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Blue Bracelet and Treasure Hunt 1 - Short Story

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Eternal Love

Eternal Love

It was the day which life thought of giving me a smile instead of tears by bringing Lenard and Emi to the forest cottage Inn. Even though it’s weird to choose such a spooky cottage for Honeymoon, here they've come. The pale blue sky sent off drizzles with a cold breeze in a way that it sensed the new life that I’m about to live.

The cottage was situated in the border of a thick forest, stained in Orange and white. It had a wooden floor and consisted of a bedroom, a fireplace, and a kitchen. The last time I visited the cottage was with my mom, to clean the Inn for the bid of an anonymous lady who owned the cottage. She sent us the money and necessary instructions through a man who never spoke much.

Some days I used to stand by the door of the cottage and wonder how breathtaking the view outside is. The forest seemed wearing a white veil with green patterns on it. The mist, the cold breeze and the chirps of the birds used to echo in my ears always.

I was standing on the Shoe Bridge which is to the left of the cottage connecting the Inn and the lane where the church and few other houses are settled. I was looking down at the gushing yellowish stream and was listening to the burble which reminded me of the days I came fishing with my mom. Last year, following a week of hard work, mom got seriously ill. The doctor said that she was struggling to breathe. When she departed, all I understood was the look in her eyes which was filled like the river revealing her unfulfilled dreams for her daughter.

The sudden cackle of Emi made the birds on the nearby trees flutter. She was slim, blonde, and looked like an innocent lady in her mid-twenties. Lenard held her hand and made a step or two of Salsa while enjoying the drizzle. He was smart and had thick eyebrows and a sharp nose. The couple seemed to be happier than ever and the sudden rain and the darkening sky made Lenard and Emi hurry to the forest cottage Inn.

Cottage Inn and the Bridge

Cottage Inn and the Bridge

Emi and Lenard

Lenard carried me inside. He knew that I loved to be carried by him.

I exclaimed ‘I just love this place that Nana chose for our honeymoon. It's a green heaven with misty veils ‘and I rushed to the left side window.

It was a picturesque bridge. The way that the trees stood on either side of it was just like they are guarding the bridge. While I was wondering how beautiful it is, Lenard came from behind and hugged me while brushing the raindrops from my hair. I have always felt strong whenever he embraced me like this with all the love in the world.

Suddenly I focused outside the window and noticed a little girl around 6 years is drenched in rain. While running out I cried 'Lenard there's a little girl on the bridge' Lenard chased me. ‘Emi I cannot see anyone out there, Lenard shouted back. When I reached the bridge through the muddy path there was no one. However, I was certain that I saw a little girl on the bridge.

The Shadow with a Hat

The night was colder than the evening. Lenard held me close to him and we were warming ourselves by the fire. I was holding the bracelet tight which Nana presented me for my wedding, missing her; diverting my thoughts the furnace brought ghostly shadows on the walls.

All of a sudden I began to shiver and began to breathe hard. Lenard was looking at me like he is lost in the middle of nowhere, he hugged me tight and made me relax. We stayed so for about ten minutes and it was gone. However, I could feel my body temperature is rising. Lenard spoke ‘Emi darling I will see around whether I can get help from anyone'. I couldn’t speak anything, Lenard planted a kiss on my forehead and vanished.

The next moment Lenard's footsteps disappeared I could hear footsteps again. Apparently, it was coming toward the cottage. Fixing my eyes on the door, my mind was questioning whether it is Lenard. But to my astonishment, I saw a shadow by the window which made my heart to thump as it would fall on the floor. The verse ‘Emi be strong was echoing within me. When my eyes focused on the shadow; it looked like a shadow of a big stout man wearing a hat making my words to stutter. The entire window was covered with the shadow making it look like the shadow of a giant creature. It began to move towards the door. Everything seemed happening in a minute and the next thing I remembered was the quick disappearance of the shadow and the knock on the door.



The Doctor

For my relief, it was Lenard who came in with a lady. ‘Meet doctor Shashi' and ‘this is my wife Emi' Lenard introduced. Shashi was around thirty years old and had a pleasant face with a big smile. While approaching me she began to talk ‘It's been seven years since we moved in here. My home is right opposite to the Shoe bridge in that lane’ while talking she placed a thermometer and checked my eyes and tongue. ‘It’s a normal fever Emi, I will prescribe some medicines’ she scribbled something and handed it to Lenard. I thanked her.

Shashi leaned forward and examined my bracelet in the firelight and exclaimed that she has got a similar one. The silver belt and the blue stones on it were gleaming. It wasn't new for me. Since the day I wore it, people have praised. Even though the bracelet did not match for some of my dresses, I always wore it. It gave me a feeling that my Nana is still with me even though she is no more.

As soon as Shashi left the cottage, Lenard dragged me to him and hugged. I could see a sigh of relief in his eyes. Even though the day had so many mysteries I always had a feeling of going toward something precious. The feeling I had was inexplicable. However, Lenard’s chest always gave me comfort and strength more than any medicine in this world could.

Silver and Blue Bracelet

Silver and Blue Bracelet

Chapter 2

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