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Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 12

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The Canadian Wilderness has a new ruler!

The Canadian Wilderness has a new ruler!

The Order of Behörde ...

Later that night, there is a knock on Megan’s door.

“Come in Jenny.” She replies.

“You knew it was me?” Jenny replies, then remembers how some animals can distinguish various odors of their prey or enemy.

“And which are you, Jenny?” Megan asks as if reading her mind.

“Neither, I hope. I know that Hank is enchanted by your presence, Megan. But your feelings for him are somehow shrouded from me by an unknown force.” Jenny confesses.

“It is the Spirit of Amaliya. She seeks revenge for being abandon. I find this quite disturbing.” Megan counters ominously.

“Does she wish to harm him, Megan?” Jenny is relentless with her questioning.

“You should not be here.” The Voice interrupts. Both Jenny and Megan look around but see no one. “You will not interfere in things that are beyond you. Go back to Henry Hamilton.”

Jenny gives Megan a strange look; then returns to her bedroom. Then the Voice speaks to Megan.

“Mélisande, your name means strength. You are the Protector of the Woodlands. This is why you enjoy it so well. You will safeguard the Canadian Wilderness and shield it against those who would disturb the balance of nature. It is unfortunate that Amaliya also chose you as her weapon of revenge against Вячеслав.” The Voice explains rather sadly.

“Does Amaliya not understand The Order of Behörde?” Megan inquires.

“Ah, The Counsel of Behörde did well in selecting you.” The Voice now has admiration. “I am The Stimme translated: The Voice!”

“Then I was destined to be bitten by Jeremy Evans?” Megan queries.

“In a way, yes. Eventually, a situation would have risen to allow you access to the äußeres Reich!

“The Outer Realm! So this is no urban legend?” Megan listen attentively to the Voice.

“By no means! It is a sanctuary for the higher order. No need to trouble yourself with this knowledge. Know only that you have been chosen because of your great abilities.” the Voice says.

“I see.”

“Now have a good sleep. Your training begins at sunrise.” the Voice commands.

“What about Henry?”

“Leave Henry to The Counsel of Behörde in which you will soon belong. We have had our eyes on your husband Ethan Farmer and Sebastian as well. However, not in the same capacity as you.” The Voice concludes and all becomes quiet.

The Perpetual Forest …

The Perpetual Forest …

The Perpetual Forest ...

Then next morning finds Megan refreshing and invigorating. It is as if the events of the previous night transformed her into a new reality.

“You must have had a very restful night.” Mavis notes.

“I did Mavis and now I am ready for breakfast.” Megan chirps.

Jenny is sitting across from Megan in a pensive mood while Henry and Pop are finding Megan’s attitude contagious.

“You must have been dreaming about winning the lottery.” Pop teases.

“Just as good, Pop. I’ll tell you about it one day.” Megan responds mysteriously and her eyes briefly meet Henry’s. Janice walks in and is captivated by the smell of blueberry pancakes, Polish sausages, scrambled eggs and freshly brewed coffee.

“A person could get spoiled on a life like this.” Janice laughs.

“There is always a place for you at the Weinberger-Hawkes Laboratories if you want it. I like the way you handle yourself.” Shirley pipes as she helps herself to a stack of pancakes with fresh maple syrup.

“Have you got a cook like Mavis at that lab of yours?” Janice mumbles as she stuffs herself with the delicious concoction.

“Afraid not. You’re very quiet this morning, Jenny.” Shirley notices her normally bubbly friend. Jenny just shrugs while Megan continues to fill herself with the fluffy pancakes. Henry immediately looks from Jenny to Megan with a wondering glance while Janice sits back observing the entire scenario.

The rest of breakfast continues without further ado. Soon it is time for the trip to Madame Zaire’s. Henry speaks.

“If everyone is ready, we can proceed to the Perpetual Forest.” The group stands and begin to head out of the door, piling up in the Lodge’s van. Shirley and Janice encompass Megan while Jenny sits on the passage front seat.

It is a beautiful morning with the colorful foliage and the crisp breeze. In the Perpetual Forest, there is no snow. It is like an oasis in the middle of an otherwise cold and unyielding terrain. Soon, Henry speaks again.

“We’re almost there. I’ll park over in that small clearing. The rest of the journey will be traveled by foot. This is some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever encounter.” A few nods and soft murmurs are uttered, but mostly everyone is captivated by their surroundings.

Madame Zaire is excitingly welcoming everyone—especially Megan.

“I have heard so much about you, Mélisande, and about your encounter with the Stimme.” Madame Zaire extorts, extending her hand to Megan. Both women display firm, cordial shakes. Then Madame Zaire observes Jenny.

“Before we get started, could I have a word with you, Jenny.” Madame Zaire motions the woman toward the side of her chalet and Jenny reluctantly follows.

“I sense you are not glad to be here. In the past, you have shown much enthusiasm with regards to visiting me.”

“I am glad to see you, Madame Zaire but—” Before Jenny can finish, she is interrupted.

“You knew that Вячеслав loved Amaliya very much. And, when he returned to his original form, he grudgingly had to leave her.” Madame Zaire reminds her.

“Yes, I know all this.” Jenny kicks at the ground with her boot.

“What you don’t know is that Amaliya resented Вячеслав for his departure. Before she died, she vowed that she would one day return to avenge herself. Then Mélisande had her encounter with Jeremy on the rising of the Blauer Mond or Blue Moon. Amaliya stole the opportunity to be here. Don’t blame Mélisande!” Madame Zaire reprimands.

“And, how do you know this?” Jenny arrogantly replies.

“Because young lady, the Stimme told me. She had to intervene when you visited last night. The training requires a great amount of concentration and stamina. You were entirely out of line. If Henry knew—”

“Please, say nothing to him about it.” Jenny pleas.

“Perhaps when you married Henry, you were not prepared for what it entails. I understand you were hurt and deceived by your first husband. Impetuously you married him as well. Jenny, you would do well to understand the scope of involvement when a mate chooses you.” The stinging words of Madame Zaire bring tears to Jenny’s eyes. Megan is there within moments.

“Is everything alright Jenny?” Megan inquires looking suspiciously at Madame Zaire.

“I guess I owe you an apology.” Jenny faces her in tears.

“I accept. Madame Zaire, your business is with me and not one in my entourage. You will do well to remember this.” Both Madame Zaire and Jenny are taken aback by the power and authority in Megan’s voice.

“Truly, The Counsel of Behörde has chosen well. Yes, you are right, Mélisande. However, there are two more that must be present during the ceremony. Therefore, we will wait.” Jenny then excuses herself and returns to the others as Madame Zaire further explains the reasons for the delay.

"Is the ceremony being postponed, Jenny?" Henry Hamilton inquires looking beyond her at Madame Zaire and Megan in deep discussion.

"The Counsel of Behörde decreed it! They have determined that the postponing of one event need happen to ushers in the revelation of another, dear Henry!" Jenny explains as she also intently observes the conversation between the two women.

"What can happen next?"

"The commencement of yet another tale!" Henry smiles as he looks at each individual.

It Continues in The Rise of the Blue Moon ...

The Rise of the Blue Moon

  • The Rise of the Blue Moon
    It is during the rising of the Blue Moon (Blauen Mondes) that the World of the Outer Realm (die Welt des äußeren Reiches) has access to the world of mortal man. It is at this time when retribution between the worlds can exist!

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