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Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 11

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


A Secret Revealed …

It’s almost noon when Rachel Weinberger-Hawkes makes her appearance at the Hamilton Lodge. She is surprise at how healthy and attractive Megan is. Although Shirley tries to hide her amusement, she feels Rachel was expecting an ogre.

“I’m very pleased to meet you at last, Megan.” Rachel extends her hand and receives a very firm shake.

“I’m not the monster you were expecting, am I.” Megan states straightforward embarrassing Rachel.

“I, ugh no you’re not.” Rachel admits, “And please call me Ray.”

“Alright Ray. I am anxious to get this analysis over. I wish to see Madame Zaire today.” Megan rejoinders.

“I understand. Janice, would you assist me with Megan.” Rachel heads for a conference room that will serve as a makeshift examination area.

Rachel takes her time and checks Megan’s vitals, her dexterity and mental capacity. With each exam, she shakes her head admirably. Megan is in perfect health and there seems to be no side-effects, either from her encounter with Jeremy or with being a wolf.

“I am enthralled by your stamina and good health.” Rachel marvels.

“Thank you.” Megan reacts smiling.

“How are you dealing with your cravings for raw meat?” Rachel inquirers.

“Right now, I don’t have any.”

“Excellent. Well, I’ve finished my tests. I’ll let Henry know so he can make arrangements for you to see Madame Zaire.” Rachel retorts.

“What do you know about her?” Megan is curious to hear an outsider’s opinion.

“A very charming woman—she is very in tuned to her surroundings. Talks to the animals, you know.” Rachel notifies her.

“Hmm, that is rather interesting.” Megan is intrigued.

“Jenny does also. She has that special gift. You know she is a part of an elite group called The Enlighteners?” Rachel queries.

“I heard The Enlighteners were urban legends.” Megan answers looking at Rachel intently.

“Do you have a habit of scrutinizing everyone you come in contact with. Those are wolfen traits, you know.” Rachel expresses while getting her equipment together. Janice is very defensive of Megan.

“That’s shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, considering what she’s been through.” Both Rachel and Megan become enchanted with Janice’s obvious demeanor.

“It’s alright, Janice. Ray is just pointing out what we of course apparently know.” Megan smooths an electrifying situation.

“You’re right of course, Megan. I’m sorry Ray.” Janice apologizes.

“No harm done. Why don’t you help Megan get ready while I find Henry?” Rachel excuses herself and moves in search of the man. She finds him alone in the back and approaches him.

“Well, how did it go?” Henry asks.

“Megan is in exceptional good shape. She also has an aura of loyalty about her. When I commented regarding something Megan did, Janice almost bit my head off.” Rachel informs him.

“Pack loyalty.” Henry explains.

“Janice wasn’t bitten, was she?” Rachel queries.

“No, but both she and Shirley have been working very closely with Megan. That aura that you talked about is why they will defend her when they feel she is threaten. It could be because of the handling of her body fluids or even proximity. Whichever, it is a strong clannish association.” Henry further expounds.

“I hope it doesn’t spread to me.” Rachel is wary.

“You won’t be exposed to Megan long enough to develop that degree of camaraderie. Ethan and Sebastian already have it and Ben Riley likes her too.” Henry adds.

“What about you, Henry?” Rachel queries.

“What about me, Ray?” Henry counters.

“How do you feel about Megan? We’re alone out here.” Rachel moves even closer to Henry. He turns and assesses her. Then he speaks.

"I adore her," Henry confesses.

"I adore her," Henry confesses.

“I adore her.” Henry acknowledges.

“What about Jenny?” Rachel probes.

“I love her, too.”

“Complicated.” Rachel responds.

“Not really. Jenny is my wife. I will always be loyal to her.” Henry declares.

“And Megan, Henry?” Rachel prods.

“We will see. Megan is a wolf and I am a tiger. We are two very different species, Rachel.” Henry clarifies.

“She is not a wolf now—neither or you a tiger. You are both very attractive people, Henry.” Rachel counters.

“Rachel, Jenny is my wife.” Henry reminds her again.

“And Megan will be—?” Rachel pauses.

“Whatever she wants to be.” Henry responds with finality, then walks away. Rachel watches him for moments. Then she says to herself.

“What Henry fails to realize is that tigers do not mate for life! I would hate to be mixed up in that tôi đã tạo. Henry Hamilton is as handsome and elusive as the tiger that commands his soul!”

Returning to her car with all her equipment, Rachel heads back to Weinberger-Hawkes Laboratories to share her findings with her husband Bob.

While Janice is busy with Shirley discussing the results of the initial examination, Megan takes the time to explore the grounds. Ethan and Sebastian have to make an unexpected return trip to the States on business leaving Megan on her own.

Megan is captivated by her surroundings and wanders away from the Lodge to investigate more. It is not too much later that she encounters Henry. He slow moves in her direction stopping right in front of her.

“I think we’ll get an early start in the morning to visit Madame Zaire.” Henry reveals.

“This is acceptable.” Megan answers, never taking her gaze from him.

“Do you love Ethan.” Henry is straightforward with his interrogation.

“Very much, and you with Jenny?” Megan proclaims

“I love Jenny very much also, Megan.” Henry declares. “Megan, I adore you.”

Henry comes extremely close to Megan. She can identify the passion in his eyes. She is completely mesmerized by the smell of him. He puts his arm around her neck and masterfully claims her lips. Over and over again he kisses her and then he reluctantly pulls away never taking his eyes off her. Megan speaks.

“Hank, I’d better return to the Lodge.” Megan puts distance between the two of them.

“Yes, you better.” The fire in his eyes say much more than he ever could.

“One day, Megan—” Henry pauses.

“One day, Hank.” Megan nods then walks back to the Lodge.

Without turning around, Henry speaks.

“You saw.”

“Yes, I saw.” The voice says.

“Tell me what is happening, then!” Henry whispers.

“When Вячеслав discarded his human form, Amaliya felt betrayed. ” The voice declares.

“But why?”

“The tiger is a solitary beast and has no understanding of such things.” The voice asserts. “At any rate, Amaliya found solace in another.”

“I see, but the kiss we shared?” Henry insists.

“The wolf is cunning and manipulative. She will sieve the opportunity to inflict pain when wronged. You will do well to remember why she is here, Henry Hamilton. You have Jenny and she Ethan.” The voice reminds him.

“I’d better be getting back myself.” Henry moves in the direction of his Lodge. As he walks, he thinks more and more about Megan. Her soft, warm body pressed against his felt only too right. The sweet nectar of her lips pierced his heart with desire. Will he be able to heed the warnings of the voice or will he succumb to madness!

To Be Continued …

Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 12

  • Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 12
    The Counsel of Behörde chose Megan who was renamed by them Mélisande, Princess of the Canadian Wilderness. Jenny had to be reprimanded by Madame Zaire because of her jealous actions. The Herrschaft des Wolfes has just begun! (The Reign of the Wolf)

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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