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Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 10

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


An Undeniable Attraction …

It is early the next morning when Megan awakens and journeys downstairs to the kitchen. There she finds Chef Mavis Blair sipping a cup of coffee and looking pensive. Megan speaks.

“I’m sorry … I didn’t know anyone was down here.”

“I’m glad to see you alone. I wanted to talk to you.” Mavis replies studying Megan carefully.

“What do you want to talk about?” Megan inquires, administering the same scrutiny to Mavis.

“I think you have a good idea. Keep your voice down, I don’t want to disturb him.” Mavis cautions.

“Sheriff Hamilton?”

“Yes—he had a pretty restless night.” Mavis informs her.

“I could feel something was amiss when he stared at me. Is this regarding his past?” Barbara nods her head, moves toward the counter and then pours Megan a cup of the freshly prepared coffee. It is a rich Columbian brand and with the addition of caramel and heavy sweet cream, Megan finds it delightful.

“I thought you would enjoy this. I only share my special blend with certain people.” Mavis adds mysteriously.

“How much do you know about Sheriff Hamilton?” Megan eagerly takes another sip of the concoction.

“Fairly amount— I knew him before he married Jenny. He is quite the looker, that one! I’d wager, a confirmed bachelor. Jenny changed all that. She had a rough time of it with that husband of hers. He was a bad seed. Only wanted her money, oh she’s a tart herself—but Clay was fascinated by that witch, Viktoria!” Mavis reveals, then decides to continue with her own cup of coffee.

I’ve heard bits and pieces about the Christmas Cottage Inn saga and I’ve found it very extraordinary. All this talk regarding supernatural phenomenon and such.” Megan turns her head to one side.

“Funny you should say that after all you’ve been through.” Megan marvels at the knowledge of this woman.

“Oh don’t be so surprise. You’ll soon learn that there are a number of people who confide in me. I use extreme discretion with who I share my information with.” Mavis attempts to put Megan’s mind at easy. “Your secrets are safe with me.”

“I believe you.” Megan rejoinders.

“I am also very good friends with Madame Zaire. I know she would rather be the one to have this conversation with you, so I will leave it at that.” Mavis concludes with finality.

Megan doesn’t probe, just sits staring out the window. A blue bird appears and glares at her. After about five minutes, it flies away.

“What was that about?” Megan wonders.

“Just one of Madame Zaire’s friends, looking you over.” Mavis reveals in a straightforward manner. “She’ll report her findings.”

“Madame Zaire sounds like a very interesting person.” Megan reckons.

“That, my dear is an understatement.” Both women look up to see Henry standing in the doorway. He is looking provocatively disheveled as he eyes Mavis then Megan. Mavis looks on in interest while Megan reverts to her coffee.

“Can I get you a cup, Hank?” Mavis inquires.

“Is it your special brew you’re sharing with our lovely guest, Mavis?” Henry asks in that husky voice of his.

“Yes it is.” Mavis gets up to fetch him a cup. Henry runs his fingers through his hair and sits down next to Megan. Her gaze leaves the window and is captivated by Henry’s seductive eyes. Mavis clears her throat as she hands him the coffee.

“Is there anything else you desire, Henry.” Mavis asks sarcastically.

“Only time will tell.” Henry answers, never averting his observation of Megan. He puts the chalice to his lips and gently lets the liquid slide down his throat. Megan feels a slight sensation as if she has been caressed and moves her glance back to the window.

Henry is captivated by Megan's bewitching beauty!

Henry is captivated by Megan's bewitching beauty!

“I’m going to get breakfast started. The rest of the troupe should be down shortly.” Mavis decides, moving away from the two people at the table and searching for her omelet recipes. Henry leans towards Megan and whispers, “How was your night?”

“It was a bit restless but overall not unpleasant, and yours?” Megan queries drinking deeply from his gaze.

“I had a restless night as well.” Henry answers. It looks as if he is about to move forward but Pop Armstrong enters and shatters the moment.

“Morning Hank, morning missus.” Tipping his hat he plops down in the seat that separate the two.

“Thank heavens.” Mavis sighs quietly. No one hears her, she thinks, but when she looks over at the table, Henry is looking at her with one eyebrow raised.

“Sorry.” Mavis mouths, remembering the acute hearing Henry Hamilton possesses. He smirks and goes back to Pop.

“Did you take care of that little problem?” Henry interrogates Pop.

“Yep, and a right good job I did of it.” Pop congratulates himself.

“That’s fine. What’s on the menu for today, Mavis?” Henry is now focused on breakfast.

“I think Western Omelets, French Toast, Orange Marmalade and Polish sausages.” Mavis informs and both men lick their lips.

“That does sound good.” Megan has to confess.

“No desire for raw hamburger?” Henry teases.

“No, not at all.” Megan is also surprised by this fact.

“Good, with the full moon transformation over, it would seem that you have retained your natural appetite.” Henry explains.

“So does this mean that when the next full moon commences, the preference for uncooked meat may return?” Megan questions as she savors the smell of Polish sausages cooking on the grill along with the omelets and French toast. It is an enormous grill.

“That, and other questions will be answered when we go to see Madame Zaire.” Henry explains.

“And when might that be?”

“Dr. Rachel Weinberger-Hawkes is coming by later to examine you, perhaps after that.” Henry offers.

“I thought Shirley was going to be in charge of this.” Megan responds in surprise.

“Oh she is. Rachel just wants to have a look at you.”

“I’m not a side-show freak.” Megan remarks angrily and then subsides when Henry gives her a stern look.

“No one said you were, Megan. There is an aspect in your personality that will have to be tempered.” Henry rebukes.

“Sorry.” Megan responds but Henry knows that she is far from being submissive. Pop looks from Henry to Megan and then shakes his head.

“That’s a wild one!” He declares. Megan looks at Pop expressionlessly. Pop returns the look not flinching.

“You will find here that we are accustomed to the unconventional, Megan.” Henry explains.

“I see.” Is Megan’s response, and Henry grins in admiration.

“This is going to prove to be quite an experience.” Mavis thinks to herself and as if Henry can read her thoughts, nods in agreement.

To Be Continued …

Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 11

  • Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon 11
    Revenge is sweet. Amaliya felt betrayed when Вячеслав discarded his human form. She was forced to find solace in another. The wolf is cunning and should never be underestimated. She uses her disguises to lure and entrap the gullible.

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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