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Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Searching for Clues ...

While Dr. Riley immediately begins a series of tests, his nurse Janice Cooper helps Ethan and Sebastian find an extremely luxurious three bedroom apartment.

“Of course, the Albertson Pharmaceutical Corporation will be paying for your stay here, Mr. Farmer. This is one of the finest high rise apartments in Brampton.” Janice tells Ethan, but it’s obvious that her main focus is on his friend Sebastian.

“What can you tell us about Jeremy Evans?” Sebastian inquires.

“Jeremiah was a very talented assistant. In fact he should have been one of the staff geneticists. However, his reputation for impulsiveness and risk-taking made him unpopular with the chief administrators.” Janice informs the men.

“You mean he thought the progress regarding this genetic research was not progressing fast enough to suit him?” Ethan asks without turning around.

“That’s exactly what I mean. He felt that although the trials were successful in controlling the aggressive behavior in our test animals, it should be enhanced to quicken the process.” Janice gives Sebastian an inviting look.

“What exactly was the serum meant to do?” Sebastian is curious to learn.

“Basically, the serum was designed to control chronic passive-aggressive behavior in animals. The next step would have been primates and ultimately humans, but that was much later down the road, so to speak.” Janice explains to both men.

“Just when did anyone suspect that Jeremy was using the serum on himself?” Ethan urges but Janice seems reluctant to continue this vein of conversation.

“Janice, it’s okay if I call you that, isn’t it?” Sebastian asks.

“Of course it is.” Janice responds smiling.

“Okay, I’m Bass. Anyway, I think my friend has a right to know the truth, don’t you? After all, his wife’s life lies in the balance doesn’t it?” Sebastian moves closer to Janice and he has to steady her because she swoons a little.

“You are right of course but please don’t let them know that I told you. I’d be in a world of trouble and if information leaked out to the press—” Janice throws her hands in the air and both men nod in agreement.

“I understand and at the present time both Bass and I will be discreet. Please, we need to know what we are up against.” Ethan pleads.

“I can understand your point. Jeremy had been doing some private experimenting on his own. No one knew about it other than me and Shirley Woodard.” Janice commences.

“Shirley Woodard?” Ethan inquires.

“Yes, she was engaged to Jeremy and the first to recognize that something wasn’t quite right with him.” Janice says.

“Please continue, Janice.” Sebastian is taken by the attractive woman.

“Well, when the four of us would go out to eat—” Sebastian interrupts her.

“The four of you?”

“Yes, Dr. Nelson Cooper is my brother.” Janice explains and smiles when she sees the look of relief on Sebastian’s face. Ethan notices it as well.

“Please go on Miss Cooper.” Ethan replies.

“Janice—anyway Jeremy ordered his meat very rare. He devoured it like a hungry predator. It made my brother stare and Shirley was extremely uncomfortable.” Janice recalls.

“Did anyone speak to him about it?” Sebastian inquires.

“My brother tried to mention it but Shirley quickly changed the subject. She later had a private conversation with Nelson and me, explaining his changing behavior.” Janice walks over to the window and looks out.

“So that’s what Dr. Riley, Ben I mean, meant regarding possible warning signs, or signs as he put it.” Ethan remembers.

“Yes. Jeremy begin to display very aggressive behavior and Shirley had to move in with me. She was in love with him, but she was no fool.” Janice replies.

“Good for her.” Both men respond.

“Yes, it very well saved her life. One night, the neighbors said they hear howling noise inside the apartment. The next day, the place was in a complete shambles. The curtains were torn off their fames, furniture looked as if it had been through a tornado and there were signs of blood around the balcony.” Janice recollects.

“What happened then.” Sebastian is fascinated with the story. However, Janice brings them to the present.

“Before I go any further, do you guys want the apartment or not?”

“Of course we do, now continue with the story.” Sebastian insists.

Jeremy and Shirley had planned to be married in the Spring of the new year!

Jeremy and Shirley had planned to be married in the Spring of the new year!

"It was suggested that Jeremy submit to evaluation at the Albertson Pharmaceutical Corporation. At first, he wanted no part of it but when Shirley threaten to end the engagement, he reluctantly agreed.” Janice retorts.

“So this is when Dr. Riley started to do research on Lycanthropy, isn’t it?” Sebastian guesses.

“Actually, we went to a Dinner Party given by the wife of Dr. Frye. She explained to us all about the disease and the effects of a Blue Moon.” Janice acknowledges.

“What was the doctor’s reaction?” Ethan could only guess.

“He thought it was fascinating and we begin to research the legend together. Then we realized that somehow, Jeremy had managed to duplicate the characteristic of a Lycanthropic creature through bacteria spores.” Janice pauses to lead the gentlemen out of the apartment so she could lock up and inform the management of their decision.

Impatiently, both Ethan and Sebastian wait as Janice signs the paperwork and presents the property manager with a check covering at least three months in advance.

“Do you think it’s going to take that long?” Ethan recites as he notices the amount of the check.

“We really don’t know. It could be shorter or longer. This way, at least you have it for three months. When the tests are over, I’ll accompany Megan to the stores to outfit the place.” Janice informs them.

“She will be able to come back here?” Ethan smiles.

“These are just preliminary base tests. We will need to have a baseline as we monitor her progress. When and if it becomes necessary for her to come to the facilities full-time, we will at least know how things are accelerating. In the meantime Ethan, please watch her closely. I know this is going to be hard for you but the consequences could mean the difference between life and death.” Janice drives the point home.

“Hers?” Ethan inquires.

“No, yours.” Janice enlightens him. The two men look at each other.

Janice hands both men keys to the Abernathy Apartment Luxury Suite. It is an extremely spacious three bedroom apartment with built-in amenities. Ethan knows that his wife will love the place but hate the circumstances in which they possess it. With that in mind, he follows Janice and Sebastian to her car.

“You must be doing exceptionally well in order to afford a car like this.” Sebastian says admiring Janice’s Maserati-Ghibli. Janice smiles back.

“Yes, I am doing exceptionally well, Sebastian. How about you?” Janice is now investigating him.

“I have my own law firm and yes, I am doing well also. Ethan and I were hiking with his wife after a private party. We enjoy getting away from the city and were spending time in a quaint little village outside Brampton.” Sebastian tells her.

“I know the place. It’s a very chic area to visit. You are well off!” Everyone laughs on that note. Then Ethan becomes sober.

“Let’s get back to the facilities. I want to know how Meg is doing.”

“I understand. This is going to be a little different you know?” Janice warns Ethan.

“How so?”

“In all our research, the werewolves are men!” Janice explains and the three enter the car to return to the Albertson Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

To Be Continued …

Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 3

  • Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 3
    At the present time, Megan is only showing a slight change since her chance meeting with Jeremy. The bite she endured has completely healed. In fact, there is no evidence that there has ever been an encounter! How will see fair in the long run?

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