares, rushing over to give his wife a big hug.

“I feel wonderful—it’s as if nothing ever happened!” Megan responds incredulously.

A bewildered Sebastian looks from Ben Riley to Janice. Neither say a word.

“Janice, stay here with Megan. Sharon, you can proceed with your duties elsewhere. Ethan, you and Sebastian will please come with me.” Ben requests.

“Why can’t I come along, too?” Megan seems a little agitated.

“Because I am going to tell you about the lovely apartment we have for you and the fun we will have decorating it.” Janice intercedes much to the relief of the three men.

“Alright then.” Megan seems to be pacified for the moment as Ethan and Sebastian follow Ben to his office. Making sure that no one is around, he shuts the door.

“Please gentlemen, have a seat. May I offer you a cup of cappuccino?” Ben queries as he moves toward his new limited edition single-serve coffee, latte and cappuccino machine.

“No thanks.” Ethan answers, looking around the impressive office.

“I’ll have half a cup, please.” Sebastian replies and he takes a sip of the richly brewed concoction, savoring each drop.

“Let me get to the point. I have never seen a healing process like the one your wife experienced. As you probably noticed, there is no trace of a scar, no teeth marks, nothing.” Ben begins, then pauses to savor his own Columbian brew.

“How is that, Dr. Riley?” Ethan inquiries.

“Please, call me Ben.”

“Alright, please explain Ben.” Ethan revises.

“Let me explain that the process of healing is a complex one. This process of cellular mitosis occurred at a tremendously rapid rate.” Ben marvels.

“Are you telling me that the cells’ ability to regenerate have accelerated in my wife?” Ethan queries.

“Yes! Do you by any chance happen to be a doctor, Ethan?” Ben gives Ethan a remarkably notable look.

“I’m a dermatologist and my friend Bass is a corporate attorney. We’re here vacationing in your country.” Ethan decides to enlighten Ben.

“How do you like Ontario, Canada?” Ben is curious to know regarding his adopted country. Ben is a migrant from Wisconsin.

“We’re from Sterling Heights in Michigan and up to yesterday, we were enjoying it very much.” Sebastian volunteers while rising to refresh his cup. He didn’t realize that the coffee would be so tantalizing.

“Please, help yourself, Bass. It’s part of a gourmet blend I have imported monthly.” Ben illuminates cheerfully.

Although Ben's office is extremely impressive and positive ... his prognosis regarding Megan isn't.

Although Ben's office is extremely impressive and positive ... his prognosis regarding Megan isn't.

“Now about Megan—” Ethan is anxious to get everyone back on track.

“Ah yes, Megan. As I stated previously, the growth of her cell regeneration is astounding. You are in that field, so I don’t have to explain the procedure to you. I know you noticed.” Ben rejoinders.

“Yes, I noticed that first thing. Do you think it is a result of the virus that Jeremy introduced into Meg’s system through his bite?” Ethan hypothesizes.

“There is no doubt about it. Apparently, it works differently on females. It took some time before we noticed reformative types of changes in Jeremy. I am going to allow you to take Megan home—your new apartment that is—but I need you to monitor her closely. Especially, her eating habits.” Ben recommends.

“I noticed her eating a sandwich.” Sebastian reports.

“Roast beef. She requested that it be specially made medium rare.” Ben alerts the men.

“She always likes her meat that way, Ben.” Ethan notifies him.

“Oh, that’s a relief. Still, watch for changes. They may appear subtle at first or they may be abrupt. I just don’t know at this junction.” Ben confesses shaking his head.

“I will. I am going to get an extension on my vacation. It’s my practice and I can refer a couple of my patients to Dr. Sterne, one of my associates.” Ethan states.

“I will do the same. There is no way I am going to bail out of this.” Sebastian gives his friend a sheepish smile. Ethan nods his head in gratitude.

“You are a very fortunate man to have a friend like Bass.” Ben replies admirably.

“I know.” Ethan concurs.

“Let’s return to the ladies. Don’t give Megan any cause for undue stress. That could definitely put the development into fast forward. You know, women and their hormones.” Ben smiles.

“Oh how well I know. Megan suffers from Premenstrual Syndrome. Do you suppose this encounter will heighten the problem?” Ethan wonders.

“I’m pretty sure of it. I am going to prescribe her some medication that I hope will lessen the effects. It may be necessary to use our anti-aggressive drugs. But only as a last resort, Ethan.” Ben tells him.

“I understand. She has some pills that she takes right at the onset of the syndrome.” Ethan advises Ben.

“I will contact her doctor. What’s his name?” Ben asks.

“Dr. Herschel Greenfield. Will you be sending him a copy of her records?” Ethan questions.

“I have her permission to do so. Standard procedures you know. Now let’s get back to Megan and Janice. I’m sure the longer we are away from them the more anxious Megan will get. As I said before, we don’t need anything accelerating the process until at least we know more. I am sending blood samples to a friend of mine. I hope she will be able to shed some light as well.” Ben informs Ethan.

“What’s her name?” Ethan queries.

“Dr. Rachel Weinberger-Hawkes!”

To Be Continued ...

Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 4

  • Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 4
    Dr. Rachel Weinberger-Hawkes of Experiment 697 fame has just received a communication from Dr. Benjamin Riley. She has been asked to analyze blood samples from Megan Farmer and report the results. The findings, however, are a shock!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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